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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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TGIF, STalkers. I hope you're having a better week than I. 

Eff off to:

  • Computer upgrades. Work is swapping all desktops to laptops. I spent 2 days getting my new craptop set up because ISSUES. Part of those issues were due to the HellDesk. Oh, I mean HelPDesk. Mmhmm. Yet another job whose members have little accountability, aside from considering the issue resolved by a) shuffling it up to "escalated" to make it someone else's problem, and/or 2) blaming the issue on something completely impossible, but it allows the HellDesk dipshidiot to wash his hands of actually having to use his teeny tiny pea brain.
  • The new craptop fubar-ing all of my Outlook rules that sort the HUNDREDS of daily emails into the appropriate folders to keep the critical emails at the head of the queue. The rules "crashed" and are unfixable. Solution? Call the HellDesk or reset to an older account version. No way to retrieve the several hundred emails that were lost during the 14-15 hour fubar. *dash1*
  • TweedleDum. Dude, do NOT claim half of your week was spent doing a job that took all of 47 seconds. If ever anyone needed a Double Flying Five Fist Monkey Nut Punch...


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

I am seriously craving fish. Specifically, Lake Superior whitefish. The beauty of LS whitefish is that the cold temps of the water make this fish meaty. (Fish steak, anyone?) It's a rainy day with snow expected this weekend. I think some warm bread will pair nicely with spicy fish stew.

What's a favorite fish recipe?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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SooooOOOoo happy it's here. 


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as the NOHelpDesk....and good lord its irritating when they try to explain shiznit to me...DUDE I'M TIER 3 LEVEL SUPPORT AS IN i WALK CIRCLES AROUND YOU.  Do not mansplain how my database applications work to me or how they should be installed.  I will box you around your ears with your badge and lanyard.  

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Yeah, it's bloody annoying when I tell someone why their 'solution' cannot work.

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I call ours the "WELPDesk" since every time I call or message for help, I am met with "welp - blah blah nonsense here."

Beyond maddening! 

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My week sucks. I lost a dear, dear friend to liver cancer this morning. EFF OFF to cancer. She and her husband were THE perfect couple. He will be completely lost without her for a time.

I also have various family members in the hospital, being treated at a hospital, or otherwise dealing with serious conditions, including my own DH. But I don't have to do an EFF OFF to insurance this week because he was finally approved for treatment!

I love learning about fish. Didn't have much of it as a kid, other than the frozen sticks in a box. But my grandmother used to serve fish cakes for breakfast. I remember it packed in a can, then she shaped the patties and fried them. Very salty but I loved them. Pretty sure it was cod. Haven't thought about that in years and haven't looked for those cans in a long time.

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Oh, Merry! I'm so sorry for your loss. {{{{HUGS}}}}

I could eat fish every day. One of my favorite meals is leftover baked whitefish (cold) with a steaming mug if black coffee. 

Pssst... we ate those frozen sticks in a box every now and again and loved them!

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Yo, Ani!

And here I supposed that I was the only one who enjoyed cold fish! We differ in that I prefer my cold fish with a cup of tea, milk and sugar added.

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Yo, grannyd!

I only drink tea when I'm under the weather. No milk, no sugar, no lemon, no nothing. *kiss2*

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Go try some sushi.  You will not be disappointed.

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Ugh. Estrogen overload in my office today. Why do men have the bro code but women are so mean to each other. Women need to learn to hold each other up like men do with their "bros".

MMMMM - fish and seafood in general. Love it. I eat more fish than meat most weeks. I have been hitting a lot of salmon and red snapper lately but I do miss the lake fish from the midwest. Walleye! Hell, I'd even take some perch.



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SteppedOut, that is so true! It's like some unspoken, inherent BS. Women see other women as competition and have a subconscious need to tear them down. *unknw*

Walleye, salmon, red snapper... bring it on! I was in Texas during red snapper season and ate it for lunch AND dinner! The only seafood I didn't care for was octopus. It was pickled and rubbery and I've never been able to bring myself to try it again.

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Oh but fresh octopus is really good, not rubbery, more meaty. It's like squid, overcooked by a millisecond and trash. Pickled? No thanks. Only herring for me.

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Overcooked squid is like chewing on a little rubber bicycle tire. Blech!

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The very mention of walleye (we call it pickerel here in Canada) makes my mouth water! My son-in-law is a taxidermist and when a customer brings in a large pickerel for mounting and display, my son-in-law keeps the meat and shares; lucky me! As far as I and my husband are concerned, there is no tastier fish. With its subtle, almost sweet flavour (not fishy) pickerel is widely considered to be the most delicious of the fresh-water fish. Too bad that it's so darned expensive!


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It really is one of the best fishes! I hadn't had it in YEARS (it's just not available in the south). Until Culver's restaurants moved into the region. They do a fried sandwich and meal. Fried isn't my favorite, but it was still surprisingly good for "fast food". 

I might find a lake resort in Kentucky to summer vacation to, instead of boring Florida beach (sorry Florida) this summer. I think that is the closest area that has walleye in lakes... Any recommendations welcome from the community!

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I feel you.

We just found an accounting error that no one, not even finance caught for TWO YEARS RUNNNING. Why? Because our systems cannot handle the cost adjustment automatically and it's a completely manual process. To tell the truth, I missed it too in the terms of this budget because I didn't create the budget in the first place and really, I missed it. But it was ALSO on the other TWO groups (ahem - FINANCE) that ultimately should have caught it over a year ago when it was a $250 correction. Now it's a $4K correction!  Luckily I adjusted this year's budget accordingly rather quickly.

FISH - I love it!  Love it. All kinds. Sushi, baked, fried, roasted, pan seared. My 100000% favorite? Half a side of Pacific salmon laid on foil (or straight on the grill or on a cedar plank), bright salmon red, drizzled with olive oil, add salt, pepper and LOTS of dill. Put on the BBQ for 15-20 min - do not overcook!  Serve with red potatoes, asparagus and a lovely pinot gris or pinot noir.

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Yikes, Cover! Better $4K than $4 million... *shok*

I haven't had sushi in too long. That salmon meal sounds tasty! 

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So now I am craving fish and chips....

Ditto for Cullen skink - a Scottish speciality made from smoked haddock ( the real stuff, not that dyed orange crap), potatoes, milk,water, onion. It's somewhere between a soup and a stew.

I'm also very fond of cod in cheddar sauce. I like it in parsley sauce too.


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Heck,  I grew up in a fish-eating region. Locally smoked kippers, herring rolled in stoneground oatmeal, wild salmon (farmed salmon doesn't compare), brown trout, fried cod roe, and the list goes on ...

Finally, if you ever get the opportunity to taste Arbroath smokies... go for it! It's haddock that is hung upside down on racks and smoked from the inside out, so to speak. 

And now I want one! Badly!


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Well,all this talk of fish drove me to buy salt cod for a local (I'm in Provence) special, aioli - steamed veg, desalted and steamed cod, hard boiled eggs and and an aioli mayonnaise.




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Sadly hard to find in my local area in the states... I have to settle for canned. Still tasty. I might raid my pantry for my lunch today! 

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Eff0ff:  Eff0ff to corporate insanity.

I shared on last week's Eff0ff that my new #2 lost his proverbial sh!t when he perceived a question from a higher up to be a direct assault on his reputation and competence. It wasn't. It was merely a question and recommendation.  The backstory is that we had an equipment failure a few weeks ago. We have been attempting to get it returned to the OEM for an RMA and failure analysis. To do that, the OEM has to provide us with the routing information... nope. No response after several contacts and some escalation.

My #2 got angry, had an anxiety crisis, vented that his mental health was in jeopardy because he feels like my "assistant" and he had to leave. He may or may not be back. As he was leaving... I asked him if I should expect a call from anyone (HR, comapny execs, my boss, etc..). He said no. Within a few minutes of his running off to preserve his mental health my boss IM'd me asking what was up with my #2. I told my boss that #2 had walked out indicating he might not be back.  My boss got very angry at my #2.  This is my second #2 with medicated psych/anxiety issues.  

So, why weirder?  I got a call yesterday that my former #2 had been removed from his current role due to customer mandate about his agression and instability. SURPRISE!  My new #2 is being moved to lead that organization. He really is the best choice for it.  

Guess what. Three guesses and first two don't count.

They tried to force me to take my last batshit crazy #2 back.  Nope. I outlined the why, highlighted that my organization would destabilize nearly immediately, and that the customer relationship would take possibly a fatal blow.

The company tried to tell me that there was not any record of inpropriety with my former #2. I had to remind them of the fact taht he had been investigated for multiple complaints from others in the company and was within a very short time of being eleminated from the facility by the owner.

There was a lot of pressure, I held my ground... I presented my plan. Was told no. Then today, I was asked for the resume of my recommended promotion candidate to backfill my #2 who will be starting his new role on Monday.

The Sr. company leadership verified what I counseled and ... apparently my former #2 will not be back.

That was close. 

F0rn:  Anike wants fish.  Wed nigh we went to our local sushi place for sashimi. Great as usual.  Spicy garlic edemame, salmon & crab "stuffed tomato" roll, yellow tail and jalapeno shashimi (our absolute favorite), salmon, mackerel, escolar, scalops, and smelt roe sashimi, and lettuce/spicy salmon/crab wraps.

Amazing as usual.

Have a great weekend STalkers.

Please wish me luck next week with my #2 seat empty. I am looking forward to calm and a mental illness free leadership team for the first time in well over a year. It looks like my recomendation to promote one of my other managers into the #2 seat may just fly. He will be outstanding and the team performance will get even better.

Have a great weekend STalkers. Have fun.



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Mackerel, so so good. One of my must haves when ordering sushi or sashimi. I used to live by a wonderful Asian market that carried whole, gutten mackerel and I just roasted and ate it with bread or rice.

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Hmmm... I've never heard of salmon crap "stuffed tomato" roll. *crazy*

Love good sashimi!

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I've forgotten what was annoying me on Friday.


I'm not a big fish person but I love the smoked salmon that my mother sends me for my birthday.  I have it on brown soda bread with butter with fresh lemon juice squeezed over the top.

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TASM, if you forgot, that's a good thing!

Mmmmm... smoked salmon. Just yesterday I was thinking we need to get some smoked rainbow trout and salmon soon. Biggrin