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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday has finally arrived and the weekend officially begins in 6.33 hours. Because I am NOT working one effing minute past my End of Day time. I've had enough aggravation this week.

Eff off to: 

  • Zooms. Today will be super fun! I have overlapping zooms that are all REQUIRED. Someone please explain how I can be in two places at once?
  • Not having my car. It's at the dealer because the lift gate isn't latching. Under warranty (phew!) AND I could drive DH's car, but his seat is conformed to his sexy butt and I'd have to make multiple adjustments to be comfortable. I miss minun Sininen Salamointi. 
  • Effing menopause and the increase of facial hairs. Dontcha just luuuuuuuvvvv ingrown beard hairs? I'd rather have hot flashes for the rest of my life than be the effing Bearded Lady. Gaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
  • That never-popular effer, King Pita. I was talking and that effing effer interrupted me. Nothing new. But Evil Aniki was still on her first cup of coffee and got out of her cage and simply started TALKING LOUDER and did not stop until KP finally shut the eff up. Rude, arseholey effhead. Bad Aniki. BAD!


  • ETA: Eff off to sitting on a zoom call listening to two sounds: breathing and typing. That's right, folks. No shared screen; just breathing and typing. For 67 MINUTES. *dash1*


This is going to be a 2-pot kinda day!


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend. *give_rose*


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Yes to those damn chin hairs!!!   UGH

Eff Off to the boss that wants us now to do zoom calls with our clients.  They don't want to get dressed either, stop pushing the issue!

Good thing is DH and I get our Covid shots today.  Nervous as hell, but hopefully it is a good thing.

Happy Weekend xo


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I have some real dumb ones today.

Eff off to ANTS.  It's been raining and a little warmer, so the battle begins.  I have my diatomaceous earth ready.

Eff off to my splitting fingernails.  Our dishwasher is on the fritz and I don't want to replace it until we remodel the kitchen so I am doing them by hand (which is fine, not a big deal).  But Little Kitty, being the weird street urchin he is, has decided to likes to chew on latex dish gloves so now I need to buy new ones and lock them up so he doesn't play stupid games and win an emergency trip to the vet when he swallows some.

And a real one:

Eff off to enmeshment and dysfunction.  Too much to type out but I think YSS is starting to see it and it's going to be a hell of a journey for a young person like him.

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My dear Gimmy, no eff off is dumb if it's grating on your nerves. Or giving them a little twang. 

Happy insect season! And people bash me for loving Winter. What's not to love? No ants, mosquitos, deer flies, no-see-ums, etc...

Oh, Little Kitty, you little shi'thead! >^..^<

Thankfully, YSS has you and your DH to help him with that hellacious journey. <3

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COVID vaccine tomorrow...woohoo...even though I actually got this plague after a year at home.  

EFF people that just refuse to do their job.  Halo's halo sits a bit scewed and she is NOT the nice person on our team.  Halo is the hammer they send in when they want the message to be swift and blunt.  yet continually the effers call me to "help" aka do their jobs. Why.....we have surmised it is because I am female and they "think" they can get me to do their work. not gonna happen and there is no amount of "do the needfull" that is going get Halo to do their work.  So EFF OFFFF already...and take a hint or the blunt force...which ever.

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Halo, my halo is a bit crooked because I wasn't paying attention when I slapped it on my horns... *diablo*

I wish you could hammer KP into silence.

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To piss poor communication. 
OMG my boss had 5 ... F.I.V.E. Of us unknowingly working on the same tasks. For the love of God! We were getting quotes and overlapping and holy Batman I wanted to scream when 2 or 3 of us figured it out! So inefficient. 

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Eff off to stupid people who state something like it's the absolute truest truth in the world and yet is completely wrong.

Eff off to ankle pain that keeps me off my spin bike.

Soooo need a cocktail today!

TGIF everyone

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Oh, those stupid effers.

Name your poison, doll. Aniki's Bar is always open! After that crappy zoom, Evil Aniki is thinking about adding a splash of Bailey's Almond Milk Liqueur to her coffee. *drinks*

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Though a little Baileys in my morning java is not a bad idea at all!

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That would be awesome.  I'd want to see that!

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amount of traffic I know we are going to have to battle in a few hours to go south on 95 what normally takes 1.5 - 2 hours max is probably going to take more like 3 or even has taken 4. Ugh, not excited, but am excited this is the last holiday weekend of having to deal with the DC area holiday traffic!

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Who tell clients things they have no business even talking about, then pissing the client off, when I am the relationship manager.  It's been a week of damage control, although at least thankfully even my boss said he's pissed off at co worker for me.  

And what the hey - eff off to eldest SD who is now living with us until she goes back to university in person in the fall.  It's a way longer story than I want to talk about now, but I still dont trust her and am not thrilled.  But due to circumstances, I agreed to this.  I really just want her not running all over Until we can get our Covid shots, but Dadeee doesn't know how to tell her.  He is at least making her go for a Covid test each time she does go running around.

Thanks Aniki for keeping these going!

Happy weekend to all! 

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Dang, that's ballsy! In my work, people who piss off the client are looking for work soon after. 

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That happened with my company!  Here, I've gotten a half hearted apology and then they ran away....

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EFF off to.....

I know, 2nd level authentiaction is good. But when you are an administrator doing administrative tasks for a manager and need to log in as them, becuase the admin tasks are STILL under only their authority and having to coordinate getting a passcode from said manager w/in 10 minutes of logging in....and all this is um, NOT effecient. Hey, application makers, if it's clealy administrative give the admin direct access! 

Yes, those hairs!  Aniki I am half Finn and half SE European by I've got almost no leg or arm hair but have had chin hairs since I was in my 20s. And they don't stop. I was getting electrolysis but then COVID. Now there's no place near me for this treatment - it's the only thing that works. I'm now diligent in checking and plucking for now.  Sad


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Cover, that sounds like such a cluster-eff!

I wanted to try laser hair removal, but have too many white/blonde hairs so it won't work. Electrolysis sounds ouchie! I check and pluck DAILY and swear there are times it feels like some of those effing hairs pop out 3 seconds after I finish plucking. Argh! Add the fact that mine like to grow under the skin and look like a pimple before they surface. I have worse acne now than I did as a teenager. *dash1*

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Electo is no worse than plucking.  They can alter the strength too so it can be more/less painful so it's "meh" - I just would avoid the pre-period times if you can.  Take two advil about 30 min before apptointment. It's PERMANENT. I need to get back there....

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Eff off to people trying to invite themselves over and to do things,  my boss not letting my get stuff done, things contstantly breaking around the house, and my dog being an escape artist.

But there's positives too.  So that's all I got right now Smile

miss you all! <3

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Invite themselves over. Oh hell NO! We're very private people and the only people who come over are SS18 and my sister - and that's rare since SS18 has basically been doing his own thing (and working) since he turned 16 and got a car. 

Focus on the positive, darlin'! xoxo

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To return to the job (where I was told recently that I didn't merit an out of title pay raise) as my work continues to pile up and nobody wants to do it in my absence.

My wrist still hurts and is swollen with a "fracture callous" bump clearly visible.   My shoulder ( rotator cuff) is also sore.  Yeah it's been almost 8 weeks, however I'm no spring chicken (60 and with osteopenia).  I was also told to return the no fault insurance's compensation for lost wages (approx 75% of my net income) because they accidentally sent out my full short term disability pay.  They are very aware that I'm receiving this no fault compensation and exactly how much it is. 

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Oh, I think your HR department needs to majorly eff off, thrice! Effers.

I'm sorry you're still in pain. *give_rose*