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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last. This is a short one.

Eff off to:

  • Cancer. Four days ago, I attended the funeral of a dear friend's mother, who passed away from lung cancer. Non-smoker. This coming Monday, I will once again don funeral attire to attend the funeral of a life-long friend's mother, who passed from brain cancer. A cousin's husband passed last week from - can you believe it - cancer. They were traveling at the time so the funeral will be weeks away. CANCER SUCKS.


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend.  


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Yes, Cancer sucks.  I have no loses but two family members who are survivor. First, my SIL (brother's bride). She had a double mastectomy, reconstruction, and years of meds.  She chose to do a double radical after her BRCA genetic test came back.  Against her Docs advice.  Her thoughts were wanted to eleminate as much of the risk as possible of having to go through it all twice.

My dad had is prostate removed in his late 70s. Similar thoughts to my SIL.  He thoughs were that if he does not have a prostate, the risk of prostate cancer is minimized.  His urinary oncologist proposed a number of treatment options. Nope. Get it out was dad's call.  He is now cancer/PSA free for about 4 years and is now on an annual PSA test rather than a quarterly.

Take care of you.

Give rose

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One of my sisters had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Doc found cancer in one and suggested removing the lump and radiation. She asked what her chances were of the cancer returning. NOT good. She said, "I don't want to come back here in 5 or 10 or 15 years. Take off both." She is now 9 years cancer-free. I would do the same.

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The BRCA thing for sure makes double radical a viable option.  My dad did the take the prostate out completely thing to avoid round2+.

I am glad that  your sister protected herself. That is what my SIL did as well.  She looks spectacular.  She is struggling with early menopause and having to eat a low estrogen diet, but...she is healthy.


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Active shooters.  LAST week there was an active shooter event at my wife's office. Two floors above hers thank goodness.  Though it should not have happened at all. A divorce/custody family root cause. There are no heroes in it at all.  An XW driving for full custody supported by her attorney new DH/baby daddy who was on wife #4.  Both murdered.  A paternal GF with terminal brain cancer (the shooter who then shot himself), the paternal GM who was present. The BioDad/XH likely present and who had an RO/PO against him for threatening texts and behaviors toward his XILs. The paternal GM's attorney overseeing the deposition that the GM was giving. Finally, the court reporter.

Truly tragic.

Eff 0ff to unstructured work practices, aka, no work practices.  I dove in on my new role knowing I was building it all from scratch, again. But, I own my lane.  The issue is that no lane has any structure and everything is totally silo'd.  So my nearly non existant organization is engaged as the beck and call jump through out asses backwards squad.

The looks when my two technicians tell the rest of the company "Submit a maintenance ticket." are classic.  Then I get PMs, EMs, texts, calls only to tell the person "Submit a maintenance ticket with the specified information, problem description, functional location in the format the company specified and mandated on XX/YY/2022." I love the part where I get told my process does not work and reply that it is not my process, it is the existing company process I am just enforcing the use as the COO notified every employee of in the broadcast e/m on XX/YY/2024 over a month ago.


F0rn:  Heading  to the PAC NW this evening. Hopefully I can tear DW away from the IL clan-gasm for a trip for some coastal sea food.  I'm thinking CRAB!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Yes, I love all fish.  I think the oysters are super good now too!  Any fish really.  Now I want fish.

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There's an oyster producer who shows up in our village square every Sunday morning. Now there's a thought ... a nice easy

lunch Smile

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Such a bummer.  We just got off the phone with our neighbor, an elderly widower.  He was in the hospital for several days where they found a large mass on his liver.  The biopsy isn't back yet but it's not looking good.

Aside from all the grim news, it will be interesting to see what happens.  He's a hoarder and I hear it's almost impossible to walk thru his house.  He's a witty, fun guy who married his second wife, our original neighbor.  She was such a pretty long-haired brunette and they had a few fun years in his boat until a fall in the home left her with brain damage.  She lingered a long time, and he faithfully visited her daily when she was in a nursing home for years.  Poor guy.

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I'm sorry about your neighbor's diagnosis, JRI. 

Psssst... fingers crossed no animal skeletons are found. *stop*

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So sorry Aniki!  

It IS an EFF OFF Friday. My HR office put something off for THREE WEEKS about an employee's documentation and we're down to the wire, end of day today or they are terminated. They tried telling me that my reqest was last minute, NOPE - here's the email where I notified you THREE WEEKS ago of this information, someone followed up with a "green light" on it two days later and NOW you are telling me, less than 48 hours until deadline that you just now are working on it? And telling me "oh, it's ok if we don't make the due date." WTF? I'm sorry, I have a clear, crystal clear deadline that I've forwarded them, they told me last night that I'd have the document by noon we are 1.5 hours after noon and NOTHING. I cannot get a response from them. EST is three hours ahead people!  Oh look, they are contacting me...

EDIT:  they basically admitted THEY didn't do their due diligence on it. I got a sort-of apology and they forced a square peg into a round hole because no one stopped it when they should have. It's going to require more reporting on my end but at least the worst case didn't happen (someone terminated through no fault of theirs).  FFS. I just want to crawl into a corner now, I am leaving early for sure.

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Thank you, Cover!

Oh, that's bloody annoying. 

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I'd like to say eff off to sociopathic employers who pay juuuust enough to keep you coming back in order to pay basic bills but not enough that it's all gone after basic bills and on the sociopathic employers hampster wheel of endless corporate sl@ve labor till you retire then die which at that point they immediately wipe you out of their systems. 

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There's a woman on TikTok (probably on youtube as well) who goes by 'Corporate Erin' and parodies all the corporate shenanigans so well it gives me such a great chuckle....

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I enjoy a good parody! There's a guy on Instagram who parodies fashion shows. He's a hoot!

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As you get older and live longer you start to lose friends and family to some illness. It's not the GOALEDN YEARS  it's the sucker  years 

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I know I'm late, but here goes:


Eff off to ovarian cysts!  Not me, thank goodness, but my beautiful little guinea pig, Princess Popcorn.  She was diagnosed last week and it explains a few things.  The vet isn't going to do anything at this time, as long as the cyst isn't hurting Princess P.  In the future she said that she could drain it or we could look into hormonal implants.  I let her know that I didn't want to have her spayed due to the risks involved.  Guinea pigs are more at risk during anesthesia and surgery than say a dog or cat.  My daughter doesn't want to risk it either and the guinea pigs are actually hers, so we make these decisions together.  If it comes down to having to do it to save her life then we will have it done.  This vet is the one that my regular vet consults with and I will have her do the surgery if she has to have it.  

Thankfully, the Stink Eye Queen and Princess Chunky were both given a clean bill of health.  The Queen had some problems earlier so I'm very relieved that she is finally doing well.  

Eff off to procrastination.  Mine.  I just cannot get motivated some days.  Then I'm left scrambling to get things done.  Or maybe I'm just lazy.  

Eff off to acne and insurance companies!  My daughter has had a time with acne for years.  I took her to a dermatologist a few years back and it didn't do much good.  I took her to a different one a couple of days ago and she was prescribed a face wash and cream.  My insurance wouldn't cover it.  If not for coupons that the pharmacy applied, I wouldn't have been able to get the stuff for her.  I'll have to get with the dermatologist again and see if we can get something that my sorry insurance company will cover.  

Eff off to fake friends.  My daughter went on a trip with the marching band last week and one of her friends that she roomed with was being awful to her and her other roomies.  This girl was also sick and would not stop coughing all over them, would not wash her hands, etc.  My daughter came home sick and missed two more days of school.  She was sick to her stomach when she got back too, so she probably ate something she's sensitive to.  I ended up finding a recipe for homemade chicken soup and cooked it for her.  She did enjoy her trip mostly, but that girl ruined part of it for her.  She sent me a list of things the girl did and I told her that she's shown you who she is, believe her.  She said she'd distance herself from her as this girl has been being awful for a while now.  

Eff off to multiple food sensitivities!  My daughter has them and it is very hard finding food that she can eat.  She is unfortunately sensitive to wheat, soy, and corn, which is in EVERYTHING.  She has other ones too but those have proven to be the most challenging. The allergist we saw was no help at all.  "just avoid those foods", she said. Some of them are easily avoided but those three are not.  She does avoid them as much as she can but it's hard when she's out with friends and a lot of restaurants are not very accommodating to people with food sensitivities, food intolerances, and food allergies.  

Eff off to the laundry fairy.  You're supposed to make the pile smaller, not bigger!  The basket gets emptied, then it's full in a day or two.  Come on!  Give me a break!  

I had Subway for dinner last night.  I love the weekend because I don't have to cook.  Or get up early.  I'm so not a morning person.  

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PetSpoiler, your plate is certainly overflowing! {{{hugs}}}

Since we've returned to mostly normal, I've stepped back from fake friends and even casual acquaintances. Too much on my plate to deal with that stuff.

I'm not a morning person either. I'm a night owl but force myself to be a morning person and start early so I can get other things done (medical/dental appointments, car maintenance, miss rush hour on the bridge...).

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I am so sorry for your losses!  Cancer is an evil pestilence and I wish they could eradicate it. I lost my wonderful dad, my sweet grandmother, and my aunt to it.  Others in my dad's family were lost to it too I believe.  Dad has one younger sister who is a breast cancer survivor.  My kids never got to meet my dad because of it.  Cancer does SUCK!