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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Sorry I've missed EOF the last couple of weeks. Things have been hectic.

Eff off to:

  • Cancer. We said goodbye to DH's aunt. He was able to spend some time with her before she passed, then go through all of the visitation/funeral biz. It was rough on DH's mother to lose her sister. DH and his mother are not close, but he's been there for her as much as possible. He's a wonderful son and a wonderful, loving, caring man. 
  • Goodbyes. I took my Dad and SM to the airport today (flying back to FL). Yes, I can still talk to Dad on the phone, but I'm 110% Daddy's Girl and I miss being in his presence. Bawled all the way home. 
  • King Pita. I'm off today and that effer had the nerve to call and ask if I could dial into a Zoom. I let that call go to voicemail. He can suck it.


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

Peaches are in season. IMO, the BEST peach is one so ripe, you bite into it and have juice run down your arm to your elbow before you catch it. DH swears I make the best peach pie he's ever had. I got enough to make that pie AND to make myself a steak, bleu cheese, peach-jalapeño salad. 

How do you like peaches?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend! 


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I will be there Saturday evening for a steak salad and peach pie slice(s)!

I hope it's cooler than the Satan's asshole I have been experiencing in the south the last several months. 

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C'mon up!

Low 70s today, mid 80s tomorrow, 90 on Sunday. I'll need a good dip in Lake Superior!

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with brown sugar  love them.

Sorry about your DH's aunt 

Eff off to all the skids, bm's, family who make life so hard on the SM. 


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Baked peaches with brown sugar? Will have to try that!

Thank you, Stepdrama2020. 

I'll second that eff off.

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Eff off to cancer, for sure. Always.

Eff off to no smell or taste for 12 weeks, now. On one hand, I have lost weight, since eating is kind of gross without being able to taste, on the other hand, it's frustrating. I'll see a recipe and think, "Oh, that sounds good!" But, no point in going through the trouble of making something that I can't taste.

I like my peaches with a little crunch. Since I can't taste anything, texture is all I have!

Peach-jalapeño salad sounds awesome. Someday. Maybe.

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Yes, I've read about retraining and I've been using essential oils. I can sometimes smell if it's a very strong smell and if I put it right up to my nose. I can't taste, at all.

I assume Covid. DH got really sick but tested negative so when I got sick, I didn't get tested. When I lost my taste and smell, I figured it was because of the congestion and it would come back in a couple of days but NO.

I have faith that they will both come back, eventually. 

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I limited myself to lavender (local produce), fresh lemon, and espresso. It took time but I got there. I was like you, I only had texture. One of the local bakers does the most delicious sausage rolls in very buttery puff pastry. I knew that I was on the mend when I could taste the pastry again and not just the flakiness. 

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A long time. Beyond 6months ... but I am now back to almost normal. To be honest, I could have been a "nose" in the world of perfume and now I am just ordinary. Drives me nuts but at least I can taste and smell. 

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Having thought about it, I am not sure how long it took because it was pretty gradual. OTOH, I was 6-9 months with no smell or taste before I started.

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Aw, hereiam, Hon,

Losing one's sense of smell and taste sounds awful! My baby sis had the same problem and, although it was nearly 2 months before the misery resolved itself, her senses did return. On the plus side, my sister, like you, lost weight; clouds, silver lining and all that. Don't despair!

Ani, I just took peach brown betty out of the oven and plan to serve it with vanilla ice cream as soon as it cools a bit. Oh, nom, nom, nom! Also enjoyed a dinner of fresh corn on the cob and new potatoes rolled in butter, garlic and sea salt, decorated with a dollop of sour cream. Come on over! Wink

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Yes, I'm looking on the bright side, Granny!

Although not being able to taste is very frustrating and makes eating unpleasant, not being able to smell is very odd (I had a very sensitive nose) and would be concerning, long term. Not being able to smell a gas leak and stuff like that. But, since I can sometimes smell strong scents, lately, I think it will eventually come back.

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That peach sounds lovely, and the pie too!  So sorry for your loss. My sis died of cancer and its the worst. 

I am a daddy's girl, too, so I understand. I recently took my 80 year old dad fishing, at our old fishing spot. He has parkinsons so he has a walker but he can still cast the perfect cast! We had the best time, and I hope we can do it again soon. 

King Pita is a douche, and douches do as douches will. Like you said, just let him talk himself blue in the face to your voicemail, while you enjoy some peach pie! 

Yesterday I was at work, and I had had a fight with my DH the night before, so I was a little bit touchy. I am a dispatcher, and this driver tried to yell over the top of me on the phone while I was trying to give him instructions. I snapped and yelled into the phone "Come inside the building to my office, NOW!"  I slammed the phone down. He came inside, grumbling, and took one look at my face and was EVER SO POLITE. hahaha!  My coworker looked at me like "DAMN GIRL! That's awesome!"

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Thank you, Shieldmaiden. 

DH and I had dinner with them the night before they left. As we were driving home, DH said, "I could talk with your Dad forever. He's great!" I'm a tad partial, but he's right. Dad is an intelligent, versatile, and interesting man. I never tire of talking with him.

KP's biggest failing is that he cannot prioritize (which causes him to be disorganized). He will focus on some low-level issue and miss the big ones. Sigh...

Oooooooohhhhh, you've got The Look! It's a handy thing to have. *dirol*

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The usual eff offs to BM for again being "unable" to do drop specified in the agreement. She claims she has a "charity event" tonight, but there is a huge country music festival this weekend and I guarantee that's where she is. Would love to be the kind of mom who just doesn't feel any responsibility for anything. One SS has his license, but he's off with MIL so can't drive his brother...who can't drive himself because he can't pass the written part of the driving test (he's failed it 7 times so far). In the three years BM has even admitted she had a responsibility to transport one way (which she has had since they got divorced), she has driven skids 4 times.

Eff off to MIL for again making plans with skids on DH's weekend and over complicating everything as usual. Eff off to her for also demanding DH do projects for her. Eff off to DH for blindly agreeing to whatever MIL asks him to do, leaving me to be a single mom to a toddler over the weekend. 

Eff off to my co-worker who just tosses projects over to me and then tells other people I agreed to take them on, when I didn't.

Also, eff off to rude and dispectful skids and a DH who refuses to tell them to stop being jerks. 

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I really want to give your DH a kick in the pants in the hope in will dislodge his head... *dash1*

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Me too! Every time skids are over we get in a fight because he is so passive in the face of their rudeness.

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I am late to this. EFF off to work being way too busy and me wanting to go to a free outdoor concert with SO but being told  we unexpectedly had SS and he was inviting a bunch of friend over so no go on concert. But we were on vacation thousands of miles away and SS had friends over but we can't go 5 miles to a concert.   So my forn ened up being. Coronas sitting on my friends porch chatting for hours.  

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She broke her wrist and is going thru a divorce so she needed to just sit and talk. The plans for the concert were not planned it wasn't like he canceled on me . It is just the fact that there was no reason not to go. 

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Too busy to be around Friday.

Eff off to your cancer deaths.  Very sad.

I had to go to my country of orgin for work this week.  Was a flying visit so no chance to catch up with family.  Boo.


Roast pork loin stuffed with fresh peach.  Or pork chop served with caramilised fried peach slices instead of applesauce.  Heaven.

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That pork loin sounds mouth-watering! And I'm about to head to the grocery store... Biggrin