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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Soooooooo glad it's Friday! It's been yet another week of Mondays. Blech. 

Eff off to:

  • Meetings. Mandatory fluff meetings, to be precise. Everyone MUST attend, there is nothing discussed that has not been in one of the 538 emails we've received in the last 6 weeks. Let's just ignore the fact that a major system just crashed. Because... schmoozing.
  • DH's work. Yep. OT again this weekend. I miss my husband!
  • Cancer, that bastard, took another one this week. My brother's BIL - and on the anniversary of our mother's passing. Eff you, cancer. You SUCK.


Wishing you a relaxing, peaceful weekend.


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Awful ,that cancer ,and my condolences to your family,Aniki.

Eff off to "slow down /speed up "drivers ~you know, those idiots  who drive like they are asleep  at the wheel until they see you're getting ready to pass then they floor it.  Effing SOB's nothing but accidents waiting to happen. 

I hope you manage to get some  smooching cuddle time this weekend  with your DH ,Aniki. 

Everyone,have a great weekend.



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Thank you, Wicked. My brother is absolutely devastated. His BIL was one of his closest friends and he (my brother) is really struggling right now. He sent out an email to the family and what he wrote - well, I'm very worried about him. Sad

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Eff Cancer!!!  Hugs Aniki!

Eff off clients that take ALL the freebies. I'm talking taking EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE of chocolate and leaving the other non-chocolate goodies.  Which meant you picked thru the entire plate. Took the 6 tubs of popcorn and the remaining 4 shopping bags.  Wow - you must be desolate since you just did the same thing LAST WEEK!!  



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Why those greedy effers!!! What IS it with people who lose all sense in the presence of freebies?? IMO, that's along the lines of people who lose their minds during Black Friday. There is NO deal that has made me want to deal with that insanity. And there is no freebie that will turn me into an effing effer. Sheesh.

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Makes most of our troubles rather insignificant.

In the spirit of insignificant troubles--Blow Hard Fire District Chief who was supposed to do the leg work on a proposal/quote with one of our software/systems vendors totally blew that off and went straight to all the big wigs, including the CIO complaining about the IT dept here and that he was getting "the runaround."  This guy is reminiscent of Fred Flintstone and admittedly knows nothing about computers but is trying to blame ME for his lack of action!!

I didn't need this just before going out of town on a conference next week!!!  Conference is with said software/systems vendor and it's in KEY WEST!!!!


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Thank you, advice. 61yo is too young. He suffered terribly, too. Sad

Key West?! Tell me you like key limes!!!