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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! This has been a long work week and I'm ready to dive into the weekend.

Eff Off to:

  • Automated computer software upgrades. There needs to be SOME sort of control over when these damn things start. They should be scheduled outside of my work hours and not in the middle of my work day. Nothing like your computer automatically rebooting in the middle of a presentation​​​​​​ on Tuesday. And not just once, but four times on the same day. WTH . Especially annoying when the combined reboots took up over 2 hours. Bunch of hooey.
  • King Pita. Dude, just stop with parroting my weekly emails. We get enough emails. You add nothing to them and anyone with half a brain cell knows it's an excuse to yammer electronically because you can't do it in person. 
  • The Black Dog is heavy on my back. Today would've been my Mom's 93rd birthday and, for some reason, I'm missing her terribly (she's been gone 11 years). 


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

Yesterday was the first day of Fall. Mother Nature certainly jumped into the spirit of the season with an overnight low temp of 36 degrees F. You know that made this Finn happy! *yahoo* 

I'll be heading to the grocery store after work to get ingredients for something served in a bowl. Chili, vegetable beef soup, stew... hmmmmm. With rain in the forecast, it will be a good weekend to curl up on the couch with a good book. Chili and beer bread, it is! 

What do you start craving when the temperature drops?



Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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for you on moms bday.

Eff off to this whole last week.

Simmer pots are so wonderful. I think chili sounds divine.

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Thanks, CLove.

It's been a crap week for me. 

I've never heard of a simmer pot, Oh, Google!

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They do that shiznit to my servers..only they don't tell anyone and I get woke up at unholy hours that my database is no longer functioning. is a stupid os upgrade/patching or did it really die...WHO THE FARK effing annoying.  And then my fav...the patching/upgrade fails..and it the automated crap just leaves it broken....and I have to spend HOURS tracking down anyone on the other side of the world...TO FIX THE SERVER..that I can't touch and that they broke.

Don't get me started on the rando upgrade that took out my laptop mid 100g+ database move...yep..that was fun. 

Also don't tell me you can't publish times, etc...I call BS on that ...

Eff right now to people that don't do their own jobs.  Geez....I'm a database admin not a freaking app support person.  I don't know jack about your app and I'm not about to start learning either.  Google people...use it

Ah fall has arrived here....91 yesterday...62 today.   Mother nature is having some really severe mood swings...  

Forn....beef bourgione.  MMMM>>>>

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Eff off to hurricanes heading in your general direction.. Eff off to cranky AC systems when it's still hot as blazes.  

We have been in FL so lots of florida lobsters... grilled, salad... yum.

we have a fall dish planned for the weekend.. clam chowder.. but kind of our own version.. my DH can't have onion, garlic or cream.. so it is broth based with carrots, potatoes and one diced jalepeno with some canned clams.. dump and simmer for the flavors to blend.. maybe add a splash of sherry, cooking wine.. or even a splash of beer to give it some oomph!

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Sounds like Manhattan Clam Chowder.  

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Manhattan is red (has tomatoes).. this is more like the Outerbanks style NC.. clear.. though you could easily add cream per each bowl if you had different preferrences I guess:)

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Hugs Aniki.

Too many Eff offs to list.

Food - we also went from 80 to 60.  Big pot of chili and meatballs and sausage for Sunday Football.  The only restaurant near us that served rabbit stew closed so beef stew it is!

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Sounds like you're having the same kind of week, classyNJ. Hugs right back  

A few years ago, I read a recipe where the lid is left off of the stew while it bakes in the oven. Adds another level of flavor. Yum!

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Hugs re your mom.  I'm sure she was an excellent person.

My Eff off is a repeat from Monday because it hasn't changed.

EFF OFF to having two left feet.

I tripped over my own feet last week and broke my arm into 4 seperate pieces.  Had to be carted off to hospital in an ambulance, spend hours in the ER (was lovely as there was a drug seaker screaming in pretend pain to get opiates) and the wait for 2.5 days to get into surgery.  I've been operated on now and have more metal in my arm then the bionic woman.  And it is amazingly painful.

Silver lining is that I have a good excuse to work from home for the foreseable future. 

Mr TASM has been an amazing nurse.  He deserves a medal for best DH ever. *give_rose*


We are having autumn too.  DH stuck a chicken in the oven with a ton of root vegtables to roast.  It was delicious.  Plus I have lots of left over veg that will be transformed into soup tomorrow.  Yum yum.

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TASM, ow Ow OW!!! I hope you heal quickly and are pain-free soon.

Roasted root vegetables are under-rated!

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Full blown flare up this week, truly severe over 90 percent of my body.  Just moving was so painful!.  On a boatload of antihistamines from primary care doc (thank goodness, they have helped and I can move about - though made me drowsy and listless all week).  

Itching is much improved and I got a referral to an allergist.  The wait time for that appointment?  Late Dec.  Dear Lord should I make an appointment with the Dalia Lama for a blessing to heal my itching?  Seems like it would be faster.  Oh, I'm outside a major metro city so one would expect these appointments would be more available...NOT.  dang Specialists!

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oy it is the worst.....the freaking itching.  At one point I had to wear socks on my hands to stop the scratching.  I can tell when I have virus or something my eczema breaks out first...

Take care..and I wouldn't wish this on anyone other Beaver.   :)

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It really makes you want to throw yourself in traffic.!! Can't stand it!  This one was the WORST EVER.  Literally severe over my most of my body.  My doctor even said oh poor thing.

Ive had bad hay faver over most of my young adulthood.  Bad enough that I had to go to an allergist in my late 20's for the skin test, special serum and shots.  All helped greatly and for 20+ years have been at peace with my allergies.  Until freaking menopause changed so much.  Now my skin is the recipient on any allergen it doesn't like.  Which is most things.

Maybe I'll go live in the forest with leaves as my clothes LOL.

Ugh, hate it.


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I was just reading an article about food allergies related to exzema.

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My eff off is pretty mild compared to everyone else. Eff off to forgetting one thing at the grocery store. Cabbage. It's a main ingredient for a dinner I am craving and was planning on making tomorrow. *SIGH* I reallllly didn't want to go to the grocery store this weekend (it is a level of hell on the weekend) but I really want that dish. At least it's just one thing. But can you ever leave the grocery store with just one thing? (Spoiler: I never seem to be able to.)

It's "fall" in the 94 during the day and 59 at night. I am going to pretend and start my soup making this weekend. I typically make one big pot of soup on Sunday for the week during cool seasons. I am going to start the season with a classic minestrone. 

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Eff-off to:  Not much.  My #2 is working his 12 steps, on meds, and is remarkably pleasant to be around  this week. For now. But, I still get a bit of anxiety during my AM commute due to the unknown of which #2 I am going to get.

Even giving performance appraisals went well this week.

F0rn:  We have made the full palette transition to low carb. The food is amazing. Even the packets are better than they were the first time we did this program in 2017.  They have upped their flavor game.  

Now, if my Char-Broil electric grill will ship so I can start doing my own barbecue (low and slow).  Yummm!

Have a great SKid drama free weekend STalkers.  May everyone's SO keep their heads away from their own butts and not interfere in the weekend zen.

UPDATE:  My grill shipped!  It was due for delivery yesterday. No new date but it left Phx for LV this afternoon. I'm excited.

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I remember when performance reviews were the boss discussing how you did, room for improvement, etc. Nowadays, I have to showcase my accomplishments and come up with goals for the next year. The whole thing is anxiety. 

We need a grill, but keep putting it off. I could really go for some ribs.

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Yesterday was so busy that I didn't have time to say eff off to anything but here I am. 

Eff off to anxiety as always.  It seems to be an almost constant companion.  

Eff off to section leaders in marching band who don't make sure their section is in the right spot.  My daughter was at band practice Monday and the drummers were in the wrong place.  Her nose had an unfortunate meeting with a bass drum mallet and now she has a nasal fracture.  The guy that hit her feels awful about it. She is going to have to have surgery, which is scheduled for Tuesday provided the routine Covid test is negative.  She did have Covid a few weeks ago and I let them know.  They're having her clean out her nose twice a day to hopefully get any dead covid cells out and get a negative test.  She also won't be able to participate in marching band for a week or two.  

Eff off to insurance that drags their feet on the pre authorization for the surgery.  

Eff off to the mechanic who has had my car for over three weeks now and let me know that I could pick it up late yesterday afternoon but I didn't have time due to the football game. 

Eff off to fatigue.  The day after a football game I am so tired.  Today my daughter is going to a band competition and I volunteered to chaperone.  I'll probably be too tired to go to church in the morning.  

Eff off to the traffic and people who got in my way, making it impossible yesterday for me to get everything done that I needed to do.  

Eff off to Sam's who didn't have what I needed, causing me to go to another Sam's where all the traffic was.  

Eff off to my shoulder that keeps hurting.  It feels like the bone is hurting.  Is this what arthritis feels like? 

I had Subway pizza after the game last night.  I pick up the food before and put it in the refrigerator so I can come straight home.  It's the one night a week that we get takeout.  

Last night was pretty good.  It was youth night and my son got to participate.  He and the other middle schoolers got to march into the stadium with the high schoolers.  He was part of the pregame show and got to play in the stands.  It was pretty cool knowing that my kids were able to participate in band together.  She plays clarinet and he plays trumpet.  He will be old enough to march next year and he plans on it.  So my kids will get to be in marching band together for one year.  She'll be a senior next year so that'll be it.  I was a proud band mom last night.  

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Gadzooks, PetSpoiler! You've certainly been having a time of it. Hope your daughter heals quickly. 

I <3 clarinet! Played for several years, but gave up band when at high school to play sports.