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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! And with dual meanings of Thank Goodness It's Friday and Thank God I'm Finnish. It has certainly been a week. *crazy*

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. KP, I the time it took you to type up that long-winded email, you could've done that task 5 times. NOT an exaggeration. It's one thing to delegate. It's entirely different to waste the time of multiple people, including your own. Gads.
  • Gaslighters. And that includes my sister. Maybe you're in the first stage of Alzheimers. Maybe you're not. But claiming I said things I would NEVER say puts you on my sh!t list. I did my best to take the high road and said I was sorry that's the impression you got, but damn if I will admit to having actually said that crap. Let me know when your knickers get untwisted. ~eyeroll~


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

I'm feeling cheesy. Brie, gouda, bleu, gorgonzola... I especially enjoy cheese in a salad. For lunch today, I threw together spring mix, pecans, granny smith apple, chicken, and gorgonzola and topped it with some balsamic reduction. Nom nom nom...

What's a cheesy favorite of yours?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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This Friday.  Feeling good and have a fun weekend planned.

My favorite cheesy things: DH's grilled cheese Nom Nom.  Greek salad with plenty of olives and feta cheese.

The Jersey tomatoes are out in abundance so having BLT's tonight with huge fresh jersey 'maters and extra thick cut bacon.

Now I am hungry.  Have a great weekend peeps!

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That BLT is making my mouth water.

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Happy Eff off/Forn Friday.  I don’t have many eff’s to give today because it was a good week.  Our dog had a mass removed from her head last week and while it was cancerous the growth was slow and the margins don’t show that it has spread so for now she is cancer “free”.  School starts in two weeks and BD17 will be a senior and I am excited and sad that this will be my last time having a school aged child ever.  DH went to counseling and we had another long discussion about the state or our marriage and I hope he fully grasps that I am giving him this year to either sink or swim in our marriage, but I will no longer be the only one doing all the work. 

I love Cheese! One of my favorites is goat cheese with honey and pomegranate seeds on a wheat cracker, I could eat that all day!  I also jumped on the cottage cheese pizza bowl craze and it’s my new go to lunch.

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Oh yes, dessert is goat cheese with honey! And any soft cheese. Or any cheese.

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Yay for your furbaby news!

Goat cheese is wonderful. I like it on wafer crackers with a tiny amount of fruit preserves or jam. 

Cottage cheese pizza bowl?! Googling...

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One of my favourite breakfasts is a thick slice of toasted sourdough bread, dribbled with a little olive oil, topped with tomato slices, black pepper, and slices of goat cheese. Add a few more dribbles of olive oil and stick it under a hot grill till it browns. Tasty and filling 

One of my grandmother's comfort foods was small cubes of edam, wrapped in bacon slices and grilled until the cheese starts to ooze...

I'm also pretty fond of cheese soufflé... made with whatever cheese is in the fridge. If it's mild stuff (gruyère, Emmenthal, edam, Gouda, etc.), Infuse a small head of garlic in the milk for half an hour first.

And one of my favourite snacks (or fast meals) is an apple with cubes of cheese, preferably Beaufort but I'll settle for a decent Comté if I have to. Smile


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Winterglow, I read those first two descriptions and my stomach growled at me! Admittedly, I have never had cheese soufflé, but want to try making it some day.

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Trust me, Aniki, if you can make a white sauce, grate cheese, and whip egg whites, you can make a soufflé. It's way easier than you'd ever believe (and then you move on to replace the cheese with ground leftover chicken and lemon juice and you will pass for a 5 star cook!).

There are restaurants around her you'd probably love, they serve only cheese. It's served in a spiral from the mildest upwards and each bite is accompanied by a glass of the right wine for it. Up to you to decide what family of cheese you like.

Ever heard of aligot ...?

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I can do all of that, Winterglow! It's one of those "get 'round to it" kind of things I keep meaning to do.

I would luuuuuuurv that restaurant. *yahoo*

Aligot is another item on my list!!! 

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Today is DHs 86th bday.  We just returned from an overnight at our local casino.  We've had birthday week all week and  I'm exhausted.  Lol.  I've been making breakfast all week and feeding him his faves.  Today, we went to his fave breakfast place, Waffle House.  

The kids, most of them, responded.  SD61 just left after bringing a gift and borrowing $100 from him.  Just another day at Chez JRI.

I'm just thankful we still have our good times together and we're still healthy enough to live here in our little nest.  The time is probably growing short but today is good.


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No Effs today. Work is slow for the first time in forever. Just waiting on my co-worker to call me to discuss something. My promotion was also approved so this fall I'll be managing more in the department with leadership rather than in the trenches. All good!

I love cheese. When I was almost done with my elimination diet this spring, the doc asked me what I missed most. It wasn't wine or sugar, but 100% cheese.

I don't have fave cheese dishes. I just eat it. Currently my favorite is a wonderful blue from Germany. Then I'll take a nice sharp regional cheddar (paired with an apple for lunch).

I actually don't like cheese pasta dishes! But a good pizza with fresh mozzarella is also up there on my list!

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Cover, fresh mozzarella on pizza is sooooo good! I find it particularly good with olive oil instead of sauce, sliced heirloom tomatoes, and a drizzle of balsamic reduction. 

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Both us put in about 8-10 hours of overtime work this week with deadlines and unrealistic expectations by our bosses. I was so burnt out yesterday that we went out to dinner on a night we were planning to cook just so I could decompress (I work from home so getting out of the house is what I need sometimes versus relaxing at home).

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Everyone just needs a little treat

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F off to medical providers that make you wait for information that they have on hand.  I get that they need some time to review.. but I took a blood test Tuesday before 9 am.. and now it is Friday Afternoon and i don't know the results.. which could mean I have experienced some kidney damage in the last few years for some reason.. I dont' think I really have symptoms.. but still.. not really wanting to start having health issues.. I don't take any meds.. so... this could be an unhappy thing.  

ugghhh.. just wish they would call.. 

Oh.. and F off to pompous medical professionals

I used to see a PA at this practice.... but he has moved on.. so I was going to need to see another provider.  I sent a note to the "new" provider because my old provider thought it might be good to get a coronary calcium scan done.. so I said that.. "Dr Nolonger with you.. recommended the test.

So.. new providor.. writes back ... "Mr. no longer with the practice was a PA not a doctor.  I don't feel thse tests are particularly conclusive.. please make an appt with me to follow up."

well.. I just went to get my physical in May.. I'm not necessarily interested in going back again.. I mean.. I'm on a high deductible plan.. so extra visits to just chew the fat? pump up his billable hours? no thanks.. but I did think that at my age that test might have given some good info.. 

so.. I did request a change to a different new



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Can you get your test results if you set up an on-line account? My doctor is with in a large system that includes a hospital. I have a "my chart account" and I can see my test results as soon as they are done, often same day. I see them before my doctor ever tells me the results. I love it - although I sometimes have to do a little research to completely understand them.

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I do  have a portal I log into.. the results are not uploaded yet... I'm kind of irritated at this point.. It's almost a week since I took what is a fairly routing blood test.. I used to get my results within just a couple of days..sometimes the same day with this practice.. but the last couple times the results are a long time loading.  It's just stressful to have to wait.. especially when there was some concern over the results from my checkup in May.. 

I actually called in Friday after sending a note through the portal.. asked if it would be possible to at least know the results.. but they said a nurse would call me back and it's now monday after 9 am.. still no call.  I know they are busy with appointments but still.. sheesh.

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Eff off to whatever the problem is with Princess Popcorn the guinea pig.  She still is not at her normal weight.  I have been giving her Critical Care to supplement her food for the past month and the best the vet can figure is that she is in pain.  I agree, but I wish we could figure out why she is hurting.  Awesome Vet did xrays last week which revealed nothing.  She HATES the Critical Care.  I ordered a different flavor that is coming tomorrow and hopefully she will like it better.  She is also on pain medication.  

Dear Princess Popcorn.  Seriously, I love you dearly, I understand that you are not happy with the current situation, but can you please stop biting me????  It is not my fault that you are in this situation.  Save that sass for Princess Chunky and take your power back from her.   

Forn:  grilled cheese sandwich.  Ultimate in comfort food. My dad made the best grilled cheese sandwich.  I make them like he used to but it is not the same.  Dad put the love in it, as Marie Barone  would say.  I miss that man so much! 

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Poor Princess Popcorn! I hope she's feeling better soon and stops biting. 

Grilled cheese is a fave in our house. There are things my Mom cooked that I can never seem to get "right". It must be the addition of love, PetSpoiler!

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Days late as per usual.

Eff off to my hair dresser.  I like her but 1) OMG it is expensive, 2) it takes hours and hours 3) she always nags because I don't go regularly in her opinion.  In my defence see points 1 and 2.  And this time I she cut my hair a tiny bit too short.  I wanted a shoulder length bob and its just a bit shorter and really doesn't work.  Plus it'll be even shorter due to waves when I style it myself.  But on the upside the highlights are really good.

Eff off to work.  People we have a defined process.  We need to follow it.  I do not need to go to a 4 hour dog and pony show meeting just because a senior manager is too lazy and opinionated to read the report and then follow the process.  Taking 20 plus people out of their assigned work to entertain one guy is unreasonable.  Plus I already work 7 days a week at the moment, why would anyone think I have 4 hours to spare for this sh*t.


I love cheese.  Pretty much any kind except for blue.  I'll have it instead of desert most of the time when we go out to a fancy restaurant.  But here's a question that I've never gotten a good answer to:  Why do most of the restaurants charge a premium for the cheese selection vs the regular patissiere choices?

I made no bacon carbonara for dinner yesterday.  So simple and full of yummy parmesan. Water, pasta, egg and cheese and you are done in less than 10 minutes.

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Have you ever beem to a French Alpine ski resort? The restaurants seem to seek the prize for death by cheese. One of my daughters is hooked on tartiflette. Personally, the best I ever had was a cheese fondue with morel mushrooms (30 years later and I can still taste it) in it ...though there were some memorable raclettes too (the joy of these is that you can drink as much wine as you like but once you hit the freezing outdoor air you sober up at an incredible speed! And you sleep like a log). 

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It's never too late, TASM! 

I have no answer to your cheese vs patisserie question. TBH, I'd much rather buy cheese and eat it at home than pay the inflated restaurant prices. *unknw*

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There's no pastry in's basically sliced onions and potatoes with a little white wine. You slice a whole reblochon in two horizontally. put the two disks of cheese on the top and bake. I haven't made it for ages so I'd better keep quiet in case my daughter gets any ideas. I can't imagine eating it in this heat!

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That sounds yummy, too! ~in a hushed voice~

When it's hot, I restrict cooking to the slow cooker or a quick stovetop dish. Takeout is an option or  our version of charcuterie. Smile

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It occurred to me that I haven't made lasagna in almost a year, probably because it's so labour intensive. So, yesterday I made the tomato sauce and today I'm putting the dish together; breaking up the job has made it much easier on this old, arthritic cook.

No effs to off this week!

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I hear you on that labor intensive, grannyd! My sauce is an all-day thing so I'm rarely looking forward to a second day in the kitchen. I'm willing to consider alternatives, like tossing it all in a Dutch oven! *crazy*

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Yo, Ani,

~ tossing it all in a Dutch oven! ~ En ymmärrä! Scratch one-s head

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Grannyd, toss sauce, grated cheese,, torn up lasagna noodles, and the ricotta cheese mix into a Dutch oven and top with more cheese, then bake. In lieu of the meticulous layering. Crazy, I know.