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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! This has been a week of Mondays Every.Single.Day. I've started the past two workdays with 6am zooms. UGH. *dash1*

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. Welcome back to the top of the list, you asshat. Forwarding me an email I already receive (and have told him no less than a dozen times) with "Aniki, do you send out XYZ?" Only every Friday for the last two YEARS, you twunty pinhead. Over half of the team is complaining (to me) about you and your idiocy. Pretty sure the others are beeyotching to one another. If this was a pirate ship, there'd be mutiny afoot. Please take a 30-lb Xanax and calm the eff down. Better yet, please just bloody well quit.
  • Princess Tiara (who is a male prima donna). Learn some damn manners. It's considered polite to let others finish speaking before you start your blathering (and sighing and whining and huffing). When two people are talking at the same time (on zoom), Charlie Brown's teacher is more intelligible. How on earth can your wife tolerate your overly dramatic personality? I pray your children do not inherit your traits.
  • BioHo. Yes, I know my DH is not answering your calls or texts. What you want is not skid-related. You get the same response from me: ~crickets~


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend! 


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with the micro managing and re-asking things that are done the same way week after week and asking questions that have already been answer MANY MANY times. 

Eff off to BM lying again on something that is effecting DH and I now. While DH was deployed the second time, BM "rescued" a dog and told DH she was up to date on shots and spayed. When DH separated from BM he took the dog with him and since has become our dog. She has never bled so it seemed like BM's account of the dog being spayed was truth. Well I just had our vet look at her yesterday because now we have an intact male dog and guess what? The dog is NOT fixed. Both DH and I should of been smarter and had that checked years ago because she can't tell the truth to save her life, but we didn't have a male puppy at the time and both of us thought a dog had to bleed when in heat. Well, according to the vet, not all female dogs bleed so now we need to spend a minimum of $600 to get her spayed before her next heat cycle. Yay. Literally cannot understand why someone who lie about such a thing. DH and I should of known better and been more responsible, but it is what it is.

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Evil Aniki would like to slap your BM so hard, that rescue has not yet been born. I have zero tolerance for irresponsible pet owners. *diablo*

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pet owner and so does DH because we didn't check earlier knowing her history of lies, but between her telling DH she was spayed and her not bleeding, we assumed which was the wrong move. 

None of us can figure out what the reason was for lying about her being spayed though. SD did tell me a story in the car yesterday about that the current dog basically saying they found the dog tied to a tree and took her... I was like oh okay. It isn't nice to tie a dog to a tree and left it at that, but I do wonder if the dog wasn't from a rescue shelter like she claimed to DH because usually from what I know they don't let people take them home until they are fixed.

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Just should know to EXPECT it all to be a lie and can't trust even the simpliest of things she says!


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Sounds like she'd deny flatulence when - in reality - she actually shat herself.

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Oh that PITA. Glad its friday for ya.

Eff off to shitty people, eff off to illness, eff off to the ones who just cant live in peace.

Have an awesome weekend 

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Stepdrama2020, PITA is right. In caps and should be in bold, too!

Hope your weekend is awesome!

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I hate micromanagers, they bring me out in a rash.

I had a colleague who was in the same team as me but did an entirely different job. He used to try to micromanage my work via email (because he was too scared of me to attempt it in person) and always copied the boss as if he was trying to show how good he'd be as my manager (sigh). I generally ignored his emails until one day things came to a head. He sent me an email asking, in a very paternalistic manner, if I had put the file he emailed me in a safe place (WTF?!) and I replied with "Why, did you lose the original?" The boss stepped in and told him to knock it off  (that is the politest way of expressing what happened - he was sick of receiving all his inane emails too). 

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Winterglow, I am literally broken out with stress hives. Three people suggested day drinking before 10am. It has been a shite day.

If only KP was not our boss! I doubt his boss would tolerate being copied on every email that goes to KP. He'd likely put a stop to that within the first hour. *shok*

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The solution isn't drinking - it's choosing a handful of friends, a good restaurant, and taking ALL of your lunchbreak to enjoy it. I have tested this and it truly helps change your afternoon mood :)  When we couldn't go out, we'd order in a truckload of sushi and lock ourselves into the biggest office we had between us. 

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If only! We're still WFH, so no option to go out (and we're scattered, so meeting up would include too much travel time). 

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EFF OFF to kitties getting older. I just lost my beloved baby girl in November, now her brother, darling baby boy has been diagnosed with kidney disease and has likely 3-6 months max. He's outwardly healthy now, but his levels are high and vet was not optimistic about time frame. I am very sad and I think he knows I'm hurting because he's been glued to me. I've been giving him lots of kissed and extra cuddles during the day. 

Secondary Eff Off, which I have now decided to disengage from, to the person I supervise.  She does NOT get along with one of the persons she supports - who admittedly is difficult - but she refuses to learn from me and MY boss. She does not want to change, doesn't see the point of training and let me tell you, tells me crazy things in our official meetings - which of course I document. She's not even been here a year.  Part of this job is customer service (high level) and that was clearly explained in her interview (the result of which I did NOT want to hire her and outlined why...which has all come true).  So as of last week I dropped the rope. I will manage her current situations and if she has more issues with that person then we'll deal with it but no more discussion with her or offering help. I will be telling my boss this in our next meeting. I think she'll quit anyway - if she lasts a year I'll be surprised. She could be good if she'd lose her attitude of "I'm not changing for ANYBODY - take it or leave it."  WHO says that regarding their job requirements??!!

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Aw, Cover. It sucks something fierce. Almost 5 years later and my heart still aches over the loss of my darling Mr. P.

WTH. She should be fired, IMO. That should be considered equal to do one's job and grounds for termination. 

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Yeah, but I'm not "manager" so I don't have hire/fire approvals.  I can nakedly give my boss feedback though. She's kind of done with it too. She has a 6 month goal session with me at the end of the month and then if she's still here her annual review which I will ding her on.

And at my workplace they hardly ever fire anyone. The person has to do something really, really terrible or abandon their job (someone in another department just did this!  They used up all their vacation time, then never came back to work and then collected their salary!  I think that maybe they are terminated now??? But even that person's manager never knew what his status was!!! Unbelieveable!)

I'm just heartbroken. It's likely to be two kitties gone within a year.  Sad

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My workplace rarely fires anyone either. We have some real 'winners', y'know? 

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Eff off to SD22 is home for Spring break and already annoying the crap outta me. If she were a nicer, better, different person I would probably have a lot more tolerance for the small stuff.

Things that are already annoying the crap out of me:

  • Using her babytalk voice with DH
  • Know-it-all comments about how children in poverty striken areas of 3rd world countries have the same 1st world options as spoiled kids like her do. "Some (poverty level) kids just decide they want to be vegetarians" No B*yatch ... they don't, they eat what they have because that's all they have ...
  • leaving clutter
  • washed her own dishes (I know, she gets a gold star) by hand but they're still filthy - nasty food left on her fork. So gross! How do you do that? We have a dishwasher, just put your dishes in the god-damn dishwasher if you can't even wash a fork properly
  • inserting what BM said and what BM did into every conversation
  • grew out her pit and leg hair and now walks around in shorts and tanks like a dark-haired wooly mammoth - eww

And last but not least, I can't talk to DH about any of it because I know if roles were reversed I wouldn't want to hear a petty laundry list of my own children's flaws --- even though my own children don't do any of this crap. So you all get to hear me b*tch about it here.


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B*tch away, Elea! That's why we're here. Sounds like DH needs to take over dishwashing duty AND school SD on that BM-in-every-conversation caca. Gads.

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Bratty did that too.  And wore tank tops.  So gross!

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with hygiene in general. Going off to college has not improved her antisocial ways, especially since she got to hole herself into her own filthy room for 2 years due to Covid.

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Eff of to this entire week. My dad passed away unexpectedly on Monday and there is so much to take care of along with my kitten having to be stiched up the same day my dad passed . She is now in this cone and I have my dads cat now also. Plus work is so busy. So there is no time to grieve. Cover1w sorry about your kitty I now have an extra one if you want her. Lol.

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I hope you manage to carve some time out of your schedule to mourn your dad.

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Oh, Crr18, Sweetie,

So sorry about the demise of your Father! My own beloved Dad is in his 90’s and his failing health is a constant worry; I can’t even imagine what I’d do without him. Ouch!

There are so many other pressures/stresses in your life at the moment (I’ve read your comments) that you’re ‘postponing’ your sorrow, a bad idea. Allow yourself some time to grieve! Time to back off from the aggravations and responsibilities of your home/job and be kind to yourself. 

All the best and a thousand ((((HUGS))))

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Thanks Grannyd . I have had so much loss in my life my mom 5 years ago, my husband 2 1/2 years ago , a very close cousin a year ago I,and now my dad( but he missed my mom so much that I am sure he is with her now)  They say God doesn't give you more than you can handle but it sure seems like it . Prayers for you , your dad , and your family.  Time together is precious. 

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Eff off to the misogynistic a*hole of a salesman I had to deal with today.

I'll set it up for you. I'm the lead on cybersecurity project.  I'm not an IT person but do know what needs to be in place for various federal compliance requirements. We're looking for some specialized project management tools.

For our first Zoom meeting, the Sales Dude had to end early to take another call. My business isn't important enough to keep your calendar clear? Ohhhkaaaay.

Then today, our second meeting, I added our tech support guy to the call. Sales Dude shows up in a football jersey. That set me off -- but maybe I'm just old and professionalism isn't a thing like it was. The sales pitch proceeds. Dude stops for questions, "Mr Tech Support, do you have any questions?" He does, and asks it. Sales Dude responds and moves on. Hey, wait, I have a question too. Dude is visibly surprised that I do.

Then we talk about price. Dude wants to know who makes the procurement decision. He assumes it's my Tech Guy. Dude. No? Then it must be another guy not on the call. Dude, did you look at my title? Learn anything about me? Listen to anything I said? Obviously not. And then he guesses I like shopping so vounteered to do this for the team.

What The Actual F here?

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Oh wow - I'd be livid.  I hope that it's not your only option and if so, once the purchase is done give him and his supervisors a review of your experience noted above.

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If you have to purchase this product can you get the company to change your account over to another sales person before you sign the contract, explaining that the behaviour of the current guy isn't tolerable.  Then maybe the commission for the sale won't go to a complete @sshole.

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I'd go a step further and tell the company I want the product beforehand. "I like your product, BUT..." and tell them about said arsehole.

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So many effs and so little time.

  • Eff off to DH who has the WORST cold.  Has been testing for Covid but coming up negative.  We are due to get on a plane next week to go to see my family.  He better get better and not infect me.  I'm currently hiding from him in my office to avoid the germs
  • Eff off to people at work who mistake me asking for something to be done politely as it being optional.  I had to bring out the nasty TASM this week and I don't like doing it.  Can't they just be grown up and realise that something we are legally obligated to do takes precidence over everything else?  Can't rearrange your team catch up calls to do serious overdue work - STFU and do what I've told you to do.
  • Second Eff off to people at work who don't do what they have been asked to do.  I will now have to take my devices on holidays and do at least 3 mornings of meetings.  Luckily Mr TASM has the patience of a saint.
  • Eff off to Covid.  Even though I'm still going to where my family live I may not be able to see my sister, BIL and nieces as they have Covid in the house currrently.  Fingers crossed they start testing negative soon.

F0rn wasn't requested this week but I'm going to share this anyway.

Since Mr TASM is a coughing maniac I made tomato chili soup.

  • Onions, garlic, scotch bonnet chili (or what ever version you have around or chili flakes if no fresh chilies). Sweat for 5 min
  • Add a tin of chopped tomato, salt, pepper, oregano, pinch of sugar
  • Heat through
  • Blitz
  • Pour into two bowls and sprinkle over shaved parmesan and chopped fresh basil
  • Hope the heat from the chilies speeds up the recovery from the cold and cough *dirol* 

This takes minutes to prepare and is so much nicer than any store bought soup.

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I want some of that soup!!! Fingers crossed Mr. TASM gets well.soon and you stay healthy. 

What a bunch of poopheads. I'd be bloody annoyed at having to work during my vacation because of their idiocy. 

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Thanks Aniki.  You can come around for soup whenever you like.  Everytime I make this lazy soup, DH and I can't believe how lovely it is for so little effort.*give_rose*

I'm crossing my fingers for the trip too.

And the silly poopheads are too dumb to realise that I have input into their performance appraisal scores plus I can effectively blackball them from future career enhancing special projects.  Dumb dumbs.

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I'd love to come around! Would like to make that soup with some chunks of whitefish or shrimp (majorly craving both right now).

Very dumb indeed!!

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I am laughing with you right now. Been there. I highly recommend these silly coping strategies for dealing with skids that have bad manners:

A: Flask full whisky to sip on during family vacays. Don't let the hubby have any. He needs to be sober to suffer the full effect of his children.

B. KRON Strawberry Bliss CBD/THC gummies. I am a lightweight living in a weed state, so I take full advantage of the soccer mom dosage of MaryJ. It just helps me stop worrying long enough to go to sleep so I can face another day of this nonsense.

C. Take up a new and frightening yet cathartic hobby like knife-throwing or going to the handgun shooting range. (Take ALL safety precautions - especially if there are small kids in your home. ) Its great when your husband pisses you off and you say "Bye hon. Have fun with the dishes. I am going to the range."

D. Buy a coloring book full of creative swear words, and color it while listening to AC/DC on headphones at the dinner table. Act like nothing is wrong, since DH refused to acknowledge ANYTHING IS WRONG. 

E. Insist on driving on family vacay and hit a pothole or take a sharp turn every time a skid whines or says something rude.

F. If you've asked the skids to pick up their barbies out of the yard and they leave them out there for a week in a puddle, throw them away. When they ask where their barbies are say "Where did you leave them?" If they say "the yard" you say "I know, that's why they molded and now they are in the landfill. When you learn to show respect for your things,  then I will buy you some more."

G. Stop on the way home from work and get an ice cream cone or your favorite donut. Sit in the car and eat it while talking shit about your life with your friend on bluetooth. Cry. Get yourself together. Go home and say you got stuck in traffic. Sit at dinner (if you didn't miss it) and relish that you missed out on most of the "before dad gets home bullshit" that you usually have to deal with. When DH says "I came home and the house was a mess and the kids were hungry...." Say "Looks like you did a fine job of making Mac n Cheese and cleaning up. Problem solved!" Smile and walk away.


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I am LOL at family vacation. We planned one which BioHo intentionally sabotaged. DH never tried to plan another one.

I stopped cooking for the skids when they were being little buttheads. DH would microwave some stuff or bake a frozen pizza while I ate steak, shrimp, crab, homemade mini pizza... Funny thing is now the skids LOVE my food!