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OT - Eff Off Friday/ Forn Friday

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Friday at last! It's been a week and today actually feels like Monday 5.0. I'm soooooo ready for the weekend to start!

Eff of to:

  • King Pita. KP, in my almost 40 years as a working professional I have never had anyone imply that I am stupid. It cannot possibly have anything to due with the fact that you can't speak fluent English or that you make a statement and then contradict it with your next sentence. Einstein and Hawking would have difficulty trying to comprehend you yammering away endlessly or your contrary comments. And that red zoom crayon does NOT aid anyone attempting to follow the unintelligible blather flowing from your flapping trap. It covers the items you're trying to 'highlight' and causes those prisoner to your garrulousness to lose interest. My days of saving your arse are OVER. It won't make a bit of difference because I am (unfortunately) stuck with you until you retire (or I get canned), but it will give me some peace of mind.
  • Alzheimers/dementia. My best friend's aunt is now wrestling with this demon, as is my friend, who is caring for her. 


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

It's 50° and rainy today, which puts me in the mood for soup/stew. Since I'll need to run to the store for a few things, I'm going to make fish stew. It's quick and tasty comfort food that hits all the right notes and will help us use up the last of the rolls.

What's your comfort food for a cool, rainy day?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Aniki - you do very well putting up with King Pita!  I have intimate knowledge of various types of dementia, since my mother had Vascular Dementia, father had Alzheimer's, and my ExH (now also deceased) had Lewy Body dementia.  I will probably get it, having both parents with it, buy hey! live for today.  The fish stew recipe looks lovely.  My own choices of comfort food for a cool, rainy day would be a roast dinner, or beef stew with dumplings, I think. 

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Thank you, Ken! It is truly a struggle. He was do horrible, I literally bit my tongue to not say "I quit". No one likes KP. He doesn't trust his people to know/do their jobs and us constantly stepping on toes and causing additional work. He will even do someone's task because he can, disregarding the mounds of work he should be tackling. His boss recently transferred some of KP's people to another manager. The reason: to reduce KP's workload. That group is so well organized, the only thing KP needed to do was request annual budget. IOW, this will do NOTHING to reduce his workload. Evil Aniki secretly hopes this is upper management's way of making KP redundant or making him an AssMan to another Manager. 

My Mom had Alzheimers as did all of her siblings. Every time I forget something, "it's the beginning of the end" always flashes through my mind. Horrible disease.

Mmmmmm... roast dinner. It has been too since I made that. 

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Eff off to beloved pets getting old. My baby boy has lived 1.5 years longer than predicted, has had ups and downs, but sadly I think he's in his final decline. Just trying to make sure he's comfy and has ALL my loves all day.

It's beautiful weather here for a change, so I'm getting out on my bike later this morning. Took the day off work.

Cold weather comfort food is meatloaf and roasted potatoes with a side of broccolini. Yum.

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Cover, I know you'll make your baby boy's golden days the very best. {{{hugs}}}

Mr Aniki luuuuuuuvvvvs my meatloaf! I made some last week. Nom nom nom...

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Good morning from June gloom-ed central coast!

Every time I see you post about PITA, I think of pita bread with sprouts and meat and ranch Biggrin

Eff off to:

1. Co workers who think its great to automatically exclude me from any and every conversation as soon as they start speaking spanish. Ive tried learning, I just dont practice and feel weird trying to use my few words. I get the pride of culture part, but seriously, this has become a toxic dynamic.

2. Lack of communication or really bad communication at work. Im an admin, Im the keeper of information. Things have been wonky and its because the communication is SO BAD in our tiny little office.

3. Chicken ch!t.

Comfort food for the June Gloomy Days of Summer:

Coconut Curry with Cod.

Using Thai red curry blended into coconut milk, I chop up ginger and crush garlic, add a few bay leaves, add this to the stir fried veggies - bell peppers for sweetness, red onion, mushrooms, some eggplant or squash.

Add codfish (my fave!) and garnish with fresh cilantro leaves (unchopped), fresh lime juice and thai basil (flowers or leaves).


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Use those words! I've found that many Spanish-speaking folks talk to me in English once they learn I know a few words. They never know what I'll understand! *ROFL*

Your curry sounds delicious! I love spicy fish dishes.

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I tried that. The two mangrs (a$$ and gen) love to rattle off between their offices and cackle after rattling off really fast.

I hear it and sometimes its important information that would either benefit me in my ojob, or the office in general. Its better if they dont think I understand anything, so they can feel superior to me.

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To people making plans FOR me.  I thought that was gone when DBDB was finally out of our lives.

My girlie friends just automatically figure I am going to drive to EVERY event.  Like cant a girl get to drink more than one glass of champs?  At least this time is not MY birthday.

It is super muggy here on the Jersey coast.  Our comfort food the last few days has been broiled talapia, steamed broc and watermelon salad.  Everything else makes me feel like a whale.

Have a great weekend Steppers Smile


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My girlie friends just automatically figure I am going to drive to EVERY event.

Oh, hell no! You deserve a bottle, at this point. Eff off to people who ASSume! My niece and her idiot boyfriend ASSumed they can hitch a ride with me to a funeral. Nope. I would rather stand in a swarm of black flies for 10 minutes than spend so much as one minute with either of them, much less 4 hours in a car. *dash1*

No decent watermelon in our area yet. Looking forward to it. 

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Eff off:

Polycystic kidneys and hydronephrosis in my poor, sweet, beautiful, spoiled little guinea pig!  This baby has been through more than any guinea pig should.  She had ovarian cysts, I had her spayed.  Last year she had a respiratory infection that I had treated but it moved to her ears and my last vet didn't catch it.  She started losing weight and that imbecile automatically assumed it was a dental issue.  That was the first time I ever met him, as I usually took my piggies to his wife who is co owner of the practice. Despite looking in her mouth and seeing her teeth were fine, he was still convinced that it was an underlying dental issue. Ok, fine,do the X-Ray so you can see that HER TEETH ARE JUST FINE.  X-Ray showed that she had NO dental issue.  They couldn't see any problems anywhere.  (full body X-Ray) Just give her this pain medicine, it could be arthritis. It didn't seem right. 

I switched to the vet I have now, had my old vet send the xrays to her.  She sends them to her mentor who is board certified exotics and is a radiologist.  Oh, she has a double ear infection.  She was in pain for who knows how long, the poor baby.  We treated her. Now this.  She doesn't deserve this.  I know I shouldn't but I feel like I am failing her.  Probably because I can't fix this for her.  Hopefully my vet can fix the hydronephrosis at least.  I've been doing a lot of praying.  Anyone else who is so inclined I would appreciate it. 

Eff off to the heat!  It's already unbearable due to the heat and humidity and summer hasn't hit yet.  Ugh.

Eff off to grass and weeds in my garden that I can't get rid of because it's too freaking hot to be outside more than a few minutes.  

I did discover a tiny watermelon growing so Princess Popcorn will hopefully get to have some watermelon from the garden this year.  It's her favorite food of all time.  Stink Eye Queen and Princess Chunky like it too but they don't go crazy and start screaming like they're starved to death.  

Eff off to the idiots who will inevitably be on the road to get in my way today.  Please just move.  

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Darnit, PetSpoiler  you've been through the wringer! I hope everything works out with Princess Popcorn and she gets her watermelon. {{hugs}}

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When it comes to forn....expensive chef curated dishes are my guilty pleasure. 

And yeah I'm disgruntled these sociopathic employers have everyone brainwashed into their modern day plantation mentality that we look forward to Fridays like a cr@ck fiend looks forward to pulling up to the trap house 

I have had multiple visions of running off from the "sl@ve planatation" in the form of a random no call no show. 

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Most recently - some Lamb Lollipops marinated, seasoned, and grilled to perfection 

Oh my goodness! If only I could cook halfway as good as that .... 

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Eff-0ff to:

1. Yet another former employer.  3mos is my shortest run in my career. I proposed to my boss a month ago that to maximize asset performance we should consider merging Engineeing and Maintenance. I have led very large Asset Management, Maintenance, Reliability, and Engineering organizations.  The company froze hiring a month after I started as a cost savings element.  After approving my staffing model and posting the Reqs.... crickets for weeks after I screened at least 100 resumes, phone screened a dozen+ candidates and initiated offers to 7.  All were frozen after being approved and offers generated.

The company losts it's shorts on a naive selection of an OEM equipment manufacturer that the young engineers and procurement team chose, pre paid in full upfront

for $14Mil in equipment for a $250K discount, and ended up losing the money and the equipment to the OEM going bankrupt. One of my engineers and a production supervisor was at the OEM factory doing the functial demonstration source inspection and got locked into the factory when the Sheriff padlocked the factory.  The company emptied the factory and no one told my team because... they were not employees and the OEM company leaders forget that they were in the OEM factory.  $14Mil down the crapper.   It took a couple hours after calls to the owners of the bankrupt company to get the doors unlocked so my team could get out.

2. Eff-0ff to leading a major contractor initiative and having to be at the plant at 05:00 coordinating a construction contractor filling in a maintenance access pit (part of the prep for the never to be delivered $14mil in equipment) in order to expand 1.0 product production since 2.0 is a pipe dream due to idiocy.  $285K to do the structural work for the crane supports and the pit to start with.  $15K to fill the pit and cap it with concrete. A pit that was never used.  Then having a controls contractor in to verify the root cause of a dust collection system failure that I did the troubleshooting on yesterday.  I have not had my wire head geek tools in hand in decades..... I was right.

So, get Rags in at the butt crach of dawn sweating his ass off in a non climate controlled factory then... fire his ass after a nearly 12hr day.

They hired me to build the systems, practices, and staff managing and maintaining the production assets  then replicate it at future factories. No need for that or me when the leading edge automated manufacturing equipment requiring a state of the art Computerized Maintenance Management System, Work Management System, and Reliability and Asset peformance data systems goes POOF! 

The broad on line scuttlebutt is that the company is on it's way down the crapper. I agree. I knew it was a risk  from my pre accept the offer research.  The product is visionary.  The leaders do not have the business or manufacturing acumen to deliver.  I am the 4th Sr level leader gone since I started on Feb 26th. First was the Engineering Manager (left just before his RSUs vested due to repeated character driven issues demonstrated by the founders), next the largest non founder stock holder who joined the company to lead investor relations (due to moral issues with the misrepresentation the founders are broadcasting the the investor and customer markets), Third the only experience Sr. engineer in the manufacturing engineering team who joined to lead the automation integration of the $14Mil down the shitter automated equipment set, and then ... me. 

3. 110*F+ temps on June 6th.  Pretty early to be nearly in the one teens.


Caprese salad.  When it is hot as hell, a cold light salad is the way we go. Last night I diced Mozzarella balls, cherry tomaties, basil, added Garlic, Herb, Parmesan oil and pizza herb seasoning.  We both enjoyed it very much. 

Here is to once again being a kept man!!!



Update:  I have two interviews on Monday.  I am done with leading horses to water and begging them to drink. Both roles are far Sr. to the role that ended yesterday.

I'm not sure I have another round in me.  Retirement may have started yesterday.


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Take a "gap in between jobs" trip to the central coast. Its 64 degrees and over cast EVERY DAY. Its called June gloom, and makes all the tourists complain. He he.

Sorry you had to go through that for a company that cares eff all about its people.

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Bummer! Certainly sounds like you got out of a sinking ship. Good luck with your interviews. 

Mmmmmm... I do enjoy a good caprese salad! 

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Business wise, they did what I proposed. 

It is what I would have done had I been in the role making the decision though instead of gutting the knowledge leader to continue the established foundering, my intent was to run the integrated org myself. 

The future path map I built and proposed was intended to optimize the opportunity for long term company success by building the foundation of best practices to grow a world class organization.  I am the 5th process focused driver of success that has separated in the 13 weeks since I accepted the offer.  The middle departee was the Investor Relations leader who is also the largest non-founder share holder.  As he departed, he told me he hoped I would be able to implement what I had advised when I was interviewing.  He repeated that experienced leaders are critical to a positive outcome for the company and that I was critical to the security of his investment.  He is a young very capable person of integrity. Integrity is why he left.

4 down, only two left.  Two very capable, experienced, process aligned leaders. In a sea of fantasy and celebrating non-performance as ... getting it done.  The two that are left have their crosses to bear.

A couple of days ago the prime founder had HR call a meeting with very short notice.  An early employee decided to leave for another opportunity.  The gathering was to recognize that departing employee and wish him good fortunes. The prime founder expounded on how the departing team member was energetic and a get it done person.  Then... the march of doom started. Kind of like the opening notes of Beethoven’s 5th.  Prime founder commented 'we need get it done people, not process people. This moved me to action. Just in case.

I expected to be released two weeks ago. I had already packed up the little physical stuff I had at my desk.  After the Prime founder delivered the march of doom to company viability, I cut my work folder from the OneDrive and my work computer hard drive.  Yes, they can recover it if they put some work in, but...... Not likely considering they have no value for anything but getting it done.   I did all the primary work from my external drive. What they can recover is minimal.  My work product was derived from my experience and a ton of development done during prior roles.  I doubt they will even try to recover wat may be left or call me.  Based on the amount of work product prior employees have built that has never been used, they are going to continue to convince themselves they are getting it done.

The start up culture is amplified by the three founders.  The prime founder is a visionary without a grasp of how to manufacture their innovative product using a highly process dependent automated volume production model.  They sell to investors on  claim of automation, that does not exist.  They sell dreams sto the customer market. Dreams that to date have not been sold effectively.  The 4-year lifetime of the company production is in the mid hundreds.  Two thirds of the lifetime production is in two storage lots and cannot be delivered due to a variety of constraints.  There is no capability actually build and deliver the tens of thousands of viable order backlog.

They have been pressuring for KPIs.  The blank stares I repeatedly received when I would ask what data was supposed to be used for the KPIs. Then explain that data comes from performance to a standard using processes and procedures.  No standard, process, or procedure, no data. No data, no KPI.


I truly wanted to believe in the product and in the company concept. As are many of the investors, I am extremely disappointed.

On to the next.