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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Yep, it's a Friday combo. I'm in an effy mood and craving barbecue. So... 

Eff off to:

  • Zoom. I have been on 23 zoom calls this week. And I was off Wednesday. Only 3 more zooms today! *wacko*
  • King Pita. Pleeeeeeeease take vacation. For a week. Or a month. Maybe an entire year. Your voice is giving me mono.


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. I am craving barbecue. Specifically, ribs that are finished in my secret sauce. And corn on the cob that's dripping with butter. What's your favorite barbecued food?


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Is meat called pork steak. Mine husband grill them, bake in sauce to tender. Good!

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Eff off to people who don't actually know what their job is, much less do it. I work in a highly regulated environment. TWICE this week I had to respond to audit questions that involve people from other areas. "We don't do that" or "we don't require that" were the responses I got. Uhm, YES, you do. It's an overarching Dept of Labor regulation, and not specific to my area. AND, yes, in fact you ARE responsible for these things. I've already warned my boss that I expect an audit finding, but it's not a deficiency in MY area. We found the figgin' problem so somebody should be saying thank you instead of bitching.

People get real tired of me because I point out things that they'd rather not know about. Because then they have to fix them.

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Yep, that's annoying! King Pita is constantly stepping on my toes. I know my job and do it well, but he seems to like double work and effing up his crap attempts to duplicate my work. Asshat.

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EFF OFF to Debbie Downers today.  A few of my friends are for some reason feeling the whole world is full of idiots and just have nothing nice to say.  Just can't today.  Wanna go home and curl up on the couch with DH and watch movies. Phone OFF!

I am on a chinese kick this month.

I would also love to taste every variety of salt out there.  If you have suggestions, maybe even a website, send them to me Smile

Happy Friday!


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oh I love salts.  I went to a 100% salt shop years ago and tasted a bunch. My friends though I was nuts because they couldn't taste the difference - oh there IS a difference.

I like the gray or black salts with red meats.

I don't have a link but I'm sure Google can help!

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Debbie Downers all need to get on an island and stay out of my way. 

Chipotle sea salt. Nom nom nom...

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Eff of to a sick kitty. Well, not the kitty, but the sick.  Poor thing is having vomiting issues (was solved until today) and now likely upper respiratory infection. She sounds so stuffed up and is hacking - which I think triggered gagging and throw up this morning. Ugh. Poor baby.  She's going to the vet AGAIN this afternoon.

BBQ:  Red meat. Steak or burgers!  I made burgers earler this week and now want steak this weekend.

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Aw! Hope kitty is better ASAP!

I love the burgers my DH makes, but he hates to cook. Must write down how he does it before he refuses to make them...

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Well, now we are having a minimal BBQ party with some friends in our C-19 "Bubble."  I'm going to do grilled pork tenderloin and zucchinis.  It's not 'bbq' flavor, but it will be marinated and be salty/smoky.  Speaking of "bubble" I may get some bubbly to go with it....

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Eff off to sh*t news, DH's granmother has been sent home on hospice, due to COVID only DH will be able to make the trip to go see her.
ETA pulled pork nachos are some of my favorite BBQ.

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company that is taking 8 weeks to put in our fence.  Our one dog is a they have to go out on 30 foot leads to run off energy.  ( em..but ya gotta run them out). I now have rope burns on my ankle when dog number 3 wrapped me with his lead.  Ugh...

Eff off to COVID..I AM TIRED OF STAYING HOME AND I'M AN INTROVERT....Ugh...somewhere else besides the walls in my house.  I'm over over over being stuck here.

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8 WEEKS?! Holey old socks!

I'm with you, halo. Drives in the country where I don't see any houses are a big thing with me right now.

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She won her court case. She can now brag about her riches while collecting her child support, and arranging her trips with rando-dudes.

Eff off to illegal campers in my area.

Eff off to wanting a real vacation and only being able to do a "stay cation".

BBQ - I love potatoe salad. Bacon-wrapped scallops with sweet baby rays for dipping.

Grilled peppers, onions and asparagus

Chilled wine. (oh yea we are talking about bbq)

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Well phooey, CLove. TT can suck a big one. Sad

Hey, wine goes with bbq! *give_rose*

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Eff off to those who "run away" every time they hear a truth about themselves they don't like. That will help you go far in life...

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I can't be on 2 Teams calls at the same time.

Eff of to undiagnosed illness in our pets.  I had to say good bye to my sweet sweet baby this week.  I am  beyond sad and battling the black dog everyday.

Eff of to f'ing wiith the post office. 

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Oh, hon, I'm so sorry for your loss. {{{{HUGS}}}}

Overscheduling happens to me 3-5 times a week. 2 of the calls are short (usually less than 5 minutes), but essential AND always start on time. That means folks on the other call can yammer on as usual the first 2-3 minutes, then start talking about their caca (in which I have little interest). I typically miss very little.