You are here what the hell?

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Have you guys heard about this mess? DH saw it on a youtube video and told me about it. I went and checked out the site. Fake pregnancy test, ultra sound pictures and The site makes i sound a great gag joke. But who are they trying top fool. Ther e are crazy women out there who will use this crap to try and trap some poor guy. Like make him think she is already pregnant so he'll have un protected sex with her thinking she is already pregnantt and get her pennant for real. Now your stuck with this girl or you leave her and she gets checks for the next 18 years coming out of your pocket. DH was like " who would do something like that". Go on there are dinner BM's crazy enough to pull this crap.

Exuse my grammatical errors. I'm using my smart phone. I'm not to good with touchscreen.


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DH and BM were never dating. He wouldn't let her meet his family. She was just a booty call - persay.
Then she got pregnant and DH always felt like it was intentionally done or that she planned it.

Then he left her, moved out and got his own place because he was sick of her shit...she would use SD as a way to bring him back. Would only let him see SD if he went to her house. And like an idiot, he did. And one night, they had sex. (What the hell was he thinking? - This was before me btw). He had no intentions of ever being with her again. He just opened a new lease and said that she was all over him so it was an easy lay. :sick:
Anyway, after he had sex with her, he was terrified that it was all a part of her plan to get pregnant again. And I'm sure it was. Luckily she didn't get pregnant.

HE FINALLY WOKE UP and he never went back to her house after that. Fucking idiot. Men are stupid.
And bitches are crazy! I can't believe this site exists.

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I obviously watch too many crime shows. I didn't even think of the trapping a man. My mind went somewhere very different and far scarier.