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BioHo and the MOH

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It's been a long time coming. My apologies for the delay, but there has been so much going on that I have not had time to type out the wedding events. A vacation would certainly be welcome!!!

Here we are gearing up for SD's wedding, knowing that BioHo plans to be front and center. I have wracked my brain, trying to anticipate every possible scenario and pre-program my gray rock responses. Except one.

SD's MOH caught the covid. 

DH and I are planted in our recliners, watching one of our favorites shows, when there is a frantic pounding on the door. We look at each other, shrug, and DH gets up to answer the door. 

DH: SD! What's wrong, honey?
SD: Daddy, is Aniki here? I need to talk to her! 
DH: Aniki... (I'm already walking into the kitchen, phone in pocket and on record...)
Me: SD, what's wrong?
SD: (splotchy, tear-stained face) Aniiiiii, my MOH has covid! She won't be here!!! (flings her arms around me)
Me: Oh honey, (trying to pat soothingly) I'm so sorry!
DH: Aw, I'm sorry.
SD: Ani, will you be my MOH? Please?
Me: SD.... 
Me: What about Spawn?
SD: Oh, HELL no! Spawn's in the wedding because 'Ho insisted.
DH: One of the other girls?
Me: Yes! Maybe one of your bridesmaids can step up and I (heaven help me) can be a bridesmaid?
DH: That sounds good.
SD: No! I want Aniki!
Me: SD, your bridemaids are your friends and much closer to you...
SD: Please, Aniki. I want YOU.
DH: Honey, your mother (that tone) might not be too happy about this.
SD: ~stomps foot~ She'll have to suck it up! It's MY wedding!!! I already talked to stbH. We both want Aniki! Please say yes, Aniki!
Me: Okay, SD, okay. I'll be your MOH.
SD: (squeezing me like a lemon getting juiced) Thank you, Ani! OMG, thank you SO MUCH!!!
Me: (after SD leaves) I'll need a 5-pound xanax.
DH: (laughing) Looks like the circus'll be in town and on fire!


Bonus: Maid of Honor duties begin the morning of the wedding. When the entire wedding party convenes at 8am (ladies in the bridal suite and men in the groom room). Why so early? So we can all ride around in that farking limo to drink and take pics in various places! *dash1*

Next up: ReHOsal


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Hold on. I need to go pop some popcorn and pop the cork from a bottle of anything. I feel like this is going to be good...

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Ani, Damn!

This snippet of the wedding doin's reminds me of the old Buck Rogers serials. Every Saturday, the movie ended with a cliff-hanger, leaving the viewer desperate for more......

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Sorry, grannyd! It's just a good stopping point. I still have to write about reHOsal. *kiss2*

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This should be GOOD...I just can't wait.  Can you quit your job so you can finish this for us?  Pretty please?

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Just got rid of a SK - not adopting anyone (except fur babies) Smile

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I am an Yuengling Light kinda gal.  And out of a can.  Yeah yeah, I know, real Classy *ROFL*


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Nothing wrong with canned beer! I prefer - in order - draft, can, bottle.

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can I come to the wedding ???? LOL

Edit-I will pretend to serve cocktails. One for YOU ,,,one for meeee



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OMG bahhhhh. I am sorry, I did not pay attention . 

I can still serve you drinks. 


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Wow! Congratulations! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how it turned out. Lol. This is better than anything on Netflix or Hulu. Lol. 

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Your skids seem to really love you! That's great! I can't wait to hear what Ho does... this should be good! 

Does she banish SD from her own wedding? LOL

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"Mother of HELL" lol. Realised at the end it meant matron of honor/maid of honor. 

now if only the stars would align and bio mum caught covid or had to isolate just so her daughter's wedding doesn't get ruined, that might be karma.

sit back and watch bio mum's shitshow shenanigans happening...

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Wish they did that here. My idiot SIL attended her daughter's wedding knowing she was positive and got her self a false negative result so that she would be allowed in, totally ignoring the fact that she could infect over 100 people because, well ... it's no big deal, is it? 

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For this blog. Waiting for more. Ive run out of Netflix shows and this is far better.


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Oh MyLanta you are going to be in the thick of it!  I'm wishing you the best possible outcome on all of this.

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Ok, that's enough time for a cliff hanger. We need more!! Pleeeeassse!