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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Woo hoo! We made it!! Counting the hours 'til the weekend beings. Biggrin

Eff off to:

  • Last minute meetings. On a Friday. At 3pm. Guess who will be taking a long lunch?
  • People who claim they've changed. Sure ya did. For what - 5 minutes? Same ol' hooey. SSDD. Go away.
  • King Pita, the effer who manages to stretch every 30 minute meet to 45 or 60 or longer.

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Happy Friday Aniki!  I hope your day goes by fast and your weekend takes it's sweet a$$ time.

My eff off is to forest fires, we have a pretty big one near us and the smoke has settled in our valley for the past week.  It's miserable and it's still balls hot to boot.  So eff off to a$$holes who start these damn fires and eff off to living near satan's butthole!

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Happy Friday, Advice!! I hope you're right and wish the same for you. *give_rose*

Balls hot is already miserable, IMO. Smoke and fires make it that much worse. There needs to be a special punishment for the a$$hole pyros. FTR, I don't want to be anywhere near satan's butthole!

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I'd be in serious danger of death so kudos to you for making it through this hellscape.

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And on the flip side of that, eff off to the hurricane coming into the Gulf coast. Wish I could send that rain your way.

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Right we need it so bad and we have been dry this summer, we had a few storms in July but that was it.

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Eff off to adversarial meetings.  They make my IBS erupt. 

Had one today that, I kid you not, descended into two grown a$$ adults saying "Stop being so childish" and "I'm not the one being childish" plus " you go first", "no you go first".  The outcome is that we have to have another meeting with the counterparty next week to attempt to achieve what we should have sorted out today.

The highlight of my day is that it is nearly wine o'clock in my time zone and we have a long weekend.

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Don't they sound professional?! I guess no one said "Do I need to seperate you two?"...

What kind of wine, TASM? *drinks*

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Ha, yes, especially eff off to #2!  Eff off and go really work on yourself!!!!

Hope you have a great stress-free and enjoyable weekend as well!

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Right? I don't care what you call yourself - enlightened, free from the past, newly in touch with your inner self - it's lip service. Period. Dot. And I was done with you and your caca ages ago. You're simply trying to suck people back in because you need attention. SMH

Have a good one, Simpleton! *give_rose*

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Yep, I've had enough lip service myself lately!  It is evident that is all it is! 

Thank you! Give rose

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to Mrs. Headlights, the gigantic boobed, incompetent, brain-dead, unjustly promoted to technician when she can't even handle receptionist/general office work.   AGAIN after, without hyperbole, probably 40+ times assigned me a ticket that she can handle in two seconds as she doesn't understand the concept for some reason.  I have tried to explain this to her over and over and over and over and over and over you get the picture.   Does not stick!   Unable to retain!  Age is not an excuse.  she's my age for pete's sake!!!

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Employers who retain incompetence boobheads are sooooooo annoying! Those who can do the job are always doing extra AND Boobhead's jobs. While Boobheads do little to nothing, keep their jobs, AND usually get raises. *dash1*

There are times where I'd like to be able to retain employment with regular merit increases just because I have boobs. Or a nice smile. Or cool shoes. Or... <insert ridiculous reason here>.