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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers!!! Are you ready for the weekend? Monday is July 4th - a holiday for some of us. Might catch a parade, might watch some fireworks... My Dad and I were reminiscing over a nearby town's annual chicken dinner: half of a small grilled chicken and a carton of milk that was always warm. Blech! 

Eff off to:

  • ASSumptions. Why do people ASSume instead of simply asking? I was tagged to do a project because I have 2 computer monitors. Sure I do. At the office. At home, I'm just like Wendy Whiner: a single monitor. Apparently, WW is too stooooopid to fit two different documents on her screen so she can't do the work. Wendy whined to her boss and Boss Lady asked King Pita for my help. Never mind that I only work 8 hours a day; not 20. Sigh...
  • Super nosy people. A healthy curiosity is a good thing. But trying to pry into other people's business is NOT. Especially when the one prying has a nasty habit of spreading that info around. You want to know what's going on with Sally? Go ask Sally! I'm not your bloody news source. 


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

I couldn't resist the fresh corn at the grocery store. Nom nom nom!!! DH is not a fan of corn on the cob (I am!), so I make a couple of fresh corn dishes that he luuuuuuvs to eat. One is a scramble of corn, chopped bacon, eggs, and goat cheese. (My mouth is watering...) The other is a fresh corn salad that is popular when I take it to barbecues.



  • 6 ears corn, husks and silk removed
  • 3 scallions, thinly sliced crosswise (1/2 cup)
  • 2 Tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • Coarse salt and ground pepper
  1. Remove kernels: Cut off tip of each cob; stand in a wide, shallow bowl. With a sharp knife, slice downward to remove kernels.
  2. To bowl, add scallions, vinegar, and oil. Season generously with salt and pepper; toss to combine. Serve or cover and refrigerate up to 1 day.


Do you have a favorite corn dish?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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I love corn on the cob but have a grandson with braces so I'm always on the lookout for "off the cob" recipes for him.  LOL  I wish I knew how to make what my mom and grandmother called fried corn.  It was hot, creamy, sweet, deliciousness.  I know they made it in a skillet and added a tiny bit of sugar and milk or cream but I think that I'm missing something because mine is never as creamy as theirs.  Why oh why didn't I pay more attention when they were around?  

No EFF OFFs today.  Ready for the long weekend. 

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Betcha it's cream cheese that makes it so creamy. There is a Texas BBQ place famous for their creamed corn. Look up Rudy's creamed corn recipe and you'll find several copycat recipe options. But they all have heavy cream and cream cheese. It's delicious, but not something I feel good about classifying as a vegetable!

No EFFs for me either today. Pretty good week, minor irritations, but overall I'm in a good place.

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I've seen recipes that use cream cheese but I'm pretty sure that is something my southern grandmother had never heard of.  No recipes - no measuring ingredients - just darn good food.  

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That was the first time I'd had creamed corn with cream cheese. And the first one I enjoyed. Likely I've just had some really poopie creamed corn dishes! *ROFL*

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Eff-off to:

Idiots who cannot follow a simple process or well defined sequence of events.  There is a corporate project initiative manager (two levels below me) who is getting all irate because my team keeps forcing him to follow the project process.

Mr. Cranky pants escalated to me. I told him the same thing my team had told him.  I forwarded him the process and added him to the project approval tracker and pointed out the tabs that would link him to the various approvals he would need to get his project approved for my facility.

So, he whined to my Ops partner. Also two levels above the whiner.  My Ops partner forwarded him the same process and tracker that I had sent.  That pissed off  the whiner who called my Ops partner to try to intimidate him into doing what the whiner wanted.

Bad move, my Ops partner told him that the project had zero benefit to Ops and that no one in the facility would support the project equipment installation so the whiner had better hop a flight and come do it himself.  My Ops partner also pointed out that two levels down non facility players would not be tolerated to try to direct their superiors and that any further discussion Mr. Cranky pants wanted to have with either of us would have to come through Mr. Cranky pant's 2nd level manager.

I was a whole lot nicer to the whiner than my Ops partner. But, we both laughed (Ops and I) over the whole thing at our Project approval meeting today.  The whiner was fuming  when he called into the meeting. But he was certainly significantly subdued from his prior approach style.

Tough crap whiner!



No corn for me. Meat and green veg. My insulin pump has an aversion to corn, wheat, sugar, rice, potatos and most things people want to eat but I can't.

That is about it for Rags.

Happy Holiday weekend STalkers. I hope everyone has an enjoyable and drama free 4th celebration.

For our STalker friends over the pond, enjoy your weekend as well.


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The whiner was fuming...

Call the waaaaaaahm-bulance!!! *ROFL*

Rags, I luuuuuv green veggies. Ate out with friends tonight. My entrée came with two sides. I chose asparagus and brussel sprouts!