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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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TGIF!!! I'm ready for my work day to end so I can do more work! *lol*  Seriously though, you know I love to cook so it's a labor of love. 

Eff off to:

  • Back-to-back zooms. No, KP, I cannot dial into the XYZ zoom. I'm in the middle of a business-critical zoom and I'm the lead. But I can tell everyone something less important has come up... ~eyeroll~
  • People who claim to understand why you're weeks behind on a project - it was only a life-threatening illness - and tell you end of January is fine to complete; then hound you every other day with "Christmas is almost here". Yeah, lady, it sure is. And you'll have to find someone else to make your next set of Memory Bears. I'm booked.. 



'Forn' is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

We've gotten over 25" of beautiful snow in less than a week. DH and I plan to stay home and be cozy all weekend. I'm thinking some Red Wine Beef Stew and a tasty Apple Betty will hit us in the comfort food feelgoods!


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend! *give_rose*


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Eff off to a potential horrid commute home with high winds expected, which could cancel one of my transpo modes home. I'm going to leave early to see if I can beat the incoming storm.

Eff off to DH - !  Last night he took his frustration out on ME. OH, no, you don't. And you can apologize and I can accept your apology but it doesn't mean all is peachy keen instantly. I told him a month ago I don't look forward to Xmas holidays because he's always in a funk (due to OSD17 bday and missing her at Xmas) and it doesn't make things nice for me. He tries to get YSD15 involved but doesn't DO anything or PLAN anything. So this year I just opted out. I'm not directing or going out of my way. I bought one decoration for our front door and THAT'S IT. Nothing else is up or decorated, DH is in a p*ssy mood yet again and I don't even want to bother. DH told YSD that we'd put up the tree when she's at our place next so that would be the weekend before Xmas. Whatever.

Forn:  I'm making a roasted chicken stuffed with cubed potatoes (tiny cubes), green olives and sardines. It sounds very odd but it's one of my favorite dishes. Served with a delicious French white wine; a Montrachet I think - basically it's a Chardonnay.

I miiiiiiight make some holiday cookies but that depends on my mood. I usually make rum balls but I don't want to bother this year so I'm going to make the usual spritz (grandmother's receipe) and a batch of pecan shortbread instead of the rum balls.  My neighbor was visibly upset I wasn't doing it - she's a bit odd and I just told her 'not gonna happen this year.'  Wierdo.

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Stay safe, Cover!!!

Could you have Scott beam over a plate and glass of wine? I'll return the favor tomorrow. *biggrin*

I like rum balls, but prefer bourbon balls. Pecan shortbread is wonderful with coffee. Nom nom nom...

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Oh I think we'd have some amazing dinners. Tomorrow I'm baking sockeye salmon with polenta and greens. Sunday it's the chicken.

Bourbon would be good too. I do use very, very good rum tho. I think I'll ma kk e a rum drink tomorrow with what's left from last year (not a big hard alcohol drinker).

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Salmon.... yum!

I need to find a good recipe for bourbon balls. Biggrin

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Eff off to having to do other people's work for them.  Eff off to people thinking that they can just let things drop.  Eff off to office politics.


Smoked salmon salad with mini potatoes, eggs, etc.  Like a Tuna nicoise but with Wild smoked salmon.  That is my offering to the weekend. 

DH is doing lasagna Sunday.  I'm like Garfield with lasagna.  I'll have to try to be good.

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That smoked salmon salad sounds delicious, TASM!

In our house,, I'm the lasagna maker and DH is Garfield. *lol*

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My mother ships the salmon to me for special occassions like birthdays and holidays.  It is excellent and reminds me of special family get togethers.

I can make lasagna but DH is very proud of himself for having figured out how simple it is to make from scratch recently so I let him show-off his new skills.

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Nice! The only thing my DH does in the kitchen is get in my way sniffing and asking for a taste of something. *lol*

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Mr TASM is very domesticated.  And he loves cleaning.  *ROFL*

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Mr Aniki doesn't love cleaning, but he does a good job. Thankfully, I love cooking and have yet to tire of it. 

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F off to epic rainfalls. My province is in a state of emergency and gas is actually being limited on how much you can buy per visit. 

DD21 comes home from uni today. She requested that I make spaghetti. Hers will be vegan but DH's and mine will have meat sauce. I got some freshly shaved parmesan too. None of us have had a good feed of home cooked spaghetti in ages. 

More rain is coming and we don't know if the state of emergency will be extended or not. It probably will because it just won't stop raining. In the meantime we'll be all cuddled up in our warm home with nice hot spaghetti. 

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Evil, I think we are in the same region - that storm coming in is supposed to be another doozy.  I'm horrified for you and everyone where you are. In my lifetime it's not been seen so bad.

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Yes, we're in the same region.

I've lived here for decades and have never seen anything like it. 

Thank you

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Eff off to global warming. Its really giving us havoc.

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Thank you!

Yes, pasta is definitely comfort food in our house. LOL!

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Eff off to DH and his kids. I know, I know, that's what this whole community is about. After 16 years of marriage, and lots of years together before that, he still keeps secrets until the last minute so he doesn't have to deal with my "drama." MY drama.

DH has had some health issues, but we got the all-clear for him to travel. He hasn't seen his kids in two years, so we're off to Skidville for Christmas again. 800 mile roundtrip that I hate. Yesterday I found some decent flights for a decent price. I told DH about it last evening to confirm dates. Oh well NO, that doesn't work because he and SD changed our arrival until AFTER Christmas so that SS could be there too. SS has OTHER THINGS to do and can't come in to see his old Dad for reasons unknown.

Me: DH, I spent time and energy looking at flights based on what you and I discussed. And yet you and SD changed plans without even telling me? We've NEVER gone after Christmas.

DH: deer in headlights

Me: You and SD can keep your little secrets all you want, but not when I'm involved. Who are you married to? Her, or me?

DH: But it's not LIKE that. This is DIFFERENT.

Me: And I'm calling BS on that one right now. I have to check my work schedule and various other things in MY life to see if I can even DO those dates.

I'm half tempted to put DH on the plane to Skidville and kiss him goodbye. But my DD lives nearish and I'd miss seeing her.

I've bitched about this before, but I do NOT understand why the burden is all on DH (and therefore me) to accommodate his kids. It's like they'll see him if it is convenient, and not if there are inlaws or friends or work or something else they think is more important. Makes me so mad.

Forn: I'm in cookie production mode, my happy place. Sugar cookies and chocolate peppermint and lemon cream cheese are done. Cranberry meringues and at least one more that I haven't decided on still to come.

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Personally, I would just buy myself tix to go when I could and wanted to and DH can figure out his own travel plans.

I'd love to bake more for the holidays.  I do two different cookies and pretty much give them away since DH and YSD don't eat them. I have NO IDEA WHY. YSD because she's got issues, but DH likes cookies. So I ignore them. This year I told DH I'd make a traditional creme roll with chocolate cake, vanilla creme filling and a chocolate coating, very British. He said he'd like that but if he ends up not eating any I'll smush it over his head I swear.

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One year, I took off 3 days of work and baked 12 hours a day for a family reunion Christmas. Oh, my aching feet! I ran out of flour (psycho exh actually hid the bag to gaslight me) and threw a coat over my long, batter-splattered apron for an emergency grocery run. Complete with flour dusting my nose. *blush*

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~smacks Merry's DH in the back of the head~

Cookie swap!!! I'll swap you money for some of those cookies. *biggrin*

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1. Toxic Troll. I despise her and her being activated against us.

2. Eff off to Missed school because now Sd has to do a half day saturday and its on us or nothing. And Sd will have to stay (ruin) my Friday night because its an early day tomorrow. For Husband.

3. Eff off to skids who think its ok to riffle through your stuff to find something thats not theirs and not asking.

FORN. Sushi/sashimi tonight


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My Dad would've handed my arse to me for 2 and 3. NO KEY. Especially for your things which will soon be going under lock and key... Wink

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Im baking for christmas after work today. Tis the season to throw away the scale  Smile



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My doctor commented on me losing weight during the holiday season. Answer: covid. 

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I know its hard but you have to eat. It took me ages after covid to get taste and smell back hence no appetite. 


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Believe me, I eat. Not eating as much and still cannot eat bread. Sucks because I'm craving a grilled cheese!

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All this talk of cookies and I'm needing to back off on the sugar.  Stupid anxiety and panic attacks!  I've noticed that sugar can make things worse for me.  Some days I can eat it and I'm fine but others I have problems.  

Here's my contribution to eff off Friday:

EFF OFF to death!  I am so sick of it!   Sadly we lost Queen Squeaky on Monday.  She was getting better in terms of diarrhea after the probiotic finally came.  Then she started losing her mobility around Friday.  I took her to the vet who was absolutely no help at all.  She would seemingly get better then worse.  I was offering her water and hay frequently and did my best to keep her clean.  She was unable to get around well so when she would pee or poop some was getting on her.    She was eating and drinking too.   Then by Monday I knew she wasn't going to be here much longer.  I checked my DD out of school so she could be here to tell her goodbye.  We took turns holding Queen.  We told her we loved her and both cried our eyes out.  This one was hard.  I was reminded for the second time this year what the hardest part of owning a much loved pet is:  when they leave you.  It really hurts.  We miss her terribly.  DD hasn't mentioned anything about getting another guinea pig.  We still have the two princesses who have each other so there's no hurry to get one.  We rushed out and got them so Queen Squeaky wouldn't be lonely after Queen Biter died.  Twerp seems ok for the most part but I think Popcorn misses Squeaky.  They seem to have recovered from their respiratory infection.  

Eff off to the second vet who saw Queen.  I have no confidence in him anymore.  All he could say was give her pain meds and he mentioned possibly having her put to sleep.  My dh is not happy either and wants me to find a new vet.  I tend to agree.  I love one of the vets there but there is no guarantee that she would be there every time the princesses need care.  It's hard to find an exotics vet though.  They're expensive too.  

Eff off to anxiety and panic attacks.  They're worse again since losing Queen Squeaky.  

Eff off to traffic. 

Eff off to the storms coming in tonight and tomorrow.  Don't you know my husband has another tree to cut up?  They're clearing the land next to us and he knows the guy who is doing the clearing.  He pushed some trees over to our property so my husband can cut them up for firewood.  I like having a stockpile in case the power or heat goes out.  Not that it's been that cold here in the southeast but we got it if we need it.  

Eff off to my cholesterol.  It's going up.  It's not terrible, it's 236, but I know when I see my doctor next week he is going to mention it.  And eff off to possible anemia?  Blech.  

I don't really have any Forn to share today because I don't cook on weekends.  We get takeout on Fridays.  A grilled wrap from Chick fil A sounds good.  Or a sub from Subway.  

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Eff off to work and looming year end reporting.

Forn: simple and fast, but delicious. Fry some ground beef, drain most of the way, add 1/2 sliced onion, cabbage (small to medium head chopped), slightly more than 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning, can of tomatoes with juice. Simmer until it's done - you will know when it's done. I like serving with corn cornbread. Which takes about the same time to cook. 

It is Christmas cookie weekend at my house also! I am trying to keep the list trim this year....but there are just certain cookies I have to make. It just doesn't feel right without!

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End of year work = Ugh.

That sounds yummy! Haven't had cornbread in forever.

What kind of cookies? Don't tease, woman!

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Sugar cutouts, ginger, white chocolate cherry shortbread, pecan horns (like mini double crusted pecan pies!), Noel cookies (kindof like jam thumbprints) date balls, orange spirits, lemon pistachio leaves, and also chocolate truffles. 

The cabbage skillet turns out so much better than you would think. My older son that doesn't like cabbage gobbles it up. 

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I'm ready to get slightly sick from coffee and too many cookies, you baking goddess!!!

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Eff off to my SO trying to meddle in my relationship with my sister's kids. The other night, my dad was talking about my sister's 9-year-old daughter's behavior problems and how nobody can deal with her, etc. Yesterday, my SO started talking to me about how he can't believe my sister and I don't "take each other's kids" more. He thinks I should commit to watching my sister's daughter and her 6-year-old son for a week as a Christmas present. He thinks we should start tomorrow, asking them to let the kids come to an entertainment place with us, his kids, and his nephew. I told him no, my sister and I don't have that kind of relationship (we do help each other when needed or asked), and why the fk does he suddenly want us to care for them after hearing about my niece's behavior problems? Does he not have enough drama with his own kids and family? I told him i think he is attracted to drama like a moth to a flame. 

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Gadzooks! Moth to a flame, indeed. May I smack him with a flyswatter? *dash1*