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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Welcome to Friday, STalkers. Sorry I'm late to the game, but there's so much going on. I could really use a few days off to regroup.

Eff off to:

  • BioHo. She plans to attend Grandma's services "in support of her children". Does she mean all four or just the two with whom she still has a relationship?  Can't stop her from coming; it's open to the public. If she does anything to make a scene.... I pray for the strength to be a lady and not make a scene turkey-walking that twatwaffle into the next county. 


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Oh yay, I have to make something for the big gathering AFTER the burial. On my way to the store to buy what I need to fill a ginormous slow-cooked full of baked beans. It's my dear Mom's recipe and definitely falls into the Comfort Food category. 

Do you have a go-to recipe for a crowd?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend. 


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I mean either way, I guess I would be annoyed by BM going because it is not her grandmother. I hope she doesn't cause any scenes or anything while you are grieving your loss. My uncle's ex wife tried to go to his grandmother's funeral two years back and our family asked her not to attend. Luckily, she actually listened and did not. We had seen enough of her at their daughter's funeral two months before. 

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If 'Ho is going to truly be supportive of the skids, I'm okay with that. IF that's her reasoning. 

For us, it all comes down to being supportive of family. Many here know that I grew up with steps of all kinds and foster sisters. Once I married DH, the skids became family and my Dad treats the step grandkids the same as blood grandkids: wedding, graduation, Christmas gifts...

When BioHo's brother passed away, we sent a sympathy card to the 'Ho House to the family. One SS inherited the uncle's truck. The idea was for SS to drive it with his siblings riding in it. But the uncle passed sooner than expected and SS was not yet old enough to drive. Uncle always liked DH (left him his boat) and he asked DH if he would drive. So DH attended solely to drive it to the burial with all of the skids (and Spawn) riding in the truck.

Again, if this is truly for the sake of the skids, cool. But... in no way do I believe that's the case. Let's hope 'Ho proves me wrong. 

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but we all know that it is not to support her kids, no way in hell. She couldn't even be supportive of her own child's wedding without making her children loyal to her load up in her car and leave because she wanted to leave no regard for anyone else. (If I am remembering that correctly).

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You remember correctly. It sucks that I feel the need to be on red alert at a funeral!

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Today (Friday) is a memorial service for Husbands brother in law.

Might see Feral Forger SD23 (or not, shes not telling) and since still no driving, its up to Toxic Troll (who currently starts work later for the after school program) and her good graces to do FF Transport.

EGADS. I just hope no FF and no TT. We will be going with B/M SD16 together.

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He sounded like a really really nice guy.

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 Should I set up a GoFundMe? 

Thankfully, one of my oldest friends is a cop and will be in attendance. Fingers crossed...

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Granting you loads of patience.

Eff off Friday because here I am at work with not much to do. Waiting on one person for a meeting (any time now....). The building is practically empty. I'm going to go chat with my manager but can't leave until this person (above me who needs my reports) shows up. She is legit busy so there's at least that. I'm out of here in 1 hour 45 minutes and I am counting down.

Sigh...YSD will be with us this weekend. I'm going to get busy being outside doing things all weekend (thank goodness for goo weather).  

And eff off to the deer for eating all the fall flowers off my "deer resistant" plants. My THIRD try with deer resistant varieties - so far herbs, lavender, one other kind of bush, and prickly plants have survived. So there's that. They are plant vacuums, seriously. I need to deer spray them more often.

Food for a crowd...don't know if I've ever made crowd food other than lots of cheese and a variety of crackers.

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Thanks, Cover.

Oh, those deer. I stopped planting kale years ago because nothing will keep them out of it. Funny how humans are so adverse to it...

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No eff off for me today. Started my new job yesterday and it seems like it is going to be a lot better for me.  Forn. Going to a corks and kegs festival with SO and some friends. So I will be eating something from a food truck and having lots of drinks. 

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How was the first day at the new job? 

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It went well.  It seems like they will actually appreciate me.  The atmosphere is very different. It is so very quiet there and I am use to hear people talk all day long with no quiet at all.  I am in my own office so that is super nice. Thanks for asking.

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It was fun. It was at a race track and casino. There was some horse racing and then a live band. The weather was great and it was a nice night. Until I am sure everyone saw my post.

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Eff off to Covid.  I'm just getting over my second round of it in a year.  An unwanted yearly tradition.  It better not become a yearly tradition.  Eff off to the lingering symptoms, the coughing, the fatigue, the weakness, etc.

Eff off to allergies which I'm having in addition to lingering symptoms of Covid.

Eff off to the anxiety and panic attacks that are accompanying the other symptoms.  I think it may be tied to perimenopausal symptoms.

Eff off to my car and the mechanic who is going to fix it.  I was driving my son to school last week and my car didn't want to shift gears. It's a manual transmission.  I managed to get it home fortunately but it refused to go into reverse when I got it in the driveway. I got it in neutral and let it coast down the hill backwards into my parking space.  I called a mechanic to come and get it.  They didn't bother to let me know that they were way behind and couldn't even look at it until this week.  It's going to cost about $1250 they say, to replace the slave cylinder and they're going to replace the clutch because they might as well since they have to remove it to replace the slave cylinder, which is in the bell housing.  Oh and they can't actually start on it until next week and I'll get it back the end of next week if I'm lucky. 

So for the past week,  probably all of next week, and possibly part of the week after, I will be driving my daughter's car, which means I'm back to driving to two different schools that are a few miles apart and dealing with traffic at two schools.  

Forn- getting takeout tonight so I don't have to cook.  Thinking about getting Subway.  

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Again, PetSpoiler? I'm sorry to hear that. Sad

Hope your car is fixed soon!

I haven't had Subway in years. Used to enjoy the steak and cheese. 

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That's something that I miss about funerals here - after it's over, everyone just drifts away. There's no gathering afterwards. It just seems so cold and empty. 

When my Dad died, his sister absolutely took over (I think she needed to keep busy - she doted on him) and made enough  sandwiches to feed an army and brought an enormous quantity of the most delicious sausage rolls (her local baker is a culinary genius) with the most buttery flaky pastry that I have ever tasted. I can still taste them today. 

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Get someone(s) to ride herd on BioHo.  We did this with all the difficult people at YSS funeral and the wake afterwards.  It worked for us but then none of the problem folks were BioHo.  *diablo*


Where I come from the entire community turns out for a funeral.  As an example, if I was an acquantance of Aniki's at work, I would turn up to the funeral and sign the book of condolance.  I might not go to the wake afterwards but that would depend on how closely we worked.  Where I live now its not as normal.  I found out when I went to my friend's granddad's funeral and I was the only one of her friends to attend, which was slightly embarassing. *unknw*  In my home culture everyone who knew my friend would have gone to the funeral and might have brought their families too.

Food for large crowds:  This is one my mom taught me years ago.  Chili con carne served with rice and garlic bread (I know, this has nothing to do with chili but its easy, cheap and filling).  She used to make it when my dad did a lot of socialising with his job and would often bring people back to the house after a night out.  She never knew if he'd appear with 2 or 200 so she kept a freezer of chili to be able to deal with the crowds.  [I would have told him to shove it but it was a very different era.] 

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My office is having a tailgate potluck party with "Football foods" in 2 weeks. I am not a football fan so I am looking for a recipe for those foods that you would eat at a tailgate party or football party. Any ideas? I like to cook so I look forward to bringing in something yummy to share. 


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This isn't a joke but how about a big pot of chili?  People can have it on its own, add it as a topping to burgers or hot dogs.  Plus its easy and relatively cheap.  

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I miss food. I miss a cocktail.

F-Off to:

  • Not being able to lose 30Lbs in 12 weeks while eating stuff that tastes amazing and having an end of day coctail or 3 every night.  I love being under 250Lbs for the first time in about 5 years and will keep on the program.  The day I hit 185 I am going to commit to a great bottle of Tequila, a huge slab of Prime Rib, and butter saute'd bourbon mushrooms.  Only 6-8 more months to go. And... DW looks incredible after her 20Lb weight loss in the same 12wks.  Though she always looks amazing. She is one of those genetically blessed specimens who keeps her shape and looks incredible at a wide range of sizes.  I am a lucky man.
  • Though I suppose the above bullet can double as both F-Off and fOrn Friday. I miss food.  The meals we do get to cook and enjoy, once a day, are very good. And the low carb baking that DW does with the program packets is amazing. But... I miss not having to think about normalizing my blood glucose levels, staying on plan for losing weight, and ... I miss food.

Enough of my whining. Have a great weekend STalkers.