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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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TGIF!!! I'm ready for this work week to be over. 

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. Dude, if you could string together a pair of coherent sentences, I would willingly drink a cup of decaf. *bad*   No worries about that happening...
  • BioHo calling DH multiple times (he was outside) and not leaving a voicemail. She finally sent a text. Found a tick on one of her dogs. Evil Aniki said to DH, "If you tell her anything other than Call The Vet, I'm putting Icy Hot in random pairs of your skivvies. DH laughed, typed, hit Send, then showed me... "call a f*cking vet". I love that man!
  • Insomnia. Ugh. I can't get work out of my head.


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

I am a YUGE fan of zoodles. Zoodles are the result of running a zucchini through a spiralizer. I often use them as a pasta substitute because a) they're great with tomatoes, and 2) more veggies in my diet. 

I took one of my fave recipes and replaced the kale with zoodles made from one 8" zucchini. This will happen again!!! Here is the recipe:

I used one tablespoon of fresh ginger and stirred in some Sriracha at the end.

Do you have a favorite, versatile veggie?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Eff off to TODAY.  LOL - it's been a WEEK.  At least everyone I work with has been super nice about me running behind on EVERYTHING because I cannot do EVERYTHING at once.

I also had to step in an ask for an emergency meeting with a regulatory department at work because the person I supervise sat on something too long that she should have (at her level) recognized was a problem. FFS. She is just not the right person for the job. So in this meeting I will be managing the information and I hope she keeps her mouth shut and learns somthing. #1 rule:  Incoming money/agreements Get Them Done.

We don't do zoodles, but we eat a lot of veggies, at least I do. I have to make sure DH uses the entire bag of whatever when he's cooking. One bag = use for dinner, whatever it is. I pretty much like my veg steamed or stir fried with a little olive oil (if not in an actual stir fry) with a little salt and pepper. I want to taste it. 

One of my fave noodles though are buckwheat soba noodles from Japan. Holy cow they are delicious and super fast to boil up.

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Cover, I'm having the same kind of week!

That meeting and all entailed sounds like a pain. Money is key to business though.

Same here on tasting the veggies.. In that dish, the kale doesn't stand out, but the beef and mushrooms do. DH thought it was spinach, then refused to eat it when he learned it was kale! Lol

I need to try soba noodles. 

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Oh, Cover, I can SO relate. I've got a snakepit of a mess over a $2500 (two zeros, not three or four) agreement. I'm also with you on steamed and stir-fried veggies. We get meal kits and they often include seasoning packets or sauces for the veggies. Sometimes I try them. Haven't liked one yet. Salt, pepper, butter, and stop.

MY eff off is to people at work using me as their release valve. Yes, I know I'm the boss. Yes, I have an open door policy and we can talk about anything (almost). Yes, I know we're overworked and understaffed. Yes, I know everyone is stressed. Well, guess what? So am I. If you don't have a suggestion or a specific REASONABLE request, then please show ME some grace and take your frustrations elsewhere. I'm busy too. One of me. 25 of you.

Veggies. This time of year I have to go with fresh corn. I can't get same-day picked corn where I live now, and no big grills of corn and vats of melted butter like in the Midwest where I'm from, but I get as fresh as I can and go with that. Boiled. grilled, steamed, raw off the cob. In a stew or soup, or bread, or muffins. Sweet or savory. Pass the butter, please.

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Merry, mmmmm.... fresh corn. On the contrary with some butter is my favorite way to eat it.

Two things I can't get enough of in the summer:

  • a corn salad made with raw corn, a little green onion, olive oil, white wine vinegar, freshly ground s&p
  • scramble of corn, bacon bits, eggs, goat cheese

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Eff off to my SD. Seriously.  DH and I have my daughters softball tournament this weekend and we are in NY.  SD is not with us (we have her weekends).  Hallelujah!! Much needed time without the bag of misery. She also leave to visit her BMs parents this week so won't be seeing her next weekend either-buh bye!

I also like zucchini! Kids like when I make zucchini boats. Cut them length wise, core it out a bit. Mix the innerds with sausage crumbles/marinara and fill the 'boats' with mozzarella cheese and bake...yum!..I haven't had them in forever because I follow a keto/low carb diet. But man do I miss those.

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Ok, here's mine. Slice 'em up. Sautee 'em in butter and olive oil. Meanwhile, cook your favourite cereal (I love barley but we have a celiac in the family so I usually settle for brown rice). Drain. Throw it into the pan (woks are good for this) with the veg. Mix. Throw in a couple of fistfuls of grated cheese (I prefer edam for this). Stir through and serve. 

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Yum! I usually fill mine with a thick beef and mushroom spaghetti sauce (Mom's recipe) and top with cheese.

All of this zucchini talk... must run to the store for more!

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I've been known to fill mine with parmesan and rough chopped onion bound by a thick white sauce and baked. Pity I have my meals already planned out for the weekend ...

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Then lightly fried in olive oil, added spaghetti, splash of cooking water, fresh lemon juice, mint and parmesan.  Heaven.

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I'm thinking a salad with pepper salami and fresh peach.

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I have some peaches that smell nice, but are still hard. I plan to sauté them in a skillet with some marinated beef, top with blue cheese and serve over arugula.

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The sauce has carbs/natural sugars and the zucchini actually has carbs too.  I stick to broccoli/cauliflower and greens for veggies.  (I do cheat though sometimes!)

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Some of my friends do keto diets and eat zucchini because it's low in carbs. *unknw*

It certainly has a lot less carbs than pasta! Biggrin

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It was so busy I'm a day late.

Just had a lovely greek salad for lunch.  Tomato, cucumber, feta, oregano, mint, olive oil, freshly squezed lemon and olives.  So good.