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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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TGIF!!! 2+ hours and I can put this craptastic workweek behind me. Eff off to:

  • Computer connectivity issues. 
  • A flawed helpdesk phone system.
  • Jerkwads manning the HelpDesk who treat you like a moronic 5yo because you don't know tech talk and they flip back and forth between screens so fast, it's like looking at a strobe light (headache).
  • And thanks ever so much for starting that upgrade before I had a chance to so much as screenshot the VITAL credentials I need to access once the upgrade is complete, Speed Racer. No, I don't have them memorized. Nothing has changed in 3 bloody YEARS. Why would I memorize an obscure bit of data that a) I've never before seen, and 2) has never before failed?
  • People beeyotching and whining about the snow. It's WINTER. You live in an area with a freaking LOT of lake effect snow. Snow at this time of year is a fact of life and we'll likely have remnants of snow on the ground in mid to late May. Please STFU or move.


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

In the last 2 days, I have literally spent 10+ hours on the phone with various members of the HelpDesk. My throat feels like raw meat and I'm swallowing Sriracha-coated shards of glass.

My go-to? A hot honey and lemon toddy. This is also good for a sore throat and cough.. Honey is an anti-inflammatory (as well as an antioxidant AND antibacterial agent). Lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidants. It also increases the amount of saliva you produce to keep your mucus membranes moist and soothe your throat.

For the evening adult version, add an ounce of whiskey to help you sleep. 


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Advice from a Scot - not an ounce of whisky, a treble shot/dram at least. When it's hot, you can't tell how much whisky is in there and a generous dose will knock you out faster. 

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Eff off to a co-worker (she works under me) who put her two weeks in yesterday!! Buh-Bye you toxic B!!! My assistant is getting promoted and Sunday is his last day he's a great kid.. I'm really going to miss him at work. 

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I work with some toxics and wish they'd give notice! But it's likely they know no one will put up with their incompetence and/or prima donna BS. So they stay. *dash1* 

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I am so happy that my subordinate is gone! She was miserable and the one person she complained about the most, who I'm working with now, is just fine and not a problem. As I suspected the problem was the person who left. Good riddance!

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To automobile shopping.  Probably one of the things I hate the most... and I have to finish it before our road trip on the 19th.

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Eff off to this week - it's been insanely busy and one more crazy busy week to go and I should be able to breathe again.

Eff off to the pool at the gym closing for two weeks,  Crying. But it's for a cleaning so that's good but no swimming?!?!

Eff off to my experimental elimination diet. I'm hungry. It's difficult to have time to prepare food with my work schedule. I thought I'd miss wine more but nope, DAIRY. I miss cheese and yogurt!

Eff off to potenial uterine cysts. Made appointment with gyn but have to wait way until APRIL. That's potentially two more cycles. The heavy bleeding was really rediculous this month.

I've got licorice herbal tea for my night time drink - so good. I can have honey so this is a lovely sweet treat. However, I will want wine when I go back to adding things back into my diet.  LOL.

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No cheese?! I'd be miserable! Cray 2

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Also, while its nasty... tumeric and ginger tea. 

Seriously when you are sick this stuff is amazing. 

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I've had a Friday...

But I'm more into the forn part. I cut out refined sugar and all sugar substitutes except fruit (I was addicted) and I've been CRAVING hard. I've found a new treat in unsweetened applesauce and just peanuts peanut butter mixed together. 

Sure it sounds gross but it's sweet and filling and curbing my cravings for now. 


That hot Toddy sounds good, I woke up with a sore throat so I might give it a try! 

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I really like just peanuts peanut butter, 1dad5kids.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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Eff0ff to by amazing bride's now former employer. She logged off for the last time at EOD today.  It is about damned time. She has started to emerge back into life and into her usual radiant self.  I am one relieved and happy groom.  Welcome back my stunning bride. I have missed you.

Eff0ff to the leader of my current company. THis guy is a piece of work utilizing intimidation, threats, and never ending reference to comply or face disciplinary action in every single corporate communique.  An employers  choices and culture have a direct effect on the resilience of employees. This guy is going to be the kiss of death to this company.  He has no clue about where his revenue is generated and is defaulting to letting the HR department and the Safety department run the business.

Eff0ff to my Safety manager and the head of HR.  These are organizations that know absolutely nothing about business or industrial engineering and related operations.  My 4th direct boss in less than 2years is expressing that he may leave.  If i were him, I would. He is intelligent, dynamic, a solid leader, and far more capable than his two up boss who runs our company.  If I were not nearing the twilight of my career, I would be gone already.  I have had several interviews recently but.... I am not ready to pull the plug just yet.  I have built a very strong team and this year will in all probability allow me to move my business to the top tier of the account and asset network.   

One may ask what has prompted my ire towards the dipshit at the top.... my team had two first aid events this week.  We followed the HR and Safety provided escalation process.... to the letter.  Which got the way low performing Regional Safety Manager all flumoxed so he cried to the Exec who decided that there was a failure in leadership at my boss's level, my level, and my management team's level. Instead of assessing and engaging, he got power drunk.  So... my team and I went all data on his ass which shut him up... but... probably got my bonus scalped if I had to guess.  

As a multiple federally protected  class individual, this may be a very interesting year if he continues to go dumbass in running the company. I never wanted to be that guy and I have never played those cards. Ever.  I have prided myself in my performance and the performance of the organization(s) and I have let that speak for me.  This guy may get the aging, disability classified Rags all over him if this continues to unfold as he is seeming to want to drive it.

My new #2, who is outstanding, lost his cool on the Exec today. Fortunately he asked me to read his e/m response to the dickhead being a dickhead.  #2 did tone it down a bit after I read his response but it had a decided F-Off tone to it underneath the professional wording.

My boss, my #2 and I had a very interesting situation review over all of this today.  

My bare the bullshit with data based performance improvement and sharing of archived examples of the Safety Dumb-ass's dumb shit apparently had garnered the attention of the Regional  leadership team  (my boss and his peers) who started flooding the Exec with facts rather than  letting the Safey and HR leaders crap go uncountered. The Exec brought the head of HR and head of Safety with him when he joined the company a year ago.  None of them know the business.  Though I will say they are experienced in their fields. While that is the case, they have never run organizations in this space.

Anyway, ... just about everything and everyone around work can Eff0ff this week.


Not sure yet what that will look like this weekend.  We just finished Chef salads that I threw together for dinner. We do our Ideal Protein clinic weigh in every Sat AM and try to keep the salt boms and heavy dinners off of Friday so we do not swell up and cover up a couple of pound weight loss. Saturday night is usually our holy crap amazing dinner night. Some decadent protein dish and some incredible low carb veg thing. Since tomorrow is my B-day and DW will not tell me where we are going... it should be interesting.  LV has a ton of celebrity Chef restaurants so it could be anything.  No doubt it will be yummy.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Have a great weekend all.


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It was a great B-day weekend.

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Eff off work.  Not as bad as Rags's but getting up there.  I work in a deals part of the business.  There is a huge one underway at the moment that I brought to the company.  The head honchos have conviently forgotten this fact.  The approach came directly to me from an University Alumi and I pulled the business case together and made the running for us to go for it.  Now it is happening,  I've been cut out of the relationship part of the deal and relegated to the back office work.  Plus the head person is claiming that he found the opportunity because my contact didn't pan out when he is literally meeting a couple of time a week with my guy.  I'm seething.

Same person has decided I can do no right with anything so I suspect my time here is over.  However, they can definitely go ahead and make me redundant and pay.  

Eff off to cancer.  MIL was in for an operation to get a lump removed on Friday.  The docs may or may not have got it all but we'll know soon.  Mr TASM is going down to stay with her for the week on Monday.  His brother is with her now.  We've had one fright already with her post op situation.  A lump appeared on her leg overnight, so brother took her back to hospital today.  Many blood tests and other test later, they have discharged her again.  Looks like it was a false alarm.


The lovely Mr TASM made a caribean chicken and rice dish for lunch.  Loads of spices and bell peppers.  Then baked in the oven with olives added for the last few minutes of cooking.  So good and I've got leftovers for tomorrow and Tuesday

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That sucks, TASM. I had a manager try to do that to me 20+ years ago. She proposed my idea as her own to the president during a company meeting - thinking I was on the road to a client site. Fortunately, I had to pick up a few things in the office before heading out so popped in the back of the room. After she finished, the prez said he really liked the idea, but wanted more info. I put up my hand. "Yes, Aniki?" ~Backstabbing Beeyotch did a slow turn in her seat with a look of horror on her face~ "I have the info. I completed the research last night after I presented it to Backstabbing Beeyotch 2 weeks ago." "Great! Set up a meeting with me as soon as possible!"

After that, I knew my days were numbered and found a new job asap. People who pull that caca really yank my chain.

The chicken sounds delicious!!!

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Just started my day with another craptastic meeting with the guy.  I'm doomed.  I figure I'll keep me around long enough to do the heavy lifting on the project and then let me go before the end of deal celebrations.  Which also lines up with a big cost saving exercise the company is running so gives them an easy out HR wise too.  Oh well, maybe I'll just take the summer off.

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Unknw {{hugs}}

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On the brightside DH is very excited at the thought of me changing jobs and having time off work.  Maybe I should introduce him to Rags.  *wacko*

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Oh, Hon!

I'm absolutely furious for you! I've been retired for yonks but still recall the evildoers who pulled such awful shit. Oh please karma, situate that asshat in the crosshairs of a big 'ol Mack truck... Aggressive

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and take the hit when it fails.

'It was fine when I left' is an oh so satifying statement when the calls start coming in once you have left for your new opportunity.

Then if they want your help, tell them '$500/hr consulting fees' after they pay the taxes on the rate to deliver the $500 in your pocket.  Then remind that that this was your deal at the beginning and backstabbing politics is what got them into the situation they are in.

Or, just tell them that you longer work for them and are happy at your new employer.

Move... NOW!  Rather than later.

Good luck.