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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Morning, my STalk family! I'm seriously missing you!!!

Eff off to:

  • pneumonia
  • meds that give you the poops
  • being too tired to sleep


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Eff off to :

Interstate trafiic around here, I swear all these people got their licenses from a box of Cracker Jacks !!!

House and mortgage hunting, UGHHHHHH.

Being too tired, period !


Glad you are easing back in with us Aniki, missed you !!!!


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Major, I'm about to do the reverse and SELL a house. For the first time. Ugh.

Missed you, too!! Weird confession... a couple of times, I actually dreamt that I was online, STalking. LOL

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ANIKI!!!! *hugs*

Eff Off to:

- Work common courtesy not being so common (twice this week has this happened, and today's issue tops yesterday's by a landslide)

- Busted water pipes that close down office buildings

- People deciding stuff needs to be done and due ALL at the same time

- Knee pain

- The cost of sushi

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Lt Dad!!!!! Hugs right back, sister!

OMG, I SO miss work courtesy. He!!, ANY courtesy. Sadly, there is much less of it in the world. I once had someone tell me I was kissing arse because I was POLITE to a coworker. Um, no, I'm a PROFESSIONAL and I'm doing my bloody job.

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Courtsey also is effecting traffic...if so many people wouldn't act like self important a-holes I truly believe traffic wouldn't be quite ao bad.

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Woohoo!  Missed you Aniki!  Glad your on the mend.

Eff off:

- Damn, I don't have anything.

Happy Friday all! 



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Aniki!!! I missed you so much!!!

Eff off to

  • Psycho possibly giving my number out, but with her name... She's done it to MIL in the past too... ONly way she could have gotten it is by raiding it form SD9's emergency phone
  • Psycho wiping the emergency phone this last weekend
  • DH never being home and not understanding why I'm frustrated when he wants to be out on the one night this week he should be home
  • Having to deal with the POS Psycho who's trying to alienate the skids, and having to single-handedly explain (without speaking bad about her) why what she said isn't true and they can indeed love us AND her and it's not a pick and choose kind of situation
  • DH apparently not listening until yesterday when I was telling him that Psycho was leaving the girls home alone... You know... The whole reason we got the phone... Yet I say home alone yesterday and he paused and was all "wait, by home alone, they have an adult? Or SD9 is the oldest one there." Like the he!! does home alone mean to you DH? Becuase Home alone to me means no fracking adults.

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PA, I missed you right back!!!!

Gaaaaaaah. I want to pinch your DH for being blind to Psycho. Then again, so many of these NCP dads are. Sigh...

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He's a CP parent though. I honestly think he believes she's just going to magically vanish on her own. Which she might, but GBM is paying her to see them and Psycho's sister is keeping an eye on it... So... She's financially gaining from them...

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eff off to waking up at 2 AM because you felt something cool and damp land on your throat and bounce off, jumping out of bed screaming, turning on the light, and seeing a frog sitting on your pillow. And eff off to screaming at least 10 more times as you chase the frog around for an hour with a towel (it took so long because I was terrified and would freak out whenever I got close to it), finally coaxing it into a cereal box, and dumping it into the grass across the street. Then, staying up until 4:30, going to sleep on the couch, waking up at six, with a newfound phobia regarding frogs and a desire to avoid your own bedroom/bed.

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I can relate because I LOATHE frogs and toads. It all goes back to childhood when my oldest brother terrorized me with nasty, ickle frogs. ~shudder~

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I  am sorry for your rude awakening and also sorry but this gave me quite the chuckle, would have made a great America's Funniest  Home videos lol

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OMG!  Freak out.

My cat once brought me a live mouse on my birthday.  I was in bed, she jumped up, plopped it down on my pillow and as soon as I realized in the split second what happened, I leapt out of bed!  My cat was looking at me like, "What?!  You don't like it?!"

Then I had to trap the darn thing and put it outside.  This was also a work day and I had taken the day off to sleep in.  That was out.

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Wow, a mouse would have been worse...yuck! I think this is also my cat's doing. She has brought a field mouse, another frog, and two cicadas this summer- but all of those except one of the bugs were only left on the porch, thankfully. She is a former stray and we can't make her stay inside, she's a houdini.

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I was staying in a up to go potty in the middle of the night. I was sitting on the potty and something hit me in the @ss. Of course I FLIPPED OUT, nothing should be touching my tush. 


I ALWAYS ALWAYS turn the bathroom light on now.


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Eff off to:

* Drivers parked smack in the middle of the bike lane - do they think no cyclists will be in that bike lane ever?

* Work!  I want to retire.  I want to win the lottery.  I love my job but oi!

* Dark mornings.  My alarm goes off and it's dark.  And I hate it.

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I am the complete opposite, I love dark mornings, driving in the dark, don't know why just do.