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OT - Eff Off Friday

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We made it, STalkers! Just a few short hours until the weekend officially begins. Well, it does for me. If you're participating in any St. Patrick's Day celebrations, please be safe!

Eff off to:

  • DH's work. Another weekend of OT. DH is NOT happy about missing another Saturday night with me. Sad
  • People who try to take credit for your work. Nice try, shi'thead. Not only did everyone look at you like you were covered from head to toe in fresh elephant crap, the BOSS CALLED YOU OUT ON IT.
  • Dorkwads who don't read the entire message, then come and ask you questions. Seriously? The email is THREE SHORT SENTENCES.
           The boss needs your emergency contact information.
           Please complete the attached form ONLINE. 
           EMAIL the completed form to ANIKI.

    "Hey, Aniki! What am I supposed to do with this form?" (Has PRINTED form in hand.)
    It's times like this when it takes a YUGE effort to NOT roll my eyes.
  • Trolls, spammers, scammers, and telemarketers. Need I say more? Oh, yes, and assh0les.


Wishing you a stress-free, enjoyable weekend!


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Eff off to:

  • Busy days at work
  • The end of the work day not being here
  • Still not knowing if Psycho (aka most likely her sister) is going to take the kids for the night or not...
  • Rain and tornados

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PA, this has been another one of those looooong weeks where every day feels like Monday. Ugh.

Not knowing - crock of shizzit!!

Oh, no! Another member posted yesterday about being thankful people were safe from a tornado. Prayers, hon.

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Right? Monday number 5 in a row!

Well she didn't respond after. So I'm torn between making sure they're ready just in case. And saying f*** it and instead doing something fun with the kiddos.

No worries. They wiped out Lee County about 40ish minutes away. We had one touch down about 15-20 minutes away last night. Thankfully no one was injured with that one. We're still trying to do cleanup from the other ones. But apparently we're in some strange tornado season. Just a bit worrying is all.

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What time is pickup? Do the girls have bags that are always at the ready? If no one is there within half hour of pickup, LEAVE. They're bloody rude and inconsiderate.

Be alert and stay safe, hon!! Give rose

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5PM. And all I have to do is shove their blankets in the bags and have them change into the clothes she sent them back in.

That sounds like a plan to me! It's my in-laws place. So they'll get to play with their cousins for a bit if they don't show! Technically she's supposed to do ALL the driving. So maybe we stay home and if she gets pissy I make her drive up to a gas station closer to my house... 

We will! DH and I have a go bag just in case we do ever have to run out quickly and get somewhere safe! (mostly because I'm paranoid. lol)

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If no one arrives by 5:30 - and no one has called - then it sounds like you can damn well do what you want! Or you could make her do pickup at a police station...LOL

Good plan! Kiss 2

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Oh that one! Think I can request the drug sniffing dogs to be present "just in case"? 


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Eff off to:

- Car repairs

- Bills

- Working 36 hours in 3 days this weekend. I'm exhausted.


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Eff off to this whole freaking week!

Eff off to: People who come into my office and say "the training that was scheduled today from 1pm-4:30pm has been rescheduled to...right now. Can you make it?". Really? Right NOW? They do this every single time!

While I'm at it, Eff off to people who schedule training from 1pm-4:30pm on a Friday! Don't they know I usually cut out early??

Eff off to my crappy luck this week- After snagging my jeans and immediately hitting my head on the corner of my car door yesterday, I walked into my office after returning from an off-site meeting to find that the entire wall unit of my desk had completely fallen off the wall, crashing into the spot where I sit. This thing weighs 75lbs and has lots of sharp corners. I would have been seriously hurt. As it is, it smashed my picture frames and pretty much everything else on my desk. Heavy things need to be hung on studs people...studs!!

Eff off to my SO. We still haven't talked. I have my request in to reserve an Airbnb starting on Sunday-Thurs, just waiting for them to confirm.

Eff off to this idiot at work. I snapped at him pretty hard core (I'm surprised at myself), but he expected me to be waiting by my email and immediately turn around a document the second I received it. Sorry dude, I'm over here dealing with a cabinet that smashed my whole desk up. It's not the week to mess with me!


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Eff off to three teams of auditors who all want the same info, multiple times, in different formats.

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Gads, I feel your pain! We have a VP like that. And *I* am the one generating those damn reports. Job security?

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Nothing to Eff Off about - just hope everyone has a happy, fun filled weekend!

Peace and Mad Love 

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Eff off to:

My alarm not going off this morning because overnight my phone did some updates and I didn't re-start it yet.  Of course I didn't, I was sleeping!  So I was an HOUR late getting up, RAN around, grabbed my stuff and RAN to my second option transit connection.  Becuase of course today I am the manager in charge and no one else is here.  (because I am speedy and quick about things I made my connection and with some short-cuts was only 15 min later than normal but it was nerve-wracking).

Eff off to:  another institution saying an award is their money (after a year of the award here) and they want it now.  Really?  Um, no.  All documentation is for our group.  So I have to drop everything (before I ate breakfast, or had any coffee or tea because I'm running late!) make three phone calls to get background and write up a timeline for our directors for determination of next steps.  All before 9:15 this morning.

Eff off to:  That same institution emailing back two hours later saying, "Well.....maybe it's not all our award after all..."  For g*ds sake.

Eff off to:  Deadlines looming today and those who I'm relying on not responding to my messages.

Eff off to:  The JACKHAMMER outside our office.  It's adding to the joy.


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I have a bottle of bubbly stashed in the pantry and that sucker is getting drunk tonight.

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A friend of mine was robbed earlier this week. I'm driving over there with a bottle of bubbly so she can drown her sorrows.

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I need to check on my neighbors too (the one who had a stroke on Sunday).  Might make some cookies for them tomorrow.

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It’s a gloriously warm sunny day - nice surprise!!

Eff off to the drop in temps tonight. Mother Nature is a tease!

very good day otherwise. Fixed my washing machine today and am doing laundry!! Yay! Been without a washer for a week.