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Aniki family addition

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SS24 just called DH and his wife called me. 

We're going to be grandparents!!!                                   ~runs around in happy delirium~

We are sooooooo excited! This is DH's first biological grand baby. I am over the moon that they expect me to be in a grandmother role. Never in a million years did I think this would happen. SS and wife said to let them know what we want to be called. I told DH he should go by Grumpy. ~snicker~ As for me, I will opt for a Finnish name (SDIL's mother will likely go by grandma; she does with her other grandkids). 

Please return to your regularly scheduled program while DH and I spike our coffee to celebrate! *yahoo*


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Woooohooooo!!!! Congratulations to all!!!

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Fun days ahead! Congratulations!

If your DH protests about being called Grumpy, just tell him that it's better than Dopey.


My daughters, being French, called my father Papy (pah-pee). Unfortunately, his sister, my lovely mad auntie, heard it wrong the first time and, well, Dad became Poppy from that day onwards. 

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Thanks! To my surprise, DH is seriously considering Grumpy. *shok*

Poppy is better than Poopy... lol

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Thats what my brother and sil decided would be our dads grandpa name. Pee paw.

Glam ma?

yay! congrats!!!

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I'm certainly not glam ma material. *crazy* I'll go with a Finnish word.

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Thank you! I'm sure the excrement will impact with rotating blades when 'Ho finds out. *ROFL*

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You're going to love being a grandma.  DGD calls me "Nana" which I love!

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Ani, Congratulation to you and Grumpa!!!!

I am so happy for both of you, and for SS, his DW, and the LO that SS has grown up enough to see that you are going to be critical for his babies.

Give rose



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You had me at... ROADTRIP!!!!!

Have fun.  Plot a new route every trip, both directions, and see some sites.

Enjoy the new GSkid.

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Not my roadtrip mantra, but... whatever works for y'all.   

There is always a different interesting route. Though I do the direct strategy when I am heading East. The green tunnel going east is not nearly as interesting as the incredible views heading west.

IMHO of course.

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So happy for you and your family. Congrats! I just spent the day with the latest grand-niece addition to our family. She's 9 months old and the sweetest, most darling baby.

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My paternal grandparents were long distance.  Their son, my dad, was killed in WW2.  I'm here to tell you you CAN be vital in this child's life.  Here are ways they accomplished that:  

I stayed with them in the summer for periods ranging from weeks to months.  She made me a dollhouse and "dancing dresses" (colorful princess dresses).  As I got older, they made me a type of "apartment' in their basement.   They called weekly.  My grandmother sent cards frequently.  

I remember them so lovingly and see that many of my mannerisms reflect them.  

Have fun!

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Thats awesome, JRI! 

Our schedules wouldn't work with that. With Zoom, we'll be able to see grandbaby on a regular basis. *biggrin*

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Congrats, isoäiti!

My two step-grandsons are a gift that keep on giving; they are bright, well-mannered, good-looking and full of fun. Although they're 100 miles away, we manage regular visits on holidays and by providing baby-sitting services when my SS and DIL take brief vacations.

The boys love coming to us and we LOVE having them. My DH swears that they keep us young. Hon, you and your guy are going to truly enjoy your new role. You already have the right attitude! 

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Kittos ystävä! I will actually be using an old Northern Finnish word derived from one meaning grandmother or old woman (ämmä). Ämmi (pronounced EH-me) is what my Dad called his grandmother and what I called his mother. It also means "mother-in-law". It's neither common nor popular in modern Finland, but it's traditional in my family. *biggrin*