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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! Sorry I've been MIA, but things have been bloody insane the last several week. I'm long on eff offs and short on time, so let's get to it...

Eff off to:

  • My insane work schedule. Split shifts, double shifts, sliding hours (come in early, come in late...), phone calls at home, weekends... gaaaaaaaaaah!!! The money is nice, but damn, I need a vacation!
  • Coworkers who spend HOURS bitching about working overtime. STFU and work, jerkwad. Oh, I'm sorry. You're getting paid to WHINE. My bad.
  • Nosy, pushy neighbors. Yes, I know that needs to be repaired. No, I don't want to borrow your ladder. We have a damn ladder. In fact, we have SEVERAL. In case you haven't noticed, I'M RARELY HOME (because I'm at work) and DH has been taking care of tons of other stuff around the house and yard that are more important that what YOU think needs fixing, so EFF OFF.
  • Being constantly exhausted. I'm not sleeping well and insomnia is my constant companion, I don't have much time to cook, I'm eating too much crap (thank you, apple fritter, for a much-needed burst of sugar-rush-energy), I'm behind on laundry, and I am in desperate need of one weekend where I can sleep in (taking a sleeping pill!), get some time in the water (Lake Superior misses me!), and don't have to talk to one freaking person except for DH.


Wishing you all a stress-free and enjoyable weekend! xoxo


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Yipee...glad to see you back. I will say I was a little worried.

Have a great weekend Aniki. Hope things settle down for ya.


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Welcome back Aniki!! We’ve been missing you! Hope your works calms down soon & you get that weekend off & lie in you so deserve :) 

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Thanks, Monkey!! I plan to open up a $$ bottle of wine tonight and indulge myself. Orin Swift zinfandel blend, Eight Years in the Desert.

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Glad to see you on here lady!

I'm Eff off to having what I think is a diverticulitis flare that is uncomfortable as crap... pain in my lower left side for days.. like sharp gas pain.. even had a fever of almost 101 last night.  I don't have any nausea and am not throwing up.. pooing as normal.. so it is just "something".  Ugh.. I have been trying to eat so healthy.. my body is

And Eff Off to all the bad weather in the Gulf that has made my DH's fishing season a disaster so far.. we need better weather and FISH!

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Dang, ESMOD, I hate to hear that. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Fish - nom nom nom. My fave fish place FINALLY opened yesterday. I need a 'fix'!

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Eff off to:

This week.

MIL saying she'll get SD10 from my work instead of from her science camp like she was supposed to, effectively killing my lunch and making it so I have to cancel my plans.

DH assuming I'm just cool with anything and can arrange myschedule around willy-nilly to make accomodations for the kids. (DH has been informed this is not true and that while I'll bring SD10 back to work with me. I will NOT be cancelling lunch plans I've made again.)

Me casually mentioning I NEVER appear on his social media. DH rage putting me in all his profile pictures (this made no sense to me whatsoever). Then two days later him swapping his profile picture for a selfie, making a insta story with him and the girls... At a place i was too... I just showed up a few minutes late cuz work... So he made a point to create it BEFORE I showed up... Well alrighty then. Won't mention social media again *eye roll*

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And since I need a vacation, I'd love to combine it with a trip to lodge my size 9 up your DH's backside. He's being a jerk.

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Well if you want to come and visit we can go swimming in the lake! So you're more than welcome!!!

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Glad to see you back.  I totally understand the work issues.  I started a job once during the "busy season".  I worked often 12 hours a day/7 days a week for weeks - with fixed deadline that could NOT be moved.  I was new to that city too and didn't know a soul. I remember thinking "I will never have a friend."   But I was in my 30s back then.

I have a mini eff off today.  My DH left to go out of town for a close relative's memorial service about 10 hours away.  We'd been out of town for a month and only got back here 24 hours before he left (after driving all night to get here).  As I am now in a wheelchair and not driving he left me with NO FOOD. 

I finally drug down a can of butter beans and ate them cold from the can. I can't reach the stove controls.  I was going to have him make some changes in where things were before he raced out the door - but that did not happen.  He left a little after 8 am.  When he and I were leaving the other day we did not leave until almost 9:30 PM (which is why we drove all night).  And not me being draggy.

In his defense (barely) my sister will be here in a few hours and will spend the night.  I just hate having to ask her to handle things that he should have taken care of.  

But it's only a mini eff off since he does so many wonderful things for me everyday - including never inflicting SS34 on me. Oh well he's not perfect.  But neither am I.

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Notasm, I once had a job where the MANDATORY overtime was 20 hours a week and 3 Saturdays out of 4 every month. Suckage!

Oh, damn, that bites. You definitely need to have some things arranged to make it more convenient for you. Kiss 2

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Great to see you back Amiga!

Hope things slow down and that you manage to get some free time for self care because you need it. Wishing you a great weekend of relaxation darlin'.


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Hola, Siempre!

Despite the fact that I have to work tomorrow, I'm breaking out the corkscrew tonight! Dirol

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Yo, Aniki,

Hard to complain on 'Eff Off Friday' when you're back among us! Hallelujah! Preved

However, I do have a compliant. Mosquitoes are out in full force, here in The Great White North,  and it's unsafe to step foot outdoors. I'm allergic to the little shits and they absolutely LOVE me!

We keep our bedroom window open at night and when I get up to (ahem) micturate, there are literally dozens of the varmints lurking on the screen, yearning for my blood. I can almost hear them whispering, "Come out, redhen, come oooouuuuutttttt..."

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Aw, shucks! Kiss 3

The no-see-ums are absolutely VICIOUS right now. My poor DH got several bites on his forehead and his left arm looks LUMPY. While I liberally sprayed on the Deep Woods Off, one determined little effer bit my arse through my spandex capris!!! I have been Michigan's top blood donor for YEARS.

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ANIKI  !!!!

The StepTalkverse has been lackluster without your daily blogs.Like a hotdog without all the fixin's;a pedicure w/o a foot massage,a day w/o sunshine.

Know what I mean?



I figured you and DH hit the lottery ,sold your place and skipped town for  Monaco  or Scandanavia where you are rightful royalty ,you big gorgeous Dane, w/o a whisper to that toxic BioHoBag and MrPinhead.

 So glad your absence was not precipitated by any bad  news .

Kiss 2

So this is mandatory overtime? Well that is not pleasant but think of the extra money.You and DH can plan something  fun  to do with all that moola.

Not an EFF OFF Friday.This is a FABULOUS Aniki Friday.

Welcome back! 






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Wowzers, Wicked! You silver-tongued witch, you!

No lottery win - can't retire on a mere $2. Unless you count working my arse off to be winning...LOL

Psssst.... I'm a Finn! Kiss 2

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OOPS! OMG..I am sorry.

You are a Finn.

Please forgive. 

Denmark is not part of Scandanavia.My BAD!!! .BUT they ALL are beeeyooteefull tough Viking stock ~the  Danes, Finns, Swedes and Norwegians. 

 You are a wonderful representative  here on ST of a strong,gorgeous Finn standing in her power with her sword in one hand and BioHag's  head in the other..while grabed in  your frilly  f*ck me apron with DH standing in awe of you..

.OK.not her head ..too brutal.How about in your apron and f*ck me pumps you are kicking her a$$ waaayyy out to the curb?

Heck, how about waaayyy out into the middle of Lake Superior?

Anyway glad you are back! and are well just overworked.But you ARE appreaciated by us here know that!



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WEll, using the age old sandwhich technique

- Eff off to Toxic Troll - no matter how much abuse you heap on DH, hes still my husband and eventually your abusive nature will drive away Munchkin Cryer 13, and we can ride off into the sunset together when I teach her to drive.

- Eff off to that Bengals Football jerk who beat his wife and wives SIL (his own sister), to within an inch of their lives over alegation sof his own infidelities. Hopefully he will lose everything including his child.

- Eff off to those jerks in England who beat up that lesbian couple - when you land in jail lets see who will be the biotch in there!

- Eff off to that jerk who almost swerved into me, I hope you lose your license!

- Eff off to DH who said "I thought I married a sweet one, whats with potty mouth?", when I asked him if he can clear the schedule with "crazy bitch" Toxic Troll, so we know when we have munchkin, and she can maybe stop "effing yet another loser a$$hole and spend time with her yougest". Last weekend we worked so hard to make it so nice - had friends over, did FUN THING, had cake, got her a lizard and then 'poof' Toxic Troll has to butt her ugly head in our business and ruin it for now, SHE can spend WHOLE weekend complaining about boyfriends to Munchkin. Maybe Munchkin will learn not to involve Toxic Troll when its none of her business...maybe chickens grow lips, and pigs fly.

- Eff off to my poor plants who are right now yelling at me because I havent transplanted them in forever!

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Hey there, sweetness!!

Wow, I didn't know about those horrible beatings. Castrate the beaters?