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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Beannachtam na Feile Padraig, STalkers!

It's a balmy 15°F here and we're in the middle of a Winter storm warning with about a foot of snow expected. The wind, she is gusting. You know I'm a happy Finn. Biggrin

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. I've spent the last 5+ hours doing your bloody job. Seriously, KP, WTH do you actually DO? I hope your boss and your boss's boss are finally seeing how farking incompetent you are and are loading you down with tasks that require you to do hours of research because you don't know your arse from a hole on the ground. 
  • Extraterrestrials, sex traffickers, and every other group who has NOT kidnapped KP. I'm begging you...
  • Menopause and beard hairs. I swear if I stopped plucking those pitas, I could rival the members of ZZ Top. Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhh...

Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

This lovely weather has me eagerly anticipating some hot corned beef and my favorite side: colcannon.

Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish made of mashed potatoes, cabbage, butter, and milk or cream. We'll be adding some chopped bacon to ours tonight.

What's your favorite St. Patrick's Day food/tradition?

Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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F off to the Shunning Bitch at my workplace. And F off to everyone else around her. Not only does the Shunning Bitch (my name for her) not get addressed for how she is, she gets sucked up to. She gets ALL of the prime projects, she got full time telework just because when it's absolutely not allowed for anyone else, and whenever there's an event, people will practically belly-surf across the top of her cubicle to convince her that she's wanted and included. Yet, she acts like she hates everyone and snaps at people and has been seen literally running down the hall to escape when she sees someone coming. I've never in my life seen such extreme behaviour in the workplace. It's not even her that bugs me. It's that everyone rewards her for it. It triggers me because it feels like back in the day when SD shunned me and everyone around us was so afraid it would happen to them that they sold me out and sucked up to SD. I can't stand it!

My Irish ancestors would be so disappointed in me with my favourite St. Patrick's Day tradition. I usually make champ, which is supposed to bring you good luck for the year, but my favourite tradition is to get a shamrock shake from that place with the golden arches. Yes, there's something about those chemcial shakes with fake flavouring that is irresistable to me. LOL I don't know what the hell is in them but I crave them after marathons. LOL 

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Evil, we need those aliens to abfuct SB, too!!!

I've never had an official shamrock shake, but have made plenty at home. I <3 mint. Truth be told, strawberry-mint is my favorite shake. 

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OMG! Strawberry mint sounds amazing!

Yes, I'm just done wtih the most difficult people with extreme personalities get rewarded for what they do. I wish they'd all just fly off to La-La Land and leave the rest of us alone. 

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Evil, it's one of my favorite mint combos. The strawberry hits the tastebuds first, followed by cool, refreshing mint. *biggrin*

KP needs a one-way ticket to La-La Land...

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DH got BD 13 a shamrock shake the other day.  He took a taste and they do not taste like they did when we were younger.  McD has to ruin everything.  We don't even eat there anymore, it makes us sick.  

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Yes! They put crack in those Shamrock shakes. There is no other reason people would be so addicted to them. LOl.

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Shieldmaiden, they have always tasted strange to me. *unknw*

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1. Eff off to Toxic Troll Again! For her 21k settlement on "head case". And Eff off to all her good luck in everything. While I slog away at work and home and dont have much of a social life because I live behind the "lettuce curtain".

2. Eff off to the storms that filled the levee and the levee that broke and flooded an entire town near to where I work.

3. Eff off to the state governor. Nuff said.

St patricks day traditions - typically go listen to local music. Drink green beer. Eat something with cabbage and beef in it.

Tonight Im definitely going out. Except Husband is getting some dental work done today.

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Clove, so many blessings: your health, your home, your boat,, your job, your sanity, your intellect, your DH.  TT has none of these, regardless of beach home and $21k.

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"Trust that they suck".

Toxic Troll has her Toxicness and that wont go away.

Yes, thank you JRI. I will make that my mantra...and stop sucking the sour grapes.

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Your eff off to the governor of our state.

Also eff off to excessive rain.  My puppy needs to hike and the muddy conditions are just no good.  First world problems, I realize Smile

Haooy Friday to all!

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CLove, Toxic Troll is like BioHo. It is beyond me why Karma continues to overlook these heinous beeyotches after decades of craptastic behavior and manipulation. Karma definitely needs to recruit some helpers!

I cannot do that green beer. Years ago, I bartended at a place serving green beer for St. Pat's. My fingers were green for days! *ROFL*

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Eff off to work.  Nuff said.


Favorite irish meal is probably beef and guiness stew with mash.  Or potato pancakes.  Or Tayto crisp sandwich.  

Tayto crisp sandwich

  • Take one bag of Tayto cheese and onion crisps
  • Get some cheap white sliced bread.  You'll need 2 slices.
  • Butter both slices.  It has to be real butter and preferably Kerry Gold
  • Pore the crisps onto one of the slices of bread and cover with the other slice
  • Push down on the top slice to crush some of the crisps
  • Eat *diablo*

For my american friends, crisps are chips and Tayto is an Irish brand.  So beloved that there is even a theme park dedicated to the Crisp.


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TASM, I'm ready for a vacation from work! *biggrin*

Mmmmmm.... Kerry Gold garlic herb butter is divine. 

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Eff off to the bureaucracy surrounding insurance. Just spent 30 minutes on the phone and we were cut off. Claims not filed right, filed under wrong insurance, wrong primary and secondary payers, even the wrong state. And denial of coverage for something necessary. It doesn't end.

Forn: Gotta be Irish soda bread today. But I didn't make or buy any. I've done well and lost some weight and having that in the house calling my name would not be good.

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Gadzooks, Merry, did they get anything right besides the name of the insured?! *dash1*

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They did get the name right! And our home address was right. Diagnosis, wrong. Primary and secondary insurers, wrong. I don't know how they expect to get paid.

I keep getting bills with no insurance payments applied. So I call, give them the correct info. Each one is a 15-30 minute phone call to straighten it out. Today I had the joy of talking with Medicare. Long wait, and then we got disconnected.

Let's hope it gets straightened out before the bill collectors start calling.

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These agencies/companies are REALLY good at TAKING your money.   Everything else you have to babysit. 

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They did get the name right! And our home address was right. 


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And it's an international problem. I once had some major dental work done (about a month's salary worth) and waited for several months (it usually took about 2 weeks to reimburse me). When I called they told me that I had indeed received my payment. Umm,nope. I asked for the date of payment so I could take it up with my bank so they told me that they had transferred the money on X date to Y account at Z bank. Mystery solved. Not my bank and not my account. I told them to fix that ASAP. They started yelling at me for changing my bank account without telling them. "My dear sir, I HAVE NOT CHANGED MY BANK ACCOUNT IN TWELVE YEARS!"

Two days later the money was in my account. 

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I love brown soda bread and it is so easy to make.  Put everything in a bowl, little light stirring, turn out onto the oven tray, gently shape, cut a cross on the top and put in oven.  Yum.

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Eff off to early work days...getting up at 5:45 am two days in a row to be on the work site is tiring. I don't know how I did it pre-C days - lots of caffiene I think!  

Eff off to my subordinate who left, been cleaning up almost every project she worked on at least a little bit. Found one big 10K + mistake and there may be another but I'm not opening that can-o-worms today. At least the person I'm working with on it, and who is effected by it, has a sense of humor.

Eff off to kitty kidney disease. My fuzzy boy needs the fluids a little more frequently with less volume b/c his system isn't handling the standard treatment any longer. After a week of the new amount he's bounced back and is is busy little self again. He is still less active and sleeps more and still gets MILLIONS of kisses a day.

I have Mon/Tues off work just because I need a break and I'm going to RELAX and maybe do a little shopping for myself.

DH really hates 3/17. It's kind of funny actually. I do love good corned beef. I've made the whole spread before in a past life, started cooking at 10 am on the day. No more. Now that I'm thinking about it I may make it Monday or Tuesday!  Just beef and potatoes though. Maybe some Guiness for DH and a cider for me.

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Eff off to whatever gave me an allergic reaction under my bottom lip... it's better then this's not noticeable.. only to me. 

St. Patrick's was always a big holiday for me... the parades, the social scene etc. Always a fun time. Getting with SO slowed that haha. We always make corned beef in the slow cooker with carrots, potatoes, and cabbage! I LOVE corned beef! So it's a treat every year for me.

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Bummer, MissK03! My skin is so sensitive, a shirt tag will cause a YUGE itchy welt. One was so bad, it broke the skin. Benadryl capsules and creams are my friend!

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Eff off to my immature coworker who gets so overwhelmed by doing a bit of actual work, that he lays down on the floor in the middle of the office to nap. He also like to build things with legos instead of helping me answer phones. When I am actually on the phone trying to hear someone, he likes to have shouted conversations with one of the managers about his video gaming hobby. I feel like I am a kindergarden teacher sometimes. Why is this allowed in an office? ARRGH. Ok. Rant over.

My favorite food for St Patricks day is anything. My mom always made corned beef and cabbage but its a bit too much salt for me nowadays.  I hope everyone is having  a great St. Patricks day. The sun is out here and its a balmy 60 degrees, so I'm happy. 

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For 24 hours which takes out a lot of the salt.   We usually end up making reubens out of it

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Reuben is one of my favorite sammiches. Including a fish reuben. *yahoo*

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"...he lays down on the floor in the middle of the office to nap..."

What in the effing eff?! I will never understand why this horsepuckey is tolerated. *dash1*

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This crap hurts.  My 4th round in 7-ish years.  This one is scary. It started as a slight burning sensation behind my R ear and within a few hours had progressed to my entire ear being swollen and red then swelling behind the R side of my jawdown my neck into the lymp node at the corner of my jaw and behind my eye.  Due to a big facility shut down today (Sat) I did not leave work until after 7PM Friday evening and went directly to the Quick care clinic near our home.  About 5hrs after the first symptoms started.  The doc asked what  was wrong, I told him "Cellulitis", he looked at my ear and said.... "Yep." then asked if he could look in my ear. Of course, please do. He looked, proclaimed that it was not in my inner ear (a good thing)  Rx'd two monster antibiotics (two horse pills twice a day for 10 days) and told me if it gets worse, if I get vertigo, if I start to lose my hearing, or it is not significantly improved in 5days, go to the ER.

So, I am in pain, extremely exhausted, and slept all day.  I had to let my #2 know I would not be in for our shut down.  Not a huge deal since it is his weekend to cover escalation calls.  Instead of getting out into the beautiful mountains as planned, we will be in all weekend trying to keep me out of the hospital.  (Cross fingers).

Then there is Effo0ff to the trauma of organizational change.  It turns out, my new #2 suffers from anxiety and is medicated for it. He does not do well with high stress situations. So, I am in a revised version of the situation with my former #2.  Though my new #2 is calm, and very strong with soft skills , great at building collaborative relationships, as well as technically proficient. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to call my boss when things get stressful. So... I am now spending a crap ton of time on calls with my boss who is on calls with his boss because.... my new #2 used to work for my bosses boss.

Dash 1

F0rn:  Nothing planned. This crap comes with some nausea and general feelings of malaise.  So, I will do what I can to not feel like crap or feel sorry for myself. Just another part of having an Auto Immune disease.  Depressed immune system that allows otherwise fairly inconsequential skin bacterias to jeopardize your life.  I wish I was being over dramatic, unfortunately, this crap can kill you. Not my plan for sure.

It is beatiful here.  High of 66, low of 43.  Snow on the mountains.  My bride finally was intimidated by the pissed off humming birds into cleaning and refilling the feeder outside of her home office window. Now, they come to sit on the window sill and flirt with her.  If I were not confident in my marriage, I might be jelouse.


Have a great weekend.

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I had cellulitis once and was utterly miserable. Hope you're better soon, Rags!

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My sister used to get it (and was hospitalized) and DH had it.  Not good and also scary.  Take care of yourself, Rags, we need you here.

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Aw, Rags,

You good guy!  I wish that I could hug you. Rest assured that the majority of Steptalkers would stand in line for their turn. 

My husband and I have several bird feeders, the best of which includes a one-way-mirror, attached to our living room window. Our avian pals are unable to see us whereas we can observe them and take great joy from their antics.

My husband and I agree that, as we age, we are increasingly captivated by the wildlife in our rural digs. 

And hey, Rags, what sensate creature would not flirt with your bride? 

Get better! We are rooting for you. ❤️

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The two different horse pill antibiotics are working. My ear is now only about 1.5X its usual size rather than the 2+X it was on Saturday. I have taken 3 days of the 10 day course and if it continues as it is feeling today, I should get over it without hospitalization.  Cross my fingers.

This is the 4th bout since early 2014. I spent my 50th in the hospital with the first bout. 

Had my quarterly Endo appt today.  My Doc is all happy about my labs, etc....   All in all, I am doing pretty well for a 59yo decreasingly fluffy 42+yr T-1 diabetic.  She (the Doc) did share her own Cellulitis war stories.  Hers was scary. It got into her eye. So far, mine have been on the back of my neck  (5days in the hospita), on the giggle berries (5days in the hospital), on my nose, and now my ear/face/side of my neck.  Only the giggle berries episode was not painful.  Face and neck skin is tighter whout the ability to accomodate swelling. That is where the ouch comes in. Though my Endo Doc did say today that the gonads is a very dangerous place to have Cellulitis.

Having this crap anywhere scares the crap out of me.

As for the humming birds, they actually play with with my wife. They hover around when she is cleaning and filling the feeder, they yell at her when she lets it go empty, and when their bellies are full, they land on the window sill and flirt with her.  Whe moves side to side in her office chair, they hop in concert with her moves. More of them show up when she has the window open and is playing music while she works.

It is pretty amazing.

But... we are bird people We rescued a Senegal parrot in 1996 when he (Max) was about 16mos old.  He ruled our home for 15yrs. He would hide in her hair when we were outside on the patio any time the blue jays would start screaming at him and stalking him.  He would start calling her name when it was time to start cooking dinner, he would say "You're a pain in the ass!" when she would walk in the room.  He heard that once when she and I got in a cookie dough fight that escalated to a water fight in the kitchen. I filled up a cup full of watner, she grabbed the dish sprayer. I lost. So as she chased me out the the kitchen with the dish sprayer, said "You'r a pain in the ass!" Max heard that once and never forgot it. He would call that out when DW would walk in the room then he would start laughing.

We miss Max.  We had to rehome him when we moved overseas due to the then outbreak of bird flu.  The family he joined let us know he had passed in 2018.  He made it to 24.  Senegals usually go about 13 years in the wild and between 17 and 30years in civilization. He had a good run.  Interestingly, we knew he had passed before his 3rd family emailed us. We were at home one afternoon at opposite ends of our house and we both heard him calling.  We have no doubt he was saying goodbye as he flew over the rainbow bridge.

I was Max's person. But he loved my bride and he would march through the house looking  and calling for the kid.

The humming birds hate me. I show up and they scold me and take off.


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When I had my bout of cellulitis, it was one side on my face torso. Miserable stuff. Glad you're improving!

I love hummingbirds. We have feeders and a bird bath and I put potted plants around the bath that attract them (along with butterflies and bees). I sit on the bench for long stretches without moving. Many is the time a hummingbird hovered about an inch from my face; likely admiring him/herself in the reflection of my sunglasses. This year, I plan to sit outside with a hand feeder and see what happens. It will be awhile since we still have almost 3 feet of snow. *dirol*

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We also have hummingbird feeders and note that oftentimes, the tinier the bird, the bigger the heart. Our plucky hummingbirds seldom flee when DH and I are on the deck. Our favorite critters, however, are chipmunks; feisty, fearless creatures who are easily tamed.

Some of DH’s and my most enjoyable afternoons have been spent on our deck, sipping wine and sharing peanuts with our chipper buddies.

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You cannot imagine how jealous I am! I have never seen a hummingbird in real life. A friend had one that was emerald green and lived in her garage (apparently) in Chicago. I can only dream. Smile


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The ones we see are emerald green! Too much snow for them to be here year 'round so I enjoy them while I can.

I am simply amazed by them. The sound of their wings is so distinctive. Gives me a little thrill to hear. *biggrin*

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 Rags, during the years after mom attained an ‘empty nest’, she acquired 3 cockatoos and 2 parrots, one of which was an African Gray. The Gray was a talker! When the phone rang, he would yell out, “John (my dad’s name), answer the phone!” When we siblings (8 of us) were together for an occasion and laughing, the Gray would laugh, hysterically, in dad’s exact voice. The bird’s vocabulary and ability to understand human communication was astounding. When the doorbell rang, he would yell out, “Door’s open, come on in!” 

Mind you, his replications of the beeping microwave, the popping of a beer can, his clearing of parental throats etc. could be annoying. If he heard a phrase more than twice (i.e., “oh, SHIT”), you’d be listening to it, in your exact voice, for many moons. Regardless, we loved that little guy!