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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! It's been a minute since I've posted one of these. Life has been soooo busy.

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. (You knew that was coming and he is long overdue for a YUGE eff off.) KP, you need to take 2 or 20 courses in basic English. I've been communicating successfully with people all over the world for over 25 years. I am well-versed with how to write in case someone needs to translate into their primary language. Most people cannot understand what you're talking about or decipher what you wrote because it's word salad. You are -hands down- the rudest, most unprofessional asshat masquerading as a professional with whom I've ever worked. So don't try to tell me how to compose an email, you dipshidiot, when you cannot comprehend the most basic of sentences.
  • My cousin. I can't give details because anyone reading could identify me, so here's a fictitious scenario... I have a coconut cream pie. Cousin asks if she and son can have some. I say sure. When I return, all that's left is a small blob the size of a marble. IOW, they ate the Entire Effing Pie. I cannot ask them to return some of that. It's literally  impossible. Unless I'll accept the end result or they upchuck it (and who wants that). To say that I am furious is an understatement. Anyone looking at me would never know because this block of fiery rage is encased in ice. Suffice to say this is the LAST time she's pulling this BS. If push comes to shove, I'll take legal action. Grrrrrr...


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

It's rainy like crazy here, which makes me want to spend the evening curled up with DH and some hot soup/stew. Since the local fish market has fresh fish today, I'm going to make this:


What do you like to cook or bake or a dreary day?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Ok, I'm totally bookmarking that soup recipe.

Eff off:  To cancer, my dad has lung cancer, caught super super early though and they think with targeted radiation he's got a 90% chance of eradicating it. My parents are nuts, so it's been fun dealing with them and communictating, much of it last minute or just not clearly said. I was going to go down there next week to help with doc appointments and some things, but my dad just told me no, don't worry about it - no big deal. Ooooookaaaayyy then. Two 80 year olds NOT wanting help with driving and errands. We know he'll have few side effects, but he'll have some that'll wear him down a bit. 

Eff off: To my current employee my boss/cohort and I are working on terminating, hopefully soon. She's kind of like the one we dealt with last year (both hires were done by our former boss against some feedback) where she knows better than anyone, but is JUST NOW realizing she's in trouble - after much feedback. No one wants to work with her so there's no portfolio left to give her if, IF, she does improve. Which we don't think she'll do. She doesn't like the job (and has told me this directly). Her review is this afternoon so we've carefully composed it for our meeting. Fun Friday!

Cook/bake on dreary day:  Bread or chicken adobo. My plan is to make more soup this year than last year. Goals. 

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We have a guy on our team who is useless and no one likes working with him because he plays dumb. Over a year and he still doesn't understand the easy things. He's union so we're stuck with him. Effer will retire with bennies. *diablo*

I luuuuuuuvvvv the smell of bread baking on a rainy day!

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The pain of useless employees who just cruise through while everyone else is killing themselves.  *diablo*

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... I can't think of the right punishment for such a crime!

Next time quote Joey from Friends - "Aniki doesn't share food"

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Yo, Ani,

I've already downloaded the fish stew recipe and, as it happens, I have all the ingredients! Since we both love to cook, I'll bet that you're equally able to read a recipe and know whether or not it'll be a success, yeah? 

I'm also planning to make butter tarts this afternoon; lots of pecans and raisins. Pie crust is one of my specialties (Nana was a pastry chef so I learned at the knee of a master) and my DH is already licking his lips. The best crust requires lard (must be Tenderflake) and I'm trying to maintain my 30 pound weight loss, sigh. 

Maybe just a nibble.... Blum 3

Eff off to Microsoft for continually reverting to their crappy Bing on my new HP desktop instead of remaining with my preferred Google Chrome. My 2 other computers are Macs and are far more cooperative.

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My company has us set up so we default to Bing as our search engine so every time I want to do a search the first thing I have to do is create a google tab.  Takes seconds but it annoys me every single time.  DH is too lazy/untech savvy to do the change so he is constantly annoying me to help him find stuff on the internet because his laptop defaults to Bing.  Argh!!!!

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Hey, Accidental,

After doing a lot of enquiring (on Google Chrome!) about my inability to stop Bing from slithering back in like the aggravating snake that it is, I was advised that:

…malicious web extensions or plugins infiltrate Chrome, alters its settings, and sets Bing as the default search engine.

This information was not convincing, since I’d run both BitDefender and Malwarebytes, checking for nastiness. What generally works, if only for a limited time, is changing the ‘Search Engine’ tab in the ‘Settings’ page back to the Chrome Search Engine. This ‘Bing’ frustration is almost as bad as the windows from Microsoft etc. that are unwilling to close without calling up ‘Task Manager’.  GRRRRR!

Dash 1

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I got terminated today for the 1st time in my life... and IT'S A BLESSING! Toxic team who've all been there 17-20 years were all threatened by my competence, skills, and the praise I receive from the technical engineering staff I supported. 

Freedom 2023 = freedom from toxic smarriage & from toxic, bitchy co-workers! Lifting my glass of adult beverage... Who's with me?!??!!


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One of the tech peeps I supported sent me this tonight regarding my being terminated today:

"I'm sorry to hear what happened. I'm super bummed about it. Can't explain how much help you were and how much I enjoyed your style and working with you. I think [XYZ] felt the same way, and I'm pretty sure [XYZ] as well. You are a big part of the success we've been seeing in our office and it was nice to have that and I felt like we were just starting to see it start paying off. Hate losing that. You burn bright so I know you'll be fine, but I hate seeing you go. Stay in touch and if I can ever help in anyway let me know."


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I'm sure you'll find another job that you'll like much better.  REach out to the XYZ folks to see if they have any leads or if they can give you a reference or recommendation on Linkedin.


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Fun LinkedIn fact: I never added that firm to my LI jobs list because I was too ashamed to be associated with'em! However, I am connected to several CYZ's on LI and am reaching out to my network. Already been doing some contract side-work in recent months, also. 

Thanking God in advance for my next job(s)!


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No warning, no reason, just "We have decided to go in a different direction with leadership".   So, in my job search, I am calling this getting "displaced by reorganization".    I have been RIF'd due to industry downturns (with thousands of others), displaced by acquisition, completed an assignment with no follow up assignment, but... never been terminated before.

Even the State UI office is banging their heads against a wall on my status.  Not fired, not RIF'd, just... gone.  The UI office is very focused on the why of a release and in defending paying out UI to anyone fired for cause.  No cause... is a good thing.

It took 6wks for the UI office to figure it out, but... they finally did.  So, I am getting my paltry $527/wk for 6mos while I very selectively target my next opportunity.  I am commited to maintaining DW's career as the primary career in our marriage. It is her turn to thrive professionally. And she is kicking ass.  But, finding something in this city even remotely close to my historic income levels is not looking likely.  So.... road warrior, consulting... who knows?

My e/m and LinkedIn is blowing up with contact by several former employees, others who were released by the company without cause.   I have some labor lawyers that people have recommended. I will likely file a wrongful termination and hostile work enviroment suit.  But not until I have my next role.  Law suits are public record and can show up on background checks.  We do not need the money, but.... adding my lawsuit to the dozen or more the company is currently dealing with may give me leverage to drive a notable settlement.


Enjoy your reset and do not just settle.  

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Yippee an Eff off Friday.  Been missing these but get how busy you are, Aniki

- Eff off to DH.  We were chatting this week and some how the trip he took 3 x SSs to Disney in Florida came up.  I didn't go but that was completely my choice as I am not an amusement park person.  He was reminiscing, which doesn't bother me, when he mentioned the cost. c.$11k.  I'd never know the price of the trip and didn't need to since DH paid for it out of his own funds.  I said, wow you have never come anywhere close to spending anything like that on a present for me.  Thanks!  I'm still sad about it.  But you can't change the past so I need to get past it.

Eff off to work.  I haven't had a proper day off including weekends since my vacation in late June.  I have two mammoth projects to finish by early October.  In a normal world the timetable would be end of October and I would only have one to close.


Its sunny here so hard to think about rainy day comfort food but two suggestions come to mind.

Roast celeriac soup. (Celery root or rooted celery I think in the USA).  I'll roast the cubed celeriac with some onion, a carrot and maybe a cubed potato or two in olive oil, then add to a pot of homemade chicken bone broth, heat through and then blitz.  So delicious.  I like to serve it with a swirl of olive oil and either a swirl of greek yogurt of some shaved parmesan.

Beef in red wine stew


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Yes! So good; unfortunately has been impossible to find in a grocery store for literally 2/3 YEARS. I haven't even been able to find it at farmer's markets! I plan on growing it next year. I guess people in this area (I'm a transplant) don't eat it (or even know what it is). Not real surprising since a grocery store clerk recently asked me what [fresh] beets and eggplant were...

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I hope you managed to grow some.  If you do, I recommend chopping it up, putting it in an oven tray, put a whole chicken on top.  Stuff the chicken with a whole lemon that you poke holes in with a knife or fork.  Roast the whole thing.  The juices from the chicken and the lemon help to roast the celeriac.  It is so yummy.  Part of the celeriac should caramelise and parts with be nearly confit.

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I have no effs today ... but that's only because I have my beautiful black kitty sleeping on my desk and purring in her dreams. She's a very positive influence Smile

Dreary day cooking? Either tomato soup and cheese scones or beef noodle soup (a chinese recipe that has the entire house smelling of star anise, cinnamon, and cloves. At least, that's my dilemma for tonight seeing as we're having really heavy rain today. We're also out of bread but I think I might just make a wholemeal loaf rather than venture our in the deluge to buy a fresh baguette or three.

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EffOff - I got nothin that needs to Eff0ff.  Though binge watching Blue Bloods/Law and Order (all of the iterations)/NCIC and recycled movies is getting a bit wearisome.  So I guess, Eff0ff to the writers/actors strike. I need some new stuff.

F0rn - I live in Las Vegas so not much chance for rainy weather to drive menu selections.  Though I did make a spicy chicken meatball Italian wedding soup this week. Low carb of course.

Italian Wedding Soup

Ingredients (meatballs)

18 Oz lean ground chicken or turkey

1/3C eqq whites

1T sausage seasoning (or season to your taste)

Ingredients (soup)

8C chicken broth

1tsp dried basil leaves

2tsp garlic powder

1tsp kosher salt

1/4tsp black pepper

1 1/2 C chopped celery

1/2C chopped green onion

4C fresh spinach leaves (de-stemmed) - I use baby spinach. No need to de-stem.


1. In a large bowl mix meatball ingrediants until combined.  Refridgerate for 1hr.

2. Form chicken into 1 1/2 inch meat balls. Use a cookie scoop or form by hand.

3. In a dutch oven/soup pot combine broth and seasonings. Heat over high heat until it reaches a light boil then drop in meatballs and add celery and onion.

4. Reduce heat and simmer for 25mins uncovered. Stir occassionally.

5. Add fresh spinich and simmer for 3-5mins or until wilted. Taste and season with additional salt and pepper if necessary. - I added red pepper flakes to kick up the spice.


Entire recipe i= 18 Oz of lean protein and 6C of veggies.

1/4 of recipe as a serving size = 6 Oz lean protein & 2C vegies.

Full disclosure: I don't make meatballs anymore.  I buy Trader Joes Chicken Meatballs (Seasoned-Fully Cooked-Gluten Free).  They are very good, versatile, and cut the prep time down by more than an hour.  T-Js is ~1/4 mile from our home so it is very convenient.