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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Jumping right into it...

Eff off to:

  • Heat and humidity. I miss SNOW!!!
  • Mosquitos and black flies. They need to become extinct insects. Birds can eat something else.
  • Post-concussion headaches.
  • BioHo


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I second ho BMs effing off. Also, eff off to no hours at my job right now and a HUGE eff off to morning sickness. I want to enjoy food again!

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Gaaaaah, I distinctly remember morning sickness. Hope it passes soon, hon!!

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11 weeks today- baby is the size of a lime! I want to add an EFF YEAH to continue Lt. Dad's trend:

EFF YEAH to my fur babies for always being sweet angels and making me happy every second of every day

EFF YEAH to my mom being supportive and helpful during this time

And a big EFF YEAH to transitioning into "week off" with SD!

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Even though I do the Eff Off, I'm still very aware of the things for which I'm thankful. I just decided to do a Throwback Thursday instead of Thankful! Biggrin

Fur babies are the best. I miss my darling boy. Glad you're getting your week off!

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My black fly/mosquito allergies have landed me in the hospital. Those damned insects serve no useful purpose and should be SEARCHED OUT AND DESTROYED! Aggressive

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Thanks for the consideration, Ani! However, the hospital trips were many years ago, while camping. I no longer either camp nor step foot outside during biting bug season.

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Eff off to cramps. Because being a lady sucks sometimes.

Eff off to allergies. Because breathing is a useful skill.

Eff off to school starting in less than 3 weeks, meaning we're about to put out a small fortune in clothes and supplies and fees.


EFF YEAH to taking PTO this week. My house might actually get clean.

EFF YEAH to massages.

EFF YEAH to cooler temps.

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Yeah, sorry, I skipped the Thankful Thursday this week in favor of Throwing back to happy childhood memories. Smile

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Eff off to:

  • Heat, humidity, too much sunshine... I miss the snow too... Living in the South is so rude Sad
  • I'm with both you and theoldredhen on Mosquito bites... I haven't landed int he hospital, but I do swell up SUPER bad at the bite location.... Also ticks, I've had one tick bite, it's been hard and itchy for two months now...
  • Court
  • BM
  • GBM still being in town
  • DH having 32 hours of clinicals this weekend, which means no time with him... Dang I need a date night.

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PA, go to Walmart and get some Benadryl CAPSULES. Empty out the powder, mix in a couple drops of water - enough to make a paste. Put that on the bites. It's MUCH more effective than any Benadryl cream and you won't get sleepy because you apply it topically.

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I'll give it a try!!! Because if I take regular benedryl I'm literally passed out in 15 minutes flat... Thanks Aniki!

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  Be careful. Topically applied Benadryl  can make you sleepy if you put on enough of it. My sister found that out the hard way. 

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I have ZERO tolerance to virutally anything... I got a pain killer after foot surgery... They said "may make you slightly drowsy." I was out for 24 hours straight... I immeadiately threw them in the trash and didn't take another one... Benedryl is normally a solid 8-10 hours. LMAO

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I shall! Thanks Aniki! I just got another new one on my leg too... I swear I can't walk even 10 feet outside without something eating me...

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Eff off to back pain!! I feel better today but don't want to jinx it. Smile

Eff off to people who can't own their own behavior and the consequences they brought on.

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FB, those people typically find every excuse to blame someone else. SMH

Pssst... hope your back improves ASAP.

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Eff off to Summer rotation-I hate it, everytime SS comes back from BM's he has a new terrible habit we have to deal with. I am over it. The over-exposure to her Disney Parenting is destroying the well-rounded kid we work hard to cultivate and he comes back an entitled brat everytime

And an Extra EFF Off to weight loss. I have been trying to lose weight for months now and the scale isn't budging. I am the same weight I was a year ago even with better eating, being more active and taking supplements. And it's even worse when I look online for motivation, all the females my height are 115lbs. I can't imagine being that little; that double my desired weightloss goal now that I can't seem to even get to so there's no hope. 

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Maxwell, I hear you on that weight loss caca. I've been eating MUCH healthier, but am staying within a certain weight range. Frustrating.

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i feel your pain!  I am vertically challenged and what is worse I took a genetic test which shows that I am predisposed to gaining and holding onto weight!  

So far the only thing that has helped is drinking half my weight in water (ounces to lbs) everyday, eating zero sugar or carbs.  No rice, flour, bread, pasta, cornmeal or any vegetables that have large amounts of starch or sugar in them such as corn, carrots, beets.   Not even gluten-free type products pretty much straight keto / paleo.  I'm not going to lie to you it's been rough, however I am introducing more foods now.   I lost a total of a little over 30 lb since end of January.  And with no exercise.

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Eff off to

jerks who think the crosswalk means they can cross ALL the time and not with the signal

people who think oil change and tire rotaion take 10 minutes and get all pissy when it don't

buying a box of peachs that are all rotten in the middle

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EFF off to middle of the night crying babies ( love the little bugger but COME ON !!!!!! )

Eff off to self centered drivers, saw one yesterday drive on the shoulder on the interstate to get around stand still traffic, half an hour later saw justice, he was pulled over at the side by the 50 (Hooray !!!!)

and of course Eff off to Skids !!