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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! Anyone else counting down the hours until the weekend officially begins (5.5 for me!)?

Eff off to:

  • Zoom. Yep. That's pretty much a daily thing. Zooms waste an extraordinary amount of my time.
  • King Pita. That effer luuuuuuuuuurrrrrvvvvvsssss Zoom meetings. It gives him the opportunity to hold us hostage to his incessant yammering. Lord, how that effer can yammer on about NOTHING!
  • My fat fingers. In a one-on-one zoom with KP, I fat fingered my phone and UNmuted myself. While I was saying, "No, I don't know what the eff you're talking about." Thankfully, KP didn't miss a beat. Note to self: Mute phone AND computer...


ETA: DO NOT attack people on my blogs. If you disagree with someone you can keep scrolling and ignore, start your own blog, or PM that person and have a private war. Starting an argument here gets your comments deleted. Period. Not.On.My.Blog. 


Now. Please carry on, untwist your knickers and, by all means, TRY to have a stress-free and enjoyable weekend. 


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Eff off to having to train my replacement during the busiest time of the year regarding something that took me 4 months to learn, but I'm being laid off in 6 weeks! Plus, having to find a new job during a pandemic.

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Training your replacement and you're being laid off?? What the eff?!

Justshootme, best of luck on your job search. In the last year, I know several people who have gotten new jobs. My workplace hired 3 people between August and December! *give_rose*

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I suppose "replacement" is the wrong word. Half of our department is being laid off and these are current coworkers who have to pick up all the extra work. The bad part is that I like them very much and hate that they are going to be overwhelmed soon. Sad

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I don't know who I feel worse for:  you or your co-workers.  At least you may find a lovely new job working somewhere more sensible.

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High school like mean girls. They are everywhere, even as adults. The group never acknowledging the "outsider".

We are all SM's and SF on here, weve been left out all the dang time. Lets hope on here that never happens.

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Stepdrama, it's been several years, but I knew a group of women who were late 40-s high school like mean girls. It's no wonder why they had no friends outside of their circle. When they did, those friends did not stick around long because of the sh!t those hateful women spewed all over them. Pathetic that any woman thinks being an adult high school mean girl is an attractive quality. Makes me wonder about the men they attract (only one of the 5 is married, but she moved several states away and only sees her mean cronies once a year or two and the husband never comes with her). 

Sorry to tell you this, doll, but it has happened here. Let's hope it doesn't happen again. *give_rose*

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I have noticed it on here.

Without going into specifics, its actually disheartening.

I havent gone on here much lately and it seems better


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Dovina (good to 'see' you!), that's true. It IS disheartening. We came here for help and were/are already stressed. Adding that meanness only adds stress to an already stressful situation. Sad

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How about the group of mean girls who have been pals since elementary school, and are still in the same clique as middle aged women?  They're still posting on social media photos of their glory days from the high school cheerleading squad.  

I'll take "Pathetic" for $200, Alex.

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YEEEEESSSSSS!!! That is a perfect description of the ones I knew. 

And HS was 40 years ago. I'll take "Pathetic" for $1000, Alex!

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To all of them .

The dudes they attract are prob just like them.

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Dang there is someone for everyone. 

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I have a good friend who is in a circle of women like that.  Always a lot of infighting in that group as well.  Way too much drama for me so I only interact with my friend one on one.

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There's too much drama in step life. The LAST thing I need is to add to it with craptastic and 110% unnecessary drama!

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I have 4 hours to go..but I'm oncall so yea...I still get to work this weekend.

Eff of to my boss that couldn't quite figure out....I'M RECOVERING FROM COVID.  Yea...I'm still working but this getting up at 1 a.m. to do crap and then being back at work at 7 a.m. is really hard WHEN YOUR RECOVERING FROM COVID.  I get the feeling he thinks I was lying about having new for him..I have my positive and my quarantine papers from the department of health.


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Poor you.  Definitely take it easy this weekend.

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Halo, I'm sorry you're still not feeling well. Fingers crossed that you have few to no calls this weekend. 

Pssssst... Evil Aniki wants to smack your boss in the back of the head. With a wooden spoon.

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Eff off don't know.

Maybe cat food manufacturers who, due to pandemic/supply issues, have run out of specialty prescription food for pets? My cats have to have a prescription diet or IBD makes them barf all the time. The drugs I give them help (a pill every other day) but the food is a biggie. I've had to "test" other over the counter foods the past two weeks, running out of their prescription stuff fast!  I think I have two now that work, but my poor lovey boy kitty was gagging last night.  GAH.

Fur babies.

I feel awful for those needing these foods for kidney care or other worse conditions.

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That sucks! Here you are, doing your best to care for the needs of your furbabies, and you're hitting speed bumps and roadblocks. {{{hugs}}}

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Have you tried  Gimlet recommended it to me, and I've had nothing but success in getting the Rx food Fuzzy Umpkins needs.  

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When my darling Mr. P was alive, we received Chewy deliveries every other week. He had food allergies and I was able to filter out things he could not have, which made shopping SO much easier. I <3 Chewy!

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Is it Royal Canin?  I know they had some stocking issues and the only reason we didn't run out was because DH and I both bought a bag for Old Man cat at the same time. 

Chewy was the fastest at getting it back in stock, I would bet the exert a ton of pressure on the supplier.

Not much you can do when everyone is out.  Has your vet been able to suggest a substitute?

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Yep, Royal C. National if not international pet food shortage.  There's NONE. I got the lat 6 cans my vet had a week ago, so they have been helpful.  I put in an order for a similar food from Science waiting for that now.  They love one of the over-the counter cans I bought yesterday so watching to see how they do on that.  So far no issues from this morning on!

They refuse to touch raw food so it's gotta be canned pate. 

I'm on the Chewy list to be contacted since it's prescription if it ever comes back and if the Science Diet doesn't work.  Hoping that's not out too.  It's been a little stressful.

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Old Man kitty is on dry because he has no teeth and wet is super hard for him to eat.  Dry works really well when it's moistened.  Dry seems to be a bit more available.

Our other two eat Weruva Cats in the Kitchen and do really well in it, even Special Kitty with his diva stomach.  I hope your OTC cans work!  So stressful when your pet has issues.  

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Welp, there's now also a shortage of OTC rabbit food of course!  I got the last batch of the one my cats will tolerate from my local pet store. I am crossing fingers once we are out of this that the new prescription brand works, or that I at least have enough of the other food to work it into their diet slowly.

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Eff off to people who don't read. I belong to a group that does Easter bags for kids at a long term shelter. We usually get together and put the bags together, but Covid... So I am putting the bags together in my living room. During the year we collected bag appropriate items as we have seen them on sale. So last week I sort through the items and send out a note that we are all set except we need personal care items for the early teen boys and girls. Two people replied let me know what is needed. I resent the email with a note that we have no personal care items for them yet. Have not heard from either of them again. Another replies days later that she went shopping that morning and bought for the eleven and twelve girls. One person did read and dropped off an item for each of the teen girls. No one bought for the teen boys. Cue my morning run to the store to pick up what is needed as these bags are getting dropped off today.

This is my last year being in charge of this. My resignation as the chair gets emailed next week. 

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Eff off to my skin which has developed a really strong reaction to sun light.  Think swelling, sunburn, itching, pain. Finally saw a specialist this week so have all the creams and potions.

Eff off to having to throw out all my expensive cleanser and moisturisers and repurchase dermatologist recommended stuff.

And finally eff off to having ot wear SPF50 when I'm INDOORS!

But on the upside I'm not allergic to wine.

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OUCH!  My sympathies as a pale-skinned redhead who burns in under 30 minutes when outside.

Are you perhaps turning into a vampire????

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I've been joking about the vampire thing.  Its a definite possibility except I still love garlic.

This is worse than having celtic skin.  I've lived all my life with pale skin and get burnt if outside without sunscreen on a summer day but this if different.  I'm having a reaction to sunlight coming in through the window.  Its like the worst sunburn in the world and takes weeks for the swelling and reddness to go.

I so need a vampire emoji on this site.

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What does the Specialist think is going on?  It sounds extremely painful, gal!!!

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Specialist says that its something that happens to people with celtic skin and I have to manage the situation going forward.  I need to get into the habit of stickin my SPF50 on first thing in the morning.  She descrbed it as having to become just like brushing my teeth.

I can now see where the legends of vampires come from.  *ROFL*

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Yep. I inherited my Mom's celtic skin. I keep SPF50 at work and in the car during the summer. Wish it was odorless or maybe vanilla-scented...

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Holey old socks, TASM! I'm sorry to hear that!!! I inherited my Mom's skin and can burn in less than 15 minutes. I'm a SPF70 queen and have to slather it on my arms just to drive to the damn grocery store. I just ordered a long-sleeve SPF50 shirt for driving and I'm tired of reeking like sunscreen. 

Yay to no wine allergies! You should console yourself with some this weekend. *drinks*

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Being allergic to wine would have been worse.  LOLZ.

I've been recommended Heliocare 360 spf50+.  Its a small pack so for face only but doesn't smell at all.  Yippee.

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Eff off to everyone bragging on social media about their vaccinations, so sick of it already.  I don't care when you got your shot, which one you got, etc etc.  I'm over it already.  Please keep it to yourself, thanks.

Eff off to this mother-effing document I have to work on but can't seem to stop procrastinating on.  Probably because it is so dull.

Eff off to acid reflux.  Mine seems to be getting worse.  Probably need to see a doctor.

Eff off to scheduling appointments with doctors.  Why in the year 2021 do we have to call an office, get put on hold for god knows how long, and then get asked a bunch of questions that we'll just have to fill out a form for when we get to the office?

Eff off to another family call on Sunday.  I'm sure Bratty will be on it since she has no life.

There.  Now I'm ready for the weekend!!!  

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Ouch.  That is so painful.  

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YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! Do they want an effing trophy? One of my coworkers started on that in a MEETING yesterday. I am fed the eff up with it and said, "You DO know that asking for our medical history/information is a violation of HIPAA, right?" Our team lead (who is NOT getting vax'd) said, "Aniki is right. And we're here to discuss WORK. I have plenty to assign if you need some, Mumbles." Shut that effer right up.

I am also trying to work on a mother-effing document and am continually interrupted. When I DO have time it's 15-30 minutes, and I simply cannot get motivated as 15-30 minutes is simply NOT long enough to accomplish an effing thing on this beast.

Could your acid reflux be stress/anxiety related? When I'm stressed, I have acid reflux. No other time.

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Acid reflux. Suffered for years. Finally had an upper endoscopy and found out all the reflux resulted in Barretts. Not good. Now on year six of taking generic Prilosec daily. The good thing is that the prescription  is significantly cheaper than buying over the counter. 

My Celtic skin has never ever tanned. And since I am older than dirt there was no sunscreen when I was a kid. And when I was a teen Coppertone was sold as a tanning aid.  My burns from when I was a kid have acquainted me with all of the three most common forms of skin cancer. My body will always be identifiable by its scars. 
For years I told myself that the smell of the sunscreen was to remind me of summers at the beach. Now I just find the least offensive smell I can. My current favorite is Neutrogenia dry touch. I like that it comes in 100 strength.


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Over the counter Prilosec settles it but it keeps recurring, and it ain't fun at all.

Isn't it strange that prescriptions can be cheaper than OTC sometimes!  

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Ugh. Sorry to hear that. 

I have friends who were sun worshippers, used tanning oils... All have had skin cancer. I've been using Coppertone SPF70 and will definintely check out the Neutrogenia. Thanks!

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As it seems to keep recurring.  Just need to schedule an appointment probably.

The posts are so annoying.  The worst one was a text from one of SO's friends bragging about how they got the vaccine due to their 'volunteering' which consists of selling girl scout cookies at a table outside the grocery store.  Then telling us we should look into that loophole for ourselves.  WTF.  No, we both WFH and neither of us need to take away from actual front line and grocery store workers who could benefit.  Annoying.  And this person claims to be so progressive about everything.  Yet she pushes herself to the front of the line every chance she gets.  She is a total 'Karen'.

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Selling GSC might be considered an essential service by some folks! LOL

My 90yo Dad has a heart condition and asthma. Took WEEKS for him to get on the list and vaccinated. I would have gladly given up my 'slot' for him to get one as I am also WFH. *diablo*

I feel badly for the Karens who are thusly named but faaaaaaaar from being the loathed type of Karen.

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got it

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Eff off to my niece's cat being diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure.  He is only 10 and has 6-12 months and there isn't much she can do.

She's had a real sh*tter of a year and this is the last thing she needs.

KGB Kitty to you, IDon'tCare.  Sad

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Please send heartfelt prayers and head butts to your niece and KGB Kitty from Fuzzy Umpkins and me.  As long as there is life, there is hope.  

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Oh, EFF!!! A friend of mine's kitty was also diagnosed with that. What a horrible coincidence. :(  Prayers for your niece and kitty. 

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Eff off to Friday 4 pm meetings. Only time it could be scheduled. WTF?

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I rejected an "invite" to a conference call because it was at 3:00 pm.  Didn't supply a reason for the reject other than I had a "conflict".  Got the same "invite" for the same call.  I responded I'd already responded, and I had a conflict.

3:00pm is cutting into my drinking time.  I don't take conference calls after 2:00 pm.  Get used to it.  

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I was on a 2:30 zoom when King Pita and Mumbles decided to start yammering on - crap no one else cares about, nor was it pertinent. I lied and said I had to drop off for a call coming in. Another person messaged me, asking if they could get in on that call. LMAO

KP and Mumbles need to get the own effing Zoom...

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F off to cancer again. A lovely 96year old friend of our family has been diagnosed---cancer everywhere. Poor woman. She asked to be sent home with morphine. Her wish was granted.  Her daughter was a friend of mine who passed away from breast cancer at age 48.

F off to all things that are making step talkers sad, upset, annoyed. I sincerely want each of you to be happy and at peace.

F off to bm,,,cant you just stop. It's been going on 22 years and you are still keeping dh in court, thinking he owes you. Ask your husband to buy you new tires and that is just the start of what YOU think dh owes you. WTH For the love of God will some Judge tell her to stop?

(you guys know I don't say much about BM and dh)

F off to the Tornados that hit Georgia and Alabama...6 killed. Praying for the families.


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Oh tog...if I felt safe enough I would drop it all on here. . It's an open case, I cant. I am not trying to be evasive just telling the truth.


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That effing effer, cancer. I am so sorry about your lovely friend of the family. Prayers and {{{hugs}}}.

22 years. Gads. I can see BioHo doing this shizzit to stay relevant. Sigh...

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Thanks for the prayers.

I hope to God you dont have to go through this with your B.H.

Enjoy your weekend Aniki Smile

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I hope not, Thumper, but it's 'Ho, so I should be prepared. Constant vigilance!

You, too, darlin'. *give_rose*

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Untwist your knickers. Sweet!

I'm with everyone on eff off to zoom. 

Add eff off to those who think everything going on has to revolve around Covid. Was on a zoom quilt chat last night. The leader starts talking Covid over a lady asking a notions question. Lady tried asking again, only for the leader to act like that KP jerk and talked over her again. WTF. Another lady asked the leader of we could leave Covid out of our discussion and get back to the notions question. Leader got her knockers in a twist and ended the zoom. *shok*

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She ended the zoom?! ~eye twitch~

How effing ridiculous. You need a co-host!

BTW, I love quilting. Shooting you a PM. *biggrin*