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OT - Eff Off Friday

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I have a WHOMPIN' headache and my eyes feel like they're going to explode. I'm chalking that up to the impending doom forecast we have for the weekend. Well, according to some. Frankly, I'm happy to be snowed in, away from lots of people!

Eff off to:

  • Sinus headaches. Gaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
  • Gaslighters. It's disturbing to witness gaslighting, then have someone come along and downplay it. 
  • Dipshidiots who sit at the stoplight with their noses stuck in their phones...and miss the light change. And SEVERAL people think and think and HONK and dipshidiot continues to be oblivious until the damn light turns yellow. Makes me wish I had a tank so I could help them get going...

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Amen to gaslighters!  It's so ugly.

On a lighter note, F off to baking bread.  I am a good cook and am trying to learn to bake bread and it's not very good.  I bought good yeast, follow all the instructions, but still my bread is sad.  Booooo.

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Make flatbread?

Breadmaking is a tradition on my Dad's side. This is the year I plan to attempt yeast breads for the first time. ~gulp~

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ME TOO. I'm a good cook and a helluva baker. But bread escapes me.

I tried a no-knead bread last weekend and it came out great, so I'll try something more complicated. Try Sally's Baking Addiction Artisan Bread.

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Thank you!  I've tried two no-knead recipes, including one that needed several days of refrigeration, and they were both sort of flat and not very airy.  They were also both higher hydration, so I'm hoping something lower hydration works better.  Gah.

I'll try this one next, fingers crossed! 

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Oh, I like making bread.  Some are more difficult if it's cold out or even cold inside your house.  I made two loaves over the weekend that didn't really start rising until I moved them to in front of the fireplace...

Change recipies - find a good one you like and work from there.

Don't over-work the dough, but work it enough so it feels 'happy' - i.e. springy and smooth.  It's hard to explain. 

I find making it by hand has better results than my bread maker.  I also want to try working with enriched doughs which I love love but are much more finiky.  I had only semi-success with rolls once (not warm enough) but did well with some sweet-ish sugared pretzels.

Keep on going!

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"Don't over-work the dough, but work it enough so it feels 'happy' - i.e. springy and smooth.  It's hard to explain. "

My DD has worked in several bakeries and she tells me this too.  Baking is the devil, but I will keep trying.

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It's like meatloaf. I cannot explain to my sister how I know when the meatloaf is worked enough; only that it "feels right".  *unknw*

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Meatloaf, mashed potato & gravy, and honey-glazed cooked carrots @ a high-end steakhouse. 

I also love the Costco meatloaf & mashed potatos.


... now I'm hungry! Biggrin

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Love meatloaf. I'm doing an experiment this week with it. YSD told DH this week she didn't like beef. WTF? Early December she ate practically half the meatloaf I made. She loves burgers on the grill.

So I'm making my meatloaf. With corn which she also told DH doesn't like - she loves corn.  We'll see if she eats it. If not I call BS, something stinks in Denmark. She's been refusing to eat all kinds of food lately, going back to a 5 yo diet (funny, just like OSD).

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Eff off to wind, we had it so bad last night it sounded like a damn earthquake so that put my anxiety up!

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Eff off to the effer who overcooked fish in the friggin microwave. The whole place smells like a geriatric whorehouse. *bad*

Eff off to everyone freaking out over some snow and calling off schools. Still NOTHING.

Eff off to gaslighters for sure Aniki.

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smells like a geriatric whorehouse 

Mister, there is coffee on my monitor, keyboard, and desktop. LOL

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This is a bad Friday for me Sad

Eff off to having made plans that require me to get up the same time on Saturday to drive 45 minutes to meet friends to make yet another wood piece of seasonal crap.

Eff off to my stupid CPAP - NO I'm not sleeping better, I'm sleeping less and waking up with a red irritated nose.

Eff off to just wanting to burst out in tears at all times and have no idea why.

Happy Weekend Stalkers.  If you are getting snow like us, stay home and safe! 

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Aw, classy. Sad

How old is your CPAP? I know they need to be refitted/replaced. xo

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I will add another vote to the eff off to gaslighters. 

Also, eff off to people who assume you are just out to get them - this is happening moreso in my professional life right now. Not directed at me personally, but I'm now charged with "fixing" the issue and honestly, the person raising the alarm is reading conspiracies into things...conspiracies that don't have basis in fact. I now have to talk them down off the ledge, while also dealing with some incompetence on the other side that led to this drama fest. Dear people of the world, what you often see as a conspiracy is really just bumbling idiocy. 

Eff off to people who actively seek to create drama versus who seek to create calm. I'm at a point in my life where all I want is calm...I don't want any more drama. 

Eff off to people who feel anything. 

Eff off to people who need to be "reminded" or "nagged" to do things.

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Agree with all of those, strugglingSM! 

And that drama business? Eff off to those who find it necessary to make something completely non-dramatic and helpful into drama simply because they thrive on it. If you don't agree with them with the right words, they fly off the handle. I bow to no effing drama queens.

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Hello ,Ani..did you get out in that glorious snow?

WE have 4 inches and more tomorrow..I love it..Other than  dead car batteries or flat tires in the winter I haven't an F Off to give. 

Here's to a great laid back Sunday to you and your sweetie. 


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Wicked, got about 2 feet of glorious snow!!! Got everything hanging up to dry now and beef stew is perfuming the house. Add crusty bread and red wine for a perfect weekend at home with my sexy hubby. *dirol* 

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king arthur flour website's recipe for NOLA rolls ia pretty good

we are getting about 6 inches of snow.  driving to and from the rental was pretty tedious