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Anyone want a glass? Its a f*ck this sh*t party!

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Raise your glass if your worked your ass off to help raise kids that aren't
yours. You did everything you could for them yet get none of the credit none of the praise. No it goes to the dumb bitch who didn't do shit but live off your DH's money and screw up her own damn life. Only there for her damn self but still gets all the damn praise.

Raise your glass if you ever went out of your way to be kind and loving even when they where little brats. Just for them to twist the danger in your back and go talk sh*t and spread lies about you.

Raise your glass if they ever stole and or destroyed your belongings. Yet if you say something your "overreacting". Your being "dramatic".

Raise your glass if you ever tried your hardest to make your bios and steps feel like equals just for it to blow up in your damn face.

Raise your glass if your DH ever got in your face talking to you like a child for hurting his kids precious feelings.

Raise your glass if you ever tried to help your stepkids focus in school, cover thier bodies in damn clothes and show some manners. Just for their bio parents to under mind you and let them act and dress like fools.

Then guess what they grow up entitled pieces of sh*t who don't respect you and who aren't thankful for a damn thing you've done for them!

F*ck this sh*t!

Who needs a refill?


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Cheers to us all over worked women. Who knew it would be like this when we grew up. Clink

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I'm with you! Probably why I can't lose the 20 pounds that I need to lol but alcohol takes the edge off my stressful step life!