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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers!!! Or Hallowmas, or All Saints' Day, or Feast of All Saints. I've certainly been doing a lot more praying lately with so many cancer victims and illnesses. Gaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Eff off to:

  • Cancer, that b!tch. I just learned that cancer has claimed another - one of my old schoolmates. DAMMIT!!!
  • Modern medicine failing. A coworkers cousin passed away from pneumonia. Yep. Pneumonia. Two days ago, he was posting on FB. He passed away yesterday afternoon. Forgive me, but this is a YUGE reason why you go to the doctor when colds, coughs, infections - ANY illness - linger on and on and on. 
  • Meetings scheduled AFTER work hours and for TWO BLOODY HOURS. Yeah. Because I want to get home 3 hours LATER than normal and try winding down. I supposed I should be thankful it's not on a Friday. Nope. Grrrr...
  • Toxic people. What the eff IS is with these effers??? Go find another sucker, asshat. I'm not letting you back in to my life. Please take a long walk off a short pier into the icy, roiling waters of Gitche Gumee. Nekkid.


That's all I have right now, although I might amend this list later as the day progresses...LOL

Don't forget to Fall Back this weekend! xoxo


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Sorry to hear about your schoolmate and your co-worker's cousin.  I had pneuomonia with pleurisy when I was 18 and honestly thought I was a gonner.  It hurt to breathe for a week till the antibiotics kicked in.  I have had a vile flu as you know, Aniki, and while I am recuperating - slower than I would like - I am watching myself carefully for any sign of secondary infection.  Apparently there is a lethal strain of flu going around this winter.   I do hope that whoever scheduled 2 hours of after work meetings gets a big dollop of karma land on them!  

We "fell back" in the UK a week ago - I hate the autumn clock change, but love the Spring one.  

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that is interesting!  I never knew the UK did that!  Thought they were always on GMT.

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Thank you, hon. I know you 've been sick. Please take care of yourself, Kes!!! xoxo

Ha, I don't mind "falling back". That "spring forward" where 4am is now 5am sucks rocks!!!

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Yep this weekend is Awesomeson's birthday.  He and his bride are coming over for dinner.  Chef gets booted out of the kitchen!  It's my turn!!

That's awful about your schoolmate!  VERY sad.   And wow on the pneumonia!  I've had "walking pneumonia" and a few other times during my thirties were I was so ill and dehydrated the only thing I could remember was my social security number!!!


The rental property is coming along s-l-o-w-l-y and hope to have one sided rented by December although I was often told my real estate experts that good tenants don't move in the winter. 

Scratch one-s head

Chef's business is blowing up the phone!  I guess that is a good thing.

I hear other people saying they are going to a party or going to the woods, etc. for the weekend and I'm like "what's that?"  Even my vacation is work related.  LOL.

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Happy bday, Awesomeson!

I've also had walking pneumonia and it's awful. 

Is it Dia de Los Muertos or an All Souls' Day party??

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Happens to be my parent's anniversary.  62 years!

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It was Halloween, we live on a private street, he had to go out. Didn't lock the door. He never does. So I lock up behind him.  He very sweetly brings home a late dinner for us but drops everything as he's getting keys to unlock.

And it's my fault. I guess I should have predicted when he'd be back. Oh HELL no. We rarely argue but it's frosty in my house. 

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Chef leaves EVERYTHING unlocked as he's from the country.  Even leaves his keys in the ignition and often his wallet in his vehicles as well.  Thinks I'm NUTS to lock everything up.  I've lived in some pretty rough areas so I'm used to locking stuff.   I guess Awesomeson is the same way as me and his bride is like Chef in that she is from a rural area and doesn't lock anything. 

HINT:  Get one of those numberpad locks. 


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Same here. He was a country boy. I'm from blue collar burbs. I don't mind so much that he doesn't lock up but I do mind that he gets pissy when I do. 

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Good grief! DH and I are both in the lock-it-up-tight category.

Couldn't he have called or honked??

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This is a constant battle in my house even after all this time.  DH grew up in a rural area and moved to the suburbs as a teen.  But for some reason it is a weird point of pride that he "grew up without locking the doors."  Well la dee f*cking da, dude!  That was the 1970's in the sticks.  Welcome to the modern world.  We live in a very nice suburb and that is a target for crime.  Why?  BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THE GOOD STUFF IS!

I grew up in the suburbs but moved to a major city after high school.  (I moved back here to be with DH since his kids were here.  I miss the city like you would not believe!)  Plus I come from a military/law enforcement family.  The idea of not locking the doors and windows is as foriegn to me as wearing a tube top to a funeral.  We have had some epic throw-downs on this subject.

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Eff off to my bra. I am feeling crusty about it today. Remind me why they are even a thing anymore. I demand equal chest rights to men - no uncomfortable, expensive extra items of clothing.

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Eff off to bosses who think they know how to do every job and explain things to you like you're five. And don't seem to catch on when what you've told them, that they think is wrong, is reality so maybe you do know some things.

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Eff off to cat litter.

I don't post a lot about Special Kitty anymore but he and his feline brothers make such a damn mess with their litter, I want to strangle them all.  

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Aww ,Special Kitty.

How IS that dapper boy doing?

Clem is slowing down.Gt into a fight yesterday and he was covered in mud,leaf debris and a huge scratch onhis nose.

Dumb ass  does not know he is now an  oldgrandpa kitty and will prob lose an eye defending his crown as King Of The Cats.

I hear you about the litter,Gimmy  .I put a plastic runner under each litter box with an old carpet over the runner and set the litter box back so there is ample carpet and plastic protective runner at the doorway.

When the cats use and jump out they leave the litter pieces and anything else(yuk) that may be attached to their paws on the carpet.Easy enough to shake and launder as needed.


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Clem!  He's such a hunk.  

Special Kitty and his brothers are all doing well.  He lurks in the morning when DH is using the heating pad on his back because he refuses to slow down on his exercise as much as he should, and the minute he gets up to get more coffee, kitty claims it.  Spoiled brat.

That is an excellent idea!  

Hope things are well in your world Smile

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It's sad to see them get old.

Your Special Kitty is no fool. He claims the heating pad .."pick up yer feet lose yer seat ,  the heating pad and anything else "a cat will claim is the cat motto .right?LOL

Life is good.Hoping you are doing well,Gimmy. 


Apologies ,Ani, for the hijack.


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Oh hell yes. I have  a special rescued kitty who will not use the cat flap. Ever. She has a rescued sister who uses the cat flap just fine - as all my other rescued cats have done. I have tried the usual things to no avail. Any suggestions? Please!

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Flap, as in a door on the litter box? I had 3 cats who refused to use the box until I removed that. I put a mat on the floor that went partially under the box (to hold it in place) that helped catch a lot of the litter bits.

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No not a flap to a litterbox. A cat flap in the back door of the house so they can get in and out as they please. 

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I haven't a cat access flap on my house door(s)~ afraid a raccoon or skunk may wander in looking for food coz I live waaayyy out in thewoods and those critters and others live here ,too.So I haven't any advice.


You are one of the good ones,Lollybobs,rescuing kitties.

Air kiss



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I have one (teenage obnoxious) cat. Somehow it manages to get litter on THE WALL. So I have to put cardboard around the box. He will not use a litter box that has a cover. 

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Sorry for all your troubles ,Ani.

I hope the snow that you got and more predicted to come  will cheer ,soothe and help put a  smile back on that pretty Finnish face.



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Sweetie, we've only had a dusting in our area. The measurable snowfall was to the East. *sorry2*

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Aww...too bad..I read there was a huge snowfall in the midwest and hoped it inclued your neck of the woods.

SOON,my friend..Very soon we will revel in the waist high white gold.



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Aaaaah!  Evil women!!!!  (Stops typing to do an anti-snow dance around my bedroom to keep it from coming to the East Coast)  We have gotten dumped on a bunch in the past few years and people lose their minds.  They either drive 3 miles an hour sliding on bald tires or 70 miles an hour in an SUV the size of an apartment building and run everyone else off the road.  And the second the forecast says "snow" the grocery shelves magically empty of milk, bread, and toilet paper.  No snow!!!

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Snow Snow Snow ! (dancing counter clockwise to undo susanm's efforts to keep snow away)

WE are getting a snow storm this Thursday! Can't wait!