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OT - Eff Off Friday

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It's Friday at last!! Feels like this work week was 13 days longs. UGH!!! Eff off to:

  • pap smears (just ish!)
  • arseholes who stop when the light turns yellow (that means hurry the eff up, not stop!!!)
  • people who will not STFU when you are obviously VERY BUSY. Hint: when someone only gives you a glance and goes right back to their document/phone/computer screen, they're BUSY so eff off!!!
  • this being a skid weekend and I need to do things around the house. Damm!t! Maybe I'll save those 'til after work next week...
  • post concussion headaches (I am SO freakin' tired of these damn things)


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I'm with you - the week was going 'kinda ok' until this morning when I realized it's the day that SS8 comes. And then - the dread, the anxiety and everything else came flooding in and now I"m just hating this day. And the weekend before it even is here.

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Hon, I know what you mean. I'm disengaged, so I typically spend skid weekends doing things away from the house. I have my fingers crossed that DH will take PigPen fishing tomorrow. If so, they'll leave about 6am and not come back until 2-3pm. That would give me time to accomplish the things I want to do around the house. If they're not fishing tomorrow, I'm not staying at home! LOL

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Eff off DH. I know your job is insane right now. That's why I have delivered you coffee in bed every day. Why I rarely ask for help with YOUR toddler. Why I deliver you homecooked meals at your desk so you eat something. Why I give you blow jobs on your lunch break to relieve your stress. Eff off you effing effer. Snap my head off because you have the emotional self awareness of an empty soda bottle. Get your own coffee, starve if you like, and suck your own damn dick.

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Beebeel, I just spewed precious khavi all over my desk. It's even on my monitor, I spewed so hard!

I promise that, if you bring ME coffee in bed (you angel, you), I require no personal administrations and I will cook YOU dinner.

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C'mon over darling. Apparently my good wifey skills are wasted on this one. 

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Hon, if they could reach it, they'd never do anything else.....

And futhermore, the next time he snaps your head off, SNAP RIGHT BACK! Damn!

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Hey, redhen, do you think beebeel should snap right back - with TEETH - while she's um, er, ah, YOU KNOW?! Diablo

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Eff off the verrrrrrry  long work week!  WTF?

Eff off to the idiot who drove the wrong way down a ramp on I-75 this morning (WHO THE EFF DRIVES THE WRONG WAY DOWN AN ENTRANCE RAMP DURING RUSH HOUR) and killed a lovely woman and her child.


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Amen to people who won’t take social cues and STFU! I can’t stand people who talk a lot for great lengths. Ugh.

In addition, eff off to:

  • stupid denial based arguments (yep, had another one of these with DH this week. Not sure why he does the same thing every time)
  • parents who aren’t afraid to ruin their kids’ childhoods in order to execute some hidden agenda
  • kids who think they are adults

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To expound...

Eff off to: Kids who think they are adults and the adults who allow them to keep thinking that BS.

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Eff Off to trying to adjust to progressive lenses.  I'm constantly bobbing my head to try to focus.  Driving is no problem.  Reading is no problem.  Trying to walk through a store where things are at varying distances and nothing is in focus - BIG PROBLEM.  And I hate having to move my head instead of my eyes when I'm on the computer. How do people wear these things?!?!?!

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Oh Aniki I hate to hear that!  I keep hoping my brain will adjust and it will get better. 

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I needed this EFF OFF Friday! 

EFF OFF to the world revolving around skids! 

EFF OFF to asshole HCBMs that try to force everyone to be miserable. 

EFF OFF to man child DHs who can't deal with the HCBM. 

And EFF OFF to bullshit steplife that could easily be different if the adults knew how to actually ADULT!

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Eff off to the loooong wait ahead of me before SD goes to BMs for summer!! It’s still a month and a half away! I wish she was with BM for mother’s day instead of me. 

Eff off to baby sleep regressions! LO is almost 7 months and has been waking up wide awake 2-3 times a night staying up to party the last three days... I’m exhausted!! 

Also eff off to not feeling like myself lately :/ being a mom is wonderful but damn do I need a nap, nail appointment, and hot coffee that I actually get to drink! 

Thanks for this... it’s good to rant 

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Can you send PigPen with SD? LOL

I hope you get some much-needed sleep AND hot coffee soon!! xo


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Yo Sunshine,

If it weren't for the way they grin and kick with joy at seeing your face at 3.00 A.M., you'd probably kill them, yes?

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Eff off to employees who don't take responsibility for their own work. And then get mad when I am forced to micromanage.

Eff off to my lazy ^ss DH. Oh, he's not lazy if it's something he wants to do. But take out the trash? Load/unload the dishwasher? Wipe down counters? Keep his hobby crap controlled so I can park in the garage? Pffft. Can't be bothered.


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The crap he's got out there would scratch the paint or give me a flat. I just want a damn partner, not another child to manage.

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Eff off to my murderous MIL trying to communicate with me( no really drugged someones coffee- shes a retired teacher lol)

Eff off to " but hes a great kid" who lies, whines and does not have basic life skills- heres a steakknife i will not cut your meat

Eff off to guilt parenting. Go get your own child's bookbag and take him to school.

Eff off to" my mom is so nice" bms who call their exes in the middle of the night for booze delivery

Eff off to" ss already ate dinner out" stepfathers who weigh 500 lbs

Eff off to" camp was soo expensive" bm just coming from the spa after getting dh tax return. Hint: you still look like a witch.

Eff off to" I forgot" dh who has to be reminded that the children are his. DH: are you taking ss to school. Me smiling: Hmm I dunno are YOU taking ss to school tomm?



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"No, DH, I cannot take SS to school tomorrow."

Or the next day, or the next day, or the next week/month/year...

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When both my eyebrows went up as I. Emphasized the word you.

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Eff off to people who can not have a conversation with out looking at their cell phone a hundred times while I am talking to them. RUDE I guess I should just text these a holes but it is faster to just talk to them.

Eff off to having so many things on my mind that I get stressed out.

Eff off to having things in my life that I am effed off about. I need wine!

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When people cannot take their noses out of their phones, I have nothing to say to them. Big ol' poopie heads!

Psssst... I need wine, too!

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Oh I think I should text them "listen you big ol' poopie head". LOL That ought to get their attention.