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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! PSA: for those affected by Daylight Savings Time, don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour on Sunday!

Eff off to:

  • BioHo. Hell NO, I am not meeting you for drinks. I don't know what you've done to estrange the few friends you have, but...NEWSFLASH. I am not your friend and we most certainly are not family. The older you get, the nastier and meaner you are. Who wants to hang out with that?? You're obviously unhappy. What you truly need is professional help. Psssst... it's not at the bottom of any of the many bottles you're downing.
  • SMEs who don't know their arse from their elbow. A SME is a Subject Matter Expert. This dude is a SME of contradiction. I know his job better than he does and sent him instructions on what he needed to do. Alas, he managed to fubar it to the point that I had to forward the email to Support to correct. The Support manager went off on Dude (completely professionally, which I greatly admire). Hey, Dude! Thanks for including your boss in your initial response to me so she could witness your gross incompetence. 
  • My sister. Thanks so much for sharing something I told you in confidence. I don't know what's going on with you and am tired of trying. Since the pandemic, you've gotten bossier, beeyotchier, and horribly arrogant. Dare I say it... maybe you should meet BioHo for drinks. 


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

We had our first snowfall a few days ago and these lovely, crisp temps have me itching to cook some comfort food. Vegetable Beef Soup, Ham & Beans, Beef Burgundy, Beef Stew, chili... decisions, decisions. I have a lot going on this weekend so ham & beans in the crock pot and a quick beer bread sound like a winner.

What's on your menu for the weekend?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Eff off Friday is right!

DH had me trying some of these wonderful powdered vitamins he bought. And he uses. And, after this morning, confirmed they make me vomit. Fun times getting to work on a Friday, vomit, then work. The last time I did it I thought it was the flu going around work. Nope, it's the powder. I'm slowly drinking some herbal tea and taking over an hour to eat a plain bagel. I'm feeling better at this point.

Good news, someone in the organization contacted me to see if I was interested in a director level position. I'm currently just under one, but barely. And I don't want it at this point. It's a 24-7 job, and people burn out from it. I'm not done in the section I work in (working with my current director on running things since we re-orged it a bit over the summer and this fall is when we are really putting a good team/direction into place). So I'm flattered, but no.

Told DH recently that this fall / winter will be a soup-heavy one. Soups and stews. So far I've made Chicken Tinola (our go-to quick favorite), a great Polish beef stew, and a tomato-based chicken soup. We've got friends coming this weekend, and I'm likely not cooking since they want to go out the night they spend with us and the other night YSD is here so I'm not involved with cooking then either. 

We were discussing chili (beanless for DH, which I love beans so that's sucky for me) the other day and I need to look at more soup recipes.

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Cover, please check the ingredients in those powdered vitamins. You may be allergic or sensitive to something. Glad you're feeling better!

I can relate to your chili dilemma, but with tuna salad. My DH likes it with dill pickles and no celery. I like it with celery and sweet pickles. I split the mixture before adding pickles and celery. Would you be able to divide the chili and cook half with beans? 

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Yes, I think it's the probiotics that case the issue. I told DH he must look into the ingredients for himself too.

And yes! I'm a dill/celery girl! Yum!

I was thinking about separating too. You confirmed it for me. Chili making next weekend!

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She did the beans as a side dish and she and dad added it to the chili.  Beans blow up my blood glucose.

Amazing chili.  I had a table spoon of beans as a side, they are great.  Mom is a F0rn Star!!

Pun fully intended.

I had left over chili for dinner tonight. No beans.

As chili/stew/soup season progresses, I hope everyone enjoys their favorites.

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Aniki, sorry all these horrible people are causing you stress but grateful for an EFF OFF Friday post.

Eff off to illness.  My favorite of all the advisors I work with has been sick.  He's been off work for 6 weeks.  The docs don't know what is wrong with him but he's lost over 40 pounds.  He is supposed to be back at work from this week but has now been signed off for a 6 month sabbatical.  Me and the rest of the team I work with are going to miss him badly while he's gone.  But hopefully, he'll be back before we know it rested and relaxed.


My normally lovely DH has managed to bring the plague into our house - he's infected me with a lovely cold.  So its time for comfort food.  I think chicken noodle soup is going to be my go to tonight.  I  have chicken bone broth in the freezer and just need to add veg, aromatics and noodles.  Hope it helps with my cough.  *dash1*

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Thank you, TASM. 'Ho and Dude are more annoying than stressful. My sister... I'm definitely hurt and disappointed. Sucks.

How scary for your advisor! Hopefully, he receives answers soon.


Mmmmm... chicken noodles soup sounds like just the thing! My Mom made chicken soup with rice and it remains a favorite. 

For your cough, you might try mixing equal parts of honey, whiskey, and lemon juice. Shake well and take a spoonful like cough syrup or mix with hot water for a toddy. Get well soon!

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I have a craving and the ingredients for chicken and rice casserole.

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Eff off to being socially over stimulated. I'm not a huge people-y person but have had to deal with a lot of social interaction this week. Its exhausting. 

I made mushroom and barley soup and had it with a grilled steak and manchengo sandwich with pickled red onions and whole grain mustard on a crusty wheat bread. Ahhh. And now silence. Glorious silence. 

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SteppedOut, I'm right there with you on being socially overstimulated. And the holidays are just around the corner. *dash1*

That all sounds yummy! Do you pickle your own onions?

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Thanks Aniki.

Eff 0ff: 1. To hail storm car damage.  So, the last W/E in Sept 48hrs after I arrived at mom and dad's house for a planed 2wk visit, my car got blasted by a massive hail storm.  Not totalled.  After three weeks of dawdling by the idiot insurance adjuster the funds were finally released for the PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) place to de-SmallPox my car and replace the shattered wind shield. It was done and looked great.

2. Eff 0ff to bone head dent tech driving.  They were doing the final polish and detail to my formerly pock marked baby. I was due to pick it up the next day... then a dent tech backed it into a guide wire for a power pole outside of the shop and cracked the rear bumper...... Grrrrrr!

3. Eff 0ff to the UAW strike which has my car without a sexy butt waiting on a part that can't be produced due to the strike. Just another reason why I detest unions. But that is the natural Manager/Union conflict.  Give me an open shop work force any day over a Union work force. They work, are far more skilled, and there is little to no seniority related bullshit.  In open shop workforces advancement is performance based, not seniority based. nterestingly, my open shop workforces make significantly hourly rates than my Union shop workforces.  LIke 25% or greater more. Though open shop teams don't get as much vacation time.  

No offense intended for any Union supporters.

Sorry 2


My mom is a F0rn star!!!

1. Pot Roast.  She did a pot roast that is amazing.   She cooked it for about 12hrs. Incredibly tender, and the potatoes and carrots, etc.. are sublime.  Unfortunately she did not go for radishes and celery in lieu of carrots and potatoes. As much as I try to get her to to stay away from high carb ingedients, she just won't lock in on what I need to eat when I am visiting. What she makes is so spectacular that I resign myself to cheating. So, I had a solid bown full for dinner that night, and twice more for dinner over the few days after she made it. I surrendered and told dad tonight that he had to eat the rest because my insulin pump is going to burn out from the pot roast.

2. Turkey Cheese Tortelini Soup.  DW and I have reformulated our favorite soup that we stopped eating years ago due to the tortelini.  Evil Carbs and all.  So, we are going to make it with Shiritaki Pene low/no carb pasta (Liviva Shiritake Oat Fiber Pene-amazing stuff that has returned 'pasta' to our repertoir), follow the same recipe as the Tortelini version with the Pene in lieu of the Tortelini, and add carmelized high temp no melt cheese. Probably Bread cheese.  When I get home with my hopefully soon to be bumpered and polished car, we will give the soup a test drive and I'll update.  We are both excited to try adding an evolution of our favorite soup back into our culinary rotation.

Have a safe and tasty weekend STalkers.

Thanks again fro resurrecing Eff 0ff F0rn Friday Aniki.

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It works well. Like potato, radish takes on flavor from seasoning and other ingredients.  

We will give this recipe a try soon. It looks tasty. Thanks for the recomendation.

I have been thinking of using daikon radish as a larger potato option.  I am thinking it migh work in stew or soup.

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We head to SpermLand for TG with my IL clan on a road trip arriving the Sat before TG. We will leave on Sunday following TG.  

We fly to my parents on Dec 22 through Jan 2 for Christmas.  This will be the first time everyone will be together for Christmas in about 5 years.  SS called everyone and asked them to be at my parents for Christmas this year. This is his first Christmas in the States in 5 years. So mom, dad, bro and SIL, DW and I, our kid and my brother's 3 (two of them with spouses in tow) will all be together.

I am looking forward to it. Yes, even TG with my IL clan.  Fingers crossed that we do not see any resurrection of past drama.