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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! I AM looking forward to a 3-day weekend... but not the 5 days of work I'll have to cram into four. Ish.

Eff off to:

  • Cancer. A friend of mine has a face full of stitches (247!) to remove cancer spots. If that didn't get it all, she will need plastic surgery to fix any bigger 'holes'. Please wear sunscreen!
  • King Pita. He doesn't know WTH he's doing. Hounding people about doing jobs they've been doing for YEARS. No, KP, none of us need reminders. Pushing folks to complete work that isn't due until mid-June and dropping the ball on work due next week. Responding to emails, then forgetting he responded and sending a second response 10 minutes later. The new Zoom protocol? Hurry the eff up before KP joins and turns a 15 minute meeting into 30-60. *dash1*
  • the Black Dog, who quit riding shotgun to drape himself over my back. Ugh.



Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

What's your comfort food type? Depending on my comfort need, I crave fish or pasta or something spicy. Like...

  • Cold baked whitefish with a squeeze of lemon and a YUGE steaming mug of kahvi (coffee)
  • Any pasta with red clam sauce
  • Something heavy on Sriracha or jalapeños



Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend! *give_rose*


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Sorry about your friend.

And having to deal with King PITA.  Plus the horrors of the black dog.  He hasn't been around here for a while and I don't want him back.

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Thank you, TASM. The cancer is across the middle of her face - where many get sunburn. Awful stuff. 

The Black Dog was gone for awhile, but he has resurfaced since KP became the boss.

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Aniki, my sister had an awful scare with skin cancer when we were teens.  It was touch and go for a while.  We are a no sun family since.  And obviously since I'm turning into a vampire, I have factor 50 and a hat to leave the house when it is cloudy.  I'm so sorry for your friend.  With the way society judges women on their appreance, it must make the whole experience even more fraught for her.  I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

Having a bad boss will do that.  I've had my worst visits as a result of a boss situation (mixed with SP issues for good measure) 

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I'm wear SPF 70 and wear it like armor. My skin can burn in 15 minutes.

She is a strong lady and will tell off anyone who gives her crap about it. Better to be scarred and alive than scar-free and dead.

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Eff off to folks at work who don't move things forward unless I micro manage.  I'm used to a team where I could give broad outlines, explain the deadline and then leave them to it.  If there was an issue or question, they'd come to me and we'd solve it.  Now it feels like I'm working with bunches of small children who won't do any work unless I give them step by step instructions and put regular check ins in their diaries so they know they have to do some work.  I was spoilt by my old team.  Worst is that now none of these people report to me so I can't even manage their performance directly.


While I do love a spicy meal and my go to chilli is scotch bonnet, I think I want something differnent this weekend.

For me its going to be Roast Chicken stuffed with lemon.  I'll roast it on a bed of cubed celeriac.  So delious.  The celariac absorbs all the flavours from the chicken and lemons.  

Then I'll make a homemade stock with the leftovers.  That will get turned into risotto with oodles of parmesan.

I'm salivating just thinking about both dishes.

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Gads, how annoying! Aside from KP, my coworkers know how to do their jobs and always ask for help when needed. 

Both sound delicious! What time should I be there? Wink

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8pm Sunday for the roast

8pm Tuesday for risotto

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The celeriac roasted in the chicken, lemon and butter (that I'd rubbed on the chicken before sticking in the oven) and was heavenly.

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Sorry to hear about your friend. Also, King PITA makes me laugh....I've worked with his twins, apparently. 

Eff off to my toddler being sick, but not being able to tell me what's wrong. 

Eff off to MIL trolling for sympathy when golden child (spoiled SIL) gets covid and Silent SIL sending her deepest condolences...when we received no sympathy or condolences when our toddler got covid and then when we later got it from SS (although, I'm sure BM got condolences for SS when he had covid). 


DH and I are going to go to an outdoor branch of an oyster bar that we love this weekend. I haven't had oysters in so long...

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I hope your little one gets well ASAP, strugglingSM!

A King Pita twin.... gadzooks!

Yum! I haven't had oysters in forever.

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Thanks, Aniki, my little one had covid over Christmas, so she's recovered...that also means that silent SIL can't claim she didn't know because we skipped Christmas. 

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I bet when King Pita sends his 2nd email after forgetting he responded - that his 2nd email completely contradicts the first one.  I know that type - so annoying.

Eff off to aggressive drivers.  Yesterday I was driving and hit a stop sign.  I stopped and the cars going the other way had the right of way to turn left to an onramp.  I waited for a couple of cars and then saw a gap so started my turn.  This a-hole then literally speeds up and makes a diagonal turn and then sits there blocking me.  Like WTF dude!  I went around him and on my way but sheesh.

Forn - I always crave sushi and can inhale large quantities of it.  Otherwise my 'hot' comfort foods are grilled cheese, or a good cheesy baked pasta.  Roast chicken also always hits the spot.

This weekend the weather is looking splendid and SO and I will be out and about quite a bit.  We also have movie tickets for Saturday night for an actual live dine-in movie theater (first time since the pandemic started!) so we'll eat dinner in our seats.  I love theaters that serve food and wine in your seats :)  

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King Pita can blink and he's annoying! 

Hope you're not suffering any ill effects from your stop sign hit.

Mmmmmmmm...sushi. I could go for some of that!

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Glorious 3 day weekend here too. DH and daughters have gone skiing. Yay! Unfortunately, I have hurt my back... seems like a good excuse not to do any weeding Smile I fully intend to do great damage to the tub of Haagen-Dazs salted caramel ice cream in my freezer later. 

Tomorrow,  I'll be making a pot-au-feu for the rest of the weekend and an aioli to go with it. Lots of veg to soothe my conscience. Lol

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Winterglow, ouch! I hope it won't keep you down for long.

Salted caramel is so good!

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Thanks. It seems to be getting better and, with a bit of luck, I'll be fine by tomorrow morning. In any case, I have our 8 month old and VERY affectionate kitten to keep me company. 

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Eff off to BM1 for calling SS16 off school 4 times in the last 2 weeks to babysit his sisters while she  and SF do what?

Effoff to MIL  who should stay far away from me for encouraging GUBM behavior


Marinated grilled steak fajitas with multicolored peppers and spicy Sriracha ranch sauce 

Dirty rice with a double sausage 

Chocolate cake- this I've been craving for forever.!

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Maria, I'm not a big fan of ranch, but with Sriracha? Id try that!

Bring on the chocolate!!

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Eff off to our accountant in our office for giving me a dirty look because I moved my desk away from the window so that people stop staring at my screen when I am working with confidential stuff.

Eff off to my wonderful forgetful SD for getting on the bus to our house when she was supposed to go back to BM's today, now I have to drive her back to her mom's in bad weather right after I get out of work.

Favorite comfort food would have to be my hommemade chicken noodle soup or my meatloaf quite honestly. As for sweets, ruffles and queso sounds pretty tasty right now. 

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BM should pick up SD... *diablo*

I'm making meatloaf this weekend! Plan to try a chicken French onion dish, too. I should make some rieska (Finnish unleavened bread) as that is a comfort food for as long as I can remember. 

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She should have but then she turned around and texted DBF saying that they needed to talk because we aren't going with her schedule. When we have had SD for three straight weekends. Looks like we will be going to court here soon.


that chicken French onion sounds delish!! Let me know how it works out, as well as the bread! I am making homemade Chinese food with the crock pot this weekend with homemade wantons. Mmm

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That's so bloody annoying. Understandable that NC parents want more time with their children, but re-effin-diculous when the custodial parents twist it to suit them and their needs. 

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I don't have much Effs right now, which is good.  YSD is with BM for TWO WEEKS.  Just found out last night that she won't be here as did DH. And that includes her 16th birthday.  Usually she is with DH the week before her birthday so DH can do something but she didn't say Boo about it.  I told DH, "Well, I guess she doesn't want anything from us then." I think he's going to send her something anyway but I'm not involved.  And she has driven a car apparently. Once.

I've got a 3 day weekend and am planning a bunch more for the next several months as I've maxed out my vacation accrual. It's a good problem to have. So that's been fun today! 

Comfort food:  mexican style beans and rice. I'm not mexican but it was very cheap to make when I was in college and very filling. I add frozen peas to it or some corn for "veg" a little cheese over the top and viola!  I make it when DH isn't home as his system cannot handle so many beans at one time.  :-) 

Alternate comfort food:  Usually I crave pastry when PMSing. If I cannot go without a good scone or french buttery deliciousness I know what is coming. DH actually knows this now too.  I don't usually eat it any other time.  But SO good.

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Cover, one of my fave "college student" recipes was a cup of minute rice (cooked), mixed with a can of refried beans, salsa, and cheddar. Good as is, but could be used as dip or burrito filling. Occasionally, I could splurge and add ground beef!

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Yessss! When I worked in the college cafeteria (because I wasn't coddled) I used to make veg burritos like that for dinner, for free, or to keep for the next day. The cook didn't care at all. It was great!

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Eff off to the yeast infection from HELL.  Day one of treatment, so miserable.  I bought a three day treatment but will probably end up buying another.  I should've just got the seven day.  I hate my body.  

Eff off traffic.  

Eff off to diarrhea then almost gut stasis in my poor guinea pig, Princess Popcorn.  The antibiotic for the diarrhea caused her to lose her appetite, which in turn slowed her gut down, which caused her appetite to go bye-bye so she wasn't eating enough, so then she lost weight.  Now I'm supplementing Critical Care to help her gain weight back and give her more nutrients, she's been on a probiotic for two weeks now, and thank God she's on the mend.  She's my little buddy.  When we lost Queen Squeaky she and Princess Twerp really stepped up and let us snuggle with them.  I couldn't stand to lose a third piggie in less than a year so I am so relieved to see her recovering.  She's been through a lot the past few weeks.  

Eff off crazy annoying weather.  Warm, stormy then cold.  Yuck!  

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I used to have frequent yeast infections. So miserable. Have you tried "AZO Yeast Plus?" You have to remember to take every day but it greatly reduced the frequency of yeast infections for me.

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Sorry to hear that, PetSpoiler. Would yogurt help at all? Stonyfield yogurt is organic and has 6 live active cultures.  When my darling Mr. P was alive, he got it in his breakfast every day.

Poor Princess Popcorn has been through a lot! Glad to hear she's on the mend. 

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Eff off to still being young and healthy but not being able to jump on a trampoline, sneeze or cough hard without pissing yourself a little .... And to the USA's traditionally male focused medical care that does not put enough emphasis on women's post-birth rehabilitation and pelvic floor physical therapy

As far as comfort food - Forn - Love me some fried chicken, potatoes in any form, preferably with gravy, homemade mac & cheese, cornbread, greens with bacon ... Can you guess where I am from? I LOVE all types of food and love cooking and can cook anything, believe it or not ... I really am still healthy ... don't eat like this every day. Also love my veges, spicy chicken, spicy fish, spicy seafood, rice

For dessert, strawberry shortcake, coconut rum cake, and watermelon

(I take great pleasure in gleefully reminding DH, pretty much every day, of how lucky he is to eat better at home than when we go out ... especially since BM can't butter toast.)

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Elea, have you tried keel exercises? That can help with incontinence. If it's not much, why not wear a good, absorbent pantyliner? 

In Summer, I sometimes eat half of a round watermelon for a meal. (A fourth of one if it's oblong.)

One of my aunts made the most fabulous rum cake! Sadly, the recipe died with her as she never shared it.

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I have tried kegals but it didn't help at all. I see a pelvic floor therapist but I think damage is done due to a difficult delivery with some crappy choices made by the nurse on duty during my L&D. Doctors tell me that other women have it MUCH worse with their inner organs falling out of their vagina etc. so I guess I should be grateful it's only pissing myself a little? It happens about once a day and I just go change ... pads cause other issues .... anyway, probably oversharing here .... women don't talk about these problems, never knew until it was too late 

I bet your aunts rum cake was incredible... so sad when recipes are lost in time ... There are a few family recipes that I wish I had 



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NP, Elea. Smile

Yes, it is sad. Some of ours have been lost, too.

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Too many effs to even talk about.

But I'm going to drown my effs in mushroom barley soup a crusty sourdough bread and baked apples and cranberries. 

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SteppedOut,  my DH is not a big fan of apples until I make my apple cranberry crisp. Awesome combo!

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It really is good! I always buy extra fresh cranberries to freeze while they are in season - enough to last until the following year! They freeze well. 

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Love your choices (red clam sauce mmmm) I digress lol

For Moi it is sashimi and wasabi Tuna and Salmon...... so so so good lol

Happy Family Day  Be well Jake