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Follow-up to SD22's 'apology'

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To recap SD22's apology worthy of a 5yo....

On Thursday, I received a text from SD22 that simply said "sorry".

I texted back "Sorry for what?"
SD: dad sd i hd 2 say sorry tell him i did
Me: K
SD: wl dad gv me my $


I never replied to SD's question about DH giving her "her" money. For one, DH already told her she wasn't getting ANYTHING for Christmas of 2018 and might lose out on Christmas of 2019 if she didn't apologize to me. Two; there's a snowball's chance in Hell that I would advocate for SD in any way, shape, or form. She could fall all over herself apologizing, give me flowers, and take me out for dinner at the most expensive restaurant in the world, and I wouldn't lit a finger to help her. She burned that bridge to a crisp and the wormhole is forever closed. Period.

So guess who came knocking on our door Saturday morning? That's right - Miss Moneygrubber herself. To further expound on her level of idiocy, I have to add... my DH works second shift. He doesn't get home until midnight or later, depending on road conditions. He had a beeyotch of a time Friday night and didn't get home 'til almost 1:30am. He typically stays up until 3am or so, unwinding from work. He was up until almost 4:30am because he was so keyed up from the drive home. On non-skid weekends...

  1. DH sleeps until 11am or noon.
  2. If DH is up and at 'em BEFORE 11am, it's because he's in pain.
  3. Anyone bothering DH before 11am (even if he's awake) can expect an uber-cranky response (I speak when spoken to!l).

Now, on a SKID weekend, DH still sleeps until 9:30-10am and it's rough. He will take an afternoon nap because he simply cannot 'go' like he once did (we're not spring chickens any more!).

What time did SD22 come a'knocking? 7:27am. 2 hours before DH is awake on a skid weekend. I was curled up on the couch with my nose in a book and sipping my FIRST cup of coffee. DH had just staggered into the bathroom, when someone pounded on the door. I freaking PANICKED and couldn't get my legs untangled from the covers when they pounded again. From the bathroom, I hear DH yell "GAWDDAMMIT!!!" and he STOMPED to the door in his skivvies. I was scrambling to get there first, but hell hath no fury like a PO'd and cranky bear. DH SLAMMED open the door to SD22, hand raised to pound again.
WARNING: DH swears like the jarhead he is when he's tired and MAD.

DH: What the F*CK do you want? Do you know what f*cking time it is?!?!?!
SD: Aniki never texted me back.
DH: SO F*CKING WHAT? What the hell do you want?!
SD: I apologized to Aniki and came for my Christmas money.
DH: WHAAAAAAAAAT?! Are you out of your GD mind???
SD: Well I... ~gets cut off by DH~
DH: "Daddy told me to" is NOT A DAMN APOLOGY. You're not a GD 8 year old. You're 22, dammit.
SD: But you said... ~gets cut off by DH~
SD: Dad.. ~gets cut off by DH~
~SD does lovely impression of fish out of water - lips flapping~
DH: For the LAST DAMN TIME. You FORFEITED your Chrismtas gift because of your SH*T behavior. You do NOT tell me what to do. You do NOT tell me how to live my life. You want to boss someone around, get a GD boyfriend. And you STILL owe Aniki a damn apology. GOOD BYE! ~SLAM~

As DH turned around to stomp back to bed, I quietly handed him some tramadol and a glass of water. I love my husband.


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That girl has a lot of nerve....and is dumb as hell.

I'm actually glad that she showed up and DH handed her her ass. She needed it.

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After DH stalked back to bed, I had to bury my face in the couch pillow and laugh and laugh and laugh...

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Standing ovation!! I am even more in love with your DH now than I was a few weeks ago. WTG!!!!

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Monkeysee, I waited on DH aaaaaall weekend. Made his favorite dinner last night, too. He deserved it!

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This gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Thanks for sharing the outcome Aniki! (It’s also interesting reading about your household dynamics) Smile

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Iamwoman, one thing that amuses me is DH stood there, in his skivvies, and NEVER GOT COLD!

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Lol!! That is because he was raging. I think I would have raged too if I were him. The grumpy morning issues, adult skid acting like a baby... that’s a lethal combo!

DH tells me that when I am about to fly into a rage, I radiate heat to a four foot radius. However it also just happens while I’m sleeping - which he used to his advantage on weeklong winter time AT hikes.

Im surprised your DH didn’t melt the snow around him.

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Sad. Im seeing SD16 in the future. Princess just got her license and will no longer associate with SD19 because she no longer needs a ride....oh did I mention that the reason she has a car is because I kept my extra car that my son used to drive. She doesnt drive it but it frees up DHs car for her.

SD19 is heartbroken. She was crying last night when DH said goodnight to her.

It's also sad for your husband that he has to put up with her.

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Sorry, Chmmy, but this doesn't make me sad. SD22 is showing her arse is a HUGE way. BioHo has done a bangup job of turning SD into a moneygrubbing POS - just like 'Ho wanted. DH has been well aware of that for 6 years. He isn't sad - he's disgusted.

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If only my DH would talk to the kids even half as "thoroughly" as your DH talked to SD.

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10 years ago, DH was a Disney Dad. In fact, he was a DD 5 years ago. It took me disengaging for him to start seeing the light. He knows it's too late (and has been) to make any changes in the kind of person SD22 is. The only way she'll ever change is if SHE wants to change.

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I wish I could love this story!  It is great!  Wow, she is persistant with her money grubbing ways!  I can't wait to hear how she tries again.  I am predicting another 1/2 @$$ apology to you so she can still try to get that money!  LOL

Oh and can you please loan your DH out to the world and have him train these guilty daddies on how to handle business!  There needs to be a seminar for divorced fathers on this material!

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I'm not entirely sure that SD is done trying to get that money. The 'Ho force is strong!

DH was a Disney Dad for YEARS. I'm so thankful he got out of that horrid rut!

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This is awesome and a high five to your H for ripping SD a new one. The nerve of her coming to your house unannounced expecting her so called "Christmas money".  I hope she has learned from this and by some miracle acknowledges are awful behavior and how to apologize to someone and be genuine about it.

This post made me smile and laugh, laugh, and laugh some more  Biggrin

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Siempre, I have NO idea why SD thought it would be a good idea to wake the bear called 'DH' so early in the morning. Maybe she thought that he would be half asleep and just hand over some cash?? She hasn't lived with DH for over 12 years now (and never came for visitation). I don't know if she forgot how cranky he is when he hasn't had enough sleep or what. He's definitely crankier now that he's older., Either way, it was a stupid move on her part and "because Daddy told me to" ain't gonna fly again!

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I'm with you - I don't want this sh*t show to end. It's comedy gold, and your DH is handling it like a champ.

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Lt Dad, the more SD shows her arse, the better (IMO!. DH told me before that, even if SD22 no longer speaks to him, she can't change the fact that she is his daughter. He knows that she's darn near 100% BioHo Borg. He'll never try to change her, but he has certainly drawn a line in the sand.

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Has this young woman no shame? 

Not an ounce of pride? She's begging a man in his underwear on his doorstep while he screams in her face. 

Is she really this dumb or just arrogant? Maybe ignorant and arrogant? 

So how long before she dares attempt asking again?  My bet is in less than a week. Silly girl. 


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Obviously she does not. She is all about the money - just like her mother. I don't even know if it registered in her one-track mind that DH was standing there in his underwear. And for DH to answer the door in his underwear means he's upset. Hell, even the FedEx and UPS drivers lightly tap on the door, then leave the package. The ONLY people who have ever assaulted our door are BioHo and SD.

Pssssst... 'idiot girl' might be more accurate...

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Yes. I love the “My” money phrase. Straight from the BM handbook.

DH and I used to joke around about the predictable evolution of the money requests from BM...always the same 4 email format. 

Email 1: Ask for money. Usually as an offer/request to “split” some kid expense. ie: “YSD needs wisdom teeth taken out. Could you split the copay with me and add $200 to the next CS check?” 

Email 2: Gentle reminder about “THE” money. ie “Hey! Are you going to be able to send THE $200?” 

Email 3: Stern reminder about “THAT” money. ie “I really need to get THAT $200 from you this week.” 

Email 4: A demand for “MY” money. ie “I’m going to come by tomorrow to pick up MY $200.” 


As I’m sure you know, gmail archives emails in sometimes we’d see these emails from BM back-to-back with no response from DH or with a “that doesn’t work for us” response. But would move from the $$ to that $$ to MY $$.



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Except, in the case of my DH, he absolutely refuses to respond to email in any form. The ONLY thing for which he uses email is bills. You could email him for years and never receive a response.

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This story is great but in a way it is disturbing.

It never ceases to amaze me how consequences don't register with these skids.  It's really boggling.  I can't fathom it.

Is this the very first time this brat has ever been told No?

Is she brain damaged?

Is she hearing impared?

Does she have rocks in her head?


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SD must have rocks in her head.

She has been told No by 'Ho.
She has been told No by DH.
She is not brain damaged.
She has good hearing.

She has been assimilated by BioHo Borg and MONEY is all she cares about.

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Correction: OTHER people’s money is all she cares about. People who are driven by money will often work hard to get their own. She prefers money other people earn. Wink

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I see little glimmers of your DH in my DH sometimes, when he's talking with me about SD15, and sometimes SD12 if she's on a kick about something odd. I hold onto the fact my DH is not stupid and has very clearly put his foot down before. He just needs practice...

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Just last night my brother gave me a response for fake ass apologies that he heard many times at the Catholic all boys school he attended....Reform is the only remorse!!

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I love your DH.

My SO is currently in a Disney stage with skids. I think it's because he thinks the GAL will listen to their input if/when it comes to a custody battle in fall. So he's all "must play with SS whenever he asks, must not punish SS"!! I'm hoping it becomes too hard to maintain (my SO likes to yell too) and will all go out the window so he can discipline his damn child and we can all go back to the happy days where my SO yelled at skids appropriately.