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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! I am ready for the weekend. Do you have any effs to give today?

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. Dude, you're supposed to be on vacation. Please give us the gift of a break from you and stop calling/emailing us! Asshat.
  • Weather whiners. Seriously, we live in an area that gets snow early (October) and often and that stuff doesn't completely melt until May. It hasn't changed in, oh, I don't know... FOREVER. While this is about snow, it can be relative to other things... 

If you choose not to find joy in snow, you will have less joy in your life, but still the same amount of snow.



Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

It's the holiday season. DH and are are thrilled to not be hosting Christmas this year... SD29 and her hubby are. Woo hoo!  I am, however, still on the hook for desserts - and am a-okay with that! I will make the usual ("it's not Christmas without your <insert special pie here>, Aniki!).

This year, since no extra housecleaning or decorating is required, I plan to make an old family recipe: Mustikkapiirakka. Pssssst... For those who don't speak Finnish, that translates to Blueberry Pie. This is not simply a crust with blueberry filling. Nope. This is blueberries in heaven. Go ahead and google it. The pictures will give you an idea and there are plenty of recipes. Sorry, but I'm not sharing mine. It was willed to me by my grandmother. When I'm gone, it goes to my favorite niece who likes to uphold tradition.

Do you have a special dessert or dish you serve for the holidays?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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That sounds delicious!  A tradition for us is to make Fuchins (but we don't put any filling in ours) on Christmas morning and New Years morning.  They are a bit of a pain to make, but oh so good!

Eff off to the Flu, our whole family has had varying forms of it and it takes it's sweet ass time going away.

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Yum! No filling needed when the basic Fuchin is good.

Hope everyone is better soon! *give_rose*

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Eff off to MIL who neglected to tell us she had a cold until we arrived at her house for we are all sick. 

Eff off to gross Skids - DH has finally decided to clean their rooms. The doors are open for both of their rooms and the smell is bad!


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Gads, that is inconsiderate, to say the least. Get well soon!

Oh no! I like to boil a pot of stuff on the stove (cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange peel, etc), but not sure how well that would penetrate the house. Fabreeze?

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Many years ago, I tried a recipe because I had an immense glut of thyme. Put as much thyme as you have into a pot and cover with water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes. Leave all the doors open because I guarantee it permeates. Strain the liquid and add a chopped onion, a few diced carrots, as many peeled, seeded and chopped tomatoes and as much chili powder as you like. Season to taste. Cook till the carrots are cooked. Just before serving, add a good dose of lemon juice. 

The added bonus is that with the lemon, the thyme and the chili, if you happen to have a cold, you won't have it for long! Lol

It's a soup, by the way, and you can liquidize it if you prefer it smooth. 

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Eff off to YSD who still hasn't contacted DH. And a minor eff to DH who isn't trying any more.  I told him we're putting up the tree this weekend no matter what.

Xmas cookies and rum balls!  I usually make 3 kinds, but I think I'll just do two this year. No one else in the house eats them but me. I can bring the extras to work and give them to neighbors (they were HUGELY disappointed I didn't make rum balls last year LOL).  This year I'm going to make a chocolate yule log.

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Cover, you can only do you, darlin'. {{{hugs}}}

Rum balls!!! I'll take a dozen! I need a good bourbon ball recipe (chocolate). 

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You can use bourbon for rum in this recipe.  Chocolate all the way!

The key is using good shortbread cookies rather than cheap Nilla wafers for the base and gourmet powdered chocolate instead of Hershey's.

EDIT:  YSD informed DH late this morning that she's coming this weekend. No cooking for me! Glad for him.

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Eff off to chronic, debilitating disease. Two dear friends battling cancer, and DH recently diagnosed with something else. His is not necessarily life threatening unless we can't get it under control, but man, it's knocked him on his butt.

Not much holiday for us this year, and no trip to Skidville! One of the skids might come here. Which is fine. Will believe it when I see it. But, small holiday doesn't mean small baking. Oh heck no. I think I'm going to dig up my Mom's raisin-nut filled cookies. I don't like raisins that much, but I do like these!

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Merry, I'm not a big raisin fan either. I do like them in cinnamon raisin bagels or a broccoli salad recipe I make.

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Hey, Ani,

Eff off to old age and the fact that my beloved, 95 y/o Dad, plans to leave the (5 bedroom, 2 ½ bathroom) family home to take up residence in a retirement dwelling. Yeah, he’s become too frail and forgetful to continue alone yet his adoring children are loath to accept the next step, nome sayin’? 

We love Dad so deeply and so unconditionally! Both my brother in Florida and I are offering our homes; I would rather have him here, where I can keep a loving eye on him rather than in a retirement apartment where he could be subject to neglect.

Dad is refusing to relocate to either Florida (Brother) or to me (Daughter from The Great White North), preferring to remain in his local area where he has resided for the last 40+ years.

Yup, gotta’ let go and accept what is best for the father that I love with all my heart. Ani, I know that you understand, yeah? My heart hurts, URG!

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Hi, Granny, my mom is 99 and in a long-term place for 2 years after being in assisted living 4 years before that.  So, I know exactly where you are right now.  I respect your dad's wise decision to leave the family home but is there any chance you or your brother could persuade him to enter a place near one of you?   The reason I ask this is because I often wonder how residents manage when they dont have someone in proximity.  I visit Mom twice weekly but behind that, there are shopping trips for candy, crossword  and coloring books and wordfind books, breakfast bars, hearing batteries and wine (she is allowed one small glass daily).  Just this week, I've taken in a tabletop tree and visited her hearing aid place to check on it.  Last week, I took in a wreath for her door.    In the past few months, I've shopped for a new clock, pants and a watch.  My point is that the residents dont always understand what else they will need/want aside from the eseentials.  I'm sure your dad has that independent streak, like Mom does, where they don't want to burden us. 

Mom had the thought that friends and relatives would visit more than they do.  The reality is that only I and my 2 out-of-town brothers visit.  A friend might come once or twice a year.  Sad but true.

I have zero complaint with either of Mom"s residences but the fact is, residents need more "stuff" and  care than they are supposed to provide.  I was an a shopping line one day and speaking to a woman who was talking about a relation going into an assisted living in another city.  I thought, "how can that work?"    Feel free to PM me if you wish.  Good luck.


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Many thanks, JRI!

Four of Dad’s surviving six kids are within close proximity to him so he will never lack visitors. After my mother’s death, three years ago, baby Sis (fifteen years my junior) insisted on phoning Dad, every evening, at 7.00 PM. My nine years younger sister visits him twice a week, when she cleans and supervises laundry and yon local brother provides Dad with junk food (pizza and subs) on Thursdays and Sundays when they watch football, golf and whatever else is playing on the sports channels. My eldest sister and I, farther away, deliver frozen gourmet meals (we both love to cook) at least once a month. 

Dad is loved. When our mother was dying, she made us all promise to “Take care of your Dad”, which was unnecessary, since there was no question about our determination to make his life easier. Dad’s a tall guy, six foot two, yet when hugging him at the hospital after Mom’s death, he felt so shrunken with grief and misery that he had almost disappeared.  However, during the last two years, he's gradually returned to himself.

When Dad takes up residence in his new home, he will be visited by, not only his six kids, but by his grandchildren who also dig ‘Papa’ and his funny, charming, views on life. He’s a special guy and we will love him forever.

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I understand, granny. {{{HUGS}}}

I miss my Dad terribly since he remarried and moved to FL. But I'd rather him be somewhere he has friends and activities and is part of a community that watches out for each other than puttering around in a big house all alone. 

Kiss 2

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Sounds like heaven.  

We do turkey lasagna at Christmas, with a couple of sides and garlic bread..  And so far looks like just me and DH.  Love it.  Peaceful and quiet.

Hope all ST'ers have a wonderful (and peaceful) holiday season!!!

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Sounds delicious!!

I have no Eff Off's today.....

I say that as I sit her eating my once a year birthday dessert....a Doberge Cake. A New Orleans cake. Maybe I'll get one for the Christmas Eve guests!

In case you're wondering what a Doberge Cake is:

The definition of a special-occasion cake, a doberge is made of six to eight thin layers of vanilla sponge cake sandwiched with a custard or creamy filling, then covered in rich frosting. While you can get a doberge in a single flavor such as chocolate (my sister Tracy's preference), the most popular option is the "half and half," which seamlessly combines two flavors into one cake.

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Never heard of it but it sounds divine.  Happy Birthday Cajunmom!!  Enjoy every bite.  

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CajunMom, I've had both vanilla and chocolate Doberge Cakes and think each is divine, depending on my mood!

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Blueberry pie my absolute favorite. Ill have to look that up.

Sad to say our christmas tradition of desserts growing up, twinkies, ding dongs. No joke. My mama was not a baker. Except one year I was about 12 or 13 my dads aunt brought homemade ginger cookies. We all felt like royalty. I really wish I had scooped that recipe. To this day I smile about that.

I know the food and the company makes the best of the holidays. If you have neither dream for more!

I hope all the step talk folks make great memories and all skids behave.

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Stepdrama2020, DH's mother is no baker and that's what she gave them. Grandma, on the other hand, made cookies every Christmas. 

Have you checked out any old ginger cookie recipes to find the same one or similar?

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Eff off to anxiety! Every single day!  Eff off to panic attacks that come for no reason.

Eff off TMJ disorder!  Why can't I relax and stop clenching either my teeth or my jaw?  I think this is why I have tinnitus and why I get dizzy, also why at times I feel pressure or pulsing in my head.  Here I was blaming perimenopausal symptoms.  

Eff off to perimenopause too. To the anxiety that comes with it, the crying for no reason and all the other crapola  that comes with this time in life.  

Eff off to awkward get togethers.  So my mom had all of us kids and grandkids over for Thanksgiving.  First time in three years and boy was it awkward.  My SIL (brother's wife) and I had a falling out a couple of years ago.  We've kept things civil but I don't go out of my way to talk to her.   There's also apparently tension between her and my sister.  Don't know why and don't really care.  Not my business.  And my mother, for her part, just plain doesn't like SIL, with good reason, and was drinking to get through the visit.  Mom stayed in the kitchen the whole time.  My brother kept his head in a football game ignoring everyone including his wife.  He tends to do that though so he was actually being normal.  My sister was in the dining area briefly then went back to the kitchen with Mom then left early.  Can hardly wait for Christmas. 

SIL is a controlling individual and a liar.  She'd honestly fit in great with a lot of the BM's that I read about on here.  It's either her way or no way.  In her home that's fine.  She and my brother get to decide things in their home.  But she doesn't get to dictate my decisions for my family nor does she get to guilt me for my decisions.  

Eff off to my daughter's boss.  Hey lady, she needs off for a band concert.  It's a gold grade.  Get over it.  Do what you did a month ago before she started working there.  Thank you!  My daughter had to go over the woman's head to ensure the day off she needed.  Isn't there a law about letting students off work to attend a required school function?  If not there should be.  


I'm just glad I don't have to cook tonight.  I'm thinking either Subway, Chick fil  A or Zaxby's.  

Now it's off to feed my spoiled pets and get food for the hoomans.  


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PetSpoiler, I had TMJ. Yours sounds like it could be stress-related (at least in part). A device similar to a retainer (and custom-made) can be helpful.

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Eff off to pet stores who keep guinea pigs in these aquariums and don't give them a proper diet.  They need more ventilation than what an aquarium provides.  They can get an upper respiratory infection from lack of ventilation, which can be fatal if not treated early.  I went in a pet store today to buy treats for my guinea pigs and they had these two piggies in an aquarium with no hay.  Timothy hay is the biggest and most important part of their diet. They had a bowl of pellets and another bowl full of orange slices.  They can have orange slices I think but very sparingly.  Not much and not very frequently.  I said something to the cashier who was making her way over there as I was leaving, so hopefully those babies got some hay.  That's twice I've had to say something.  They sell these animals they need to know how to properly care for them so they can advise customers when they adopt them.  

Then they keep a bunch of parakeets in a small cage.   I feel so sorry for them!  We have three parakeets and their cage is much bigger. Makes me sad for those little birds.  They need room to fly, the poor things.  Ok, rant over.  For now.  

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No eff offs today.  Yesterday I took a day off work and went out for a dim sum lunch at the best place in our country.  It was amazing.


I don't love tarts and cakes but I do love a good starter.  For me it isn't christmas without smoked salmon on buttered traditional Irish brown soda bread with a squeeze of lemon.  Yum!

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As well as  the traditional stuff we had rabbit buns that were made to look like baby carrots.  So cute.

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I find it interesting to read about everyone's traditional holiday foods that they can't go without. This year I want to bake some cookies, for me Christmas is about having a wide array of cookies to choose from and dessert squares. I usually bake different batches throughout November and freeze them.

Some years my husband helped me bake Canadian Pecan Butter tarts, in memory of my late mother who was the queen of Canadian butter tarts. And the tradition really brings back all of the memories of my mom over the holidays, and her beloved tarts.

This year I discovered that there is a cute little Italian bakery near our house. They have the widest assortment of Italian cookies and cannoli. I am going to place a bulk order.. I'm super excited Biggrin

I have my kids Christmas eve and Christmas morning and I'd like to make a French toast casserole in the morning because we all love French toast...! :) 

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I'm going to make my first cookie batch tomorrow, my grandmother's spritz recipe. I add both vanilla and almond flavor. They freeze great so I can plan the cookie giving. I decided to make one more variety (need to check my cookie book!) And then run balls the week before Xmas. Cookies and cookie making were a big part of my holidays growing up. No one else in my house makes them or eats them. It's baffling. I just do it on my own and share the wealth with others who appreciate them.

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Yesterdays, my mother baked dozens and dozens of cookies for Christmas. The spare freezer was half full of them - for us, friends, neighbors, school events. Memories...

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Eff Off to:

  • Gastro Enteritis-  I haven't had anything sinceWed night except water snd broth amd then broth only since TFriday evening.  Ugh.  But, broth is amazing after this bug.
  • The dipshits that have dozens of people on a 7AM call 7 days/wk to talk about administrivial bullshit.  


  • Broth!  What a lifesaver.

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Okay, so I googled Mustikkapiirakka:

Mustikkapiirakka is a cross between a pie, a tart, and a cheesecake.

Oh my God, that sounds awesome! Much better than plain 'ol fruit pies (which I don't like).

If only I could taste, I would make it.

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I haven't been able to taste or smell anything since May 7th. If I could taste, I would for sure make one!