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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last!!! The workday cannot end soon enough. I'm ready to get started on the weekend!

Eff off to:

  • Zoom. The biggest annoyance of WFH (for me) is all of the freaking Zoom conferences. 3 or more a day (7 on Friday!). The worst ones are those with...
  • King Pita. Evil Aniki wishes KP would develop a major case of laryngitis and be unable to speak for a month. He cannot seem to stfu! 15 minute call? Not when KP is involved. Count on those calls lasting upwards of 45 minutes. ~sob~
  • KP, part II. That jackwad is in serious need of intense reading comprehension lessons. Twice this week, he has emailed VIPs because he did not read the entire damn email and missed crucial components. Instead of asking anyone else on the team, KP takes it upon himself to email the higher ups, demanding information/assistance that is already included in the email. Buttmunch.
  • Any moron in my area who believes that the 'rona is here because of "the damn trolls (tourists)" because not one single Yooper has left the area. Mmhmm. Riiiiiiiight. You drove to Sault last week and met your cousin, Heikki. Your cousin from OHIO. Not a chance of any cootie spreading happening there, eh?  Asshat.
  • Effers who think I'm <insert bad adjective> because I rarely wear a mask. Hey, I wear the damn thing! I don't want to, don't like it, but I wear it. But I rarely leave my effing house so there is NO NEED for me to wear that effing mask. What I really need is a 6 foot barrier to keep effers who think 6 inches is the equivalent of 6 feet out of my effing personal space. 

My eff off to BioHo needs it's own blog. Time for the next round of Zoom torture. Can I spike my coffee??

Wishing you a long, peaceful, and stress-free weekend!


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((hugs)) - I think it's time for your Internet service to experience some technical difficulties.

"I'm sorrry, KP, but your voice keeps cutting out. I can't hear you. Can you send that in an email?"

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Oh, honey, I wish! Unfortunately, there's anywhere from 4 to 15 people on the call. It won't fly. And KP writes very poorly. I need Drogan's Decoder Ring to decipher the pile of crap he shites electronically. 

Give rose

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Eff off to mean people.

At the start of the pandemic, most people were kind, patient, accommodating. Now that we're all tired of it, people are back to being assholes.

Three people took potshots at me at work this week, personally, for something they screwed up or didn't want to do. I don't TAKE this stuff personally, but man it's exhausting. Earlier, I received phone calls and emails fairly regularly thanking me for the the good work my staff and I were doing in the midst of a pandemic and upheaval. 

I'm tired too. But we're still doing good work, so eff the hell off.

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Amen to this. Eff off to mean people.

I'm with you Merry.

A coworker deleted a file from a shared drive and instead of just admitting it and asking me to replace it (I keep all backups), she actually asked me if I had gone in and deleted it!!

She is obviously way too dumb to realize that her electronic "fingerprints" were all over that drive from the day before... when she deleted the file.

I was super nice to her and told her that I did not delete it, but I'm happy to replace it and if she ever needs any more files replaced, she can come to me.

She was irritated that I would not take the blame for her mistake and then turned around and asked if I was the one who placed an obsolete file in the wrong folder a few weeks back.

I told her again that I only go into that drive to update files as requested and no I did not place that file there, but as she uses that drive regularly, she can feel free to delete, add, or reorganize files as she sees fit, and I have backups in case anything else goes wrong.

She gave me a miffed, forced "thanks."

What a b*tch. Eff off to her.

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Hugs, Merry!!

Those asshats! I understand people are worried, scared, tired, but it's no excuse to be sh!try to others. When I have a mini meltdown, I do it when I'm alone and never take it out on anyone!  *give_rose*

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Eff off to selfish assholes. My father's parents both have COVID, and my grandfather has pneumonia on top of the coronavirus. The hospice nurse gave him two to three days left to live yesterday. They were cautious. The people living with them were not, and they gave them COVID. My grandparents are saints though, they aren't angry and they don't blame anyone. Wish I could say the same.

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LB3, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandparents and especially your grandfather.  My deepest prayers for them.  

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Eff off to C-19. As many of you are aware I work for a large medical research facility, lots of C-19 research going on. Conference call Wednesday - really, really pessimistic outlook from the researchers.  A. Counts going up, lag time from counts increasing to deaths...expect a lot of deaths (starting to happen) B. Expect a huge upswing in counts, period. C. Do not get complacent - this is scary...they don't know much yet about how the mutation to easier transmission effects the virus...may or may not effect deaths, but could increase due to increased transmission numbers D. They simply do not yet know exactly how the virus is transmitted, it's not fitting any of the normal/usual virus methods, might be a mix of droplets/airborne but mask wearing DOES help. E.  CDC just added "runny nose" to symptom list.

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I'm going with a COVID Pascal's wager - if it doesn't hurt me and it might help, then I'm doing it.   I just ordered some cute Halloween print masks.  For the people who can't wear masks, the rest of us wearing them still helps, along with the distancing.  

And this is a novel virus so of course we are still finding out new things about it.  Science is like that.

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Gimmy, at this rate, Halloween parties will have to be done via Zoom! *sorry2*

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That's a bridge too far.

If there is no Trick or Treat this year I will be so bummed.  I have a scary costume planned and have to learn how to apply all the makeup/latex for it. 

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I haven't had the heart to think about Halloween and a costume. Remember, these next several months spell JASON!

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You can buy fake teeth that look real online pretty cheaply.   I'll have to dig up the inspiration picture (the artist is Roligore on IG), but it's a twist on the Tooth Fairy (who I think is pretty scary to begin with when you think about it).  Planning a big fake mouth of teeth (several rows) with a tooth necklace and fake blood.   The inspiration also has blacked out eyes with teeth around them to look like mouth eyes, but I am not sure I will be able to pull that off. 

DH and I try to up our game every year with decorations and scary costumes.  I'll hang back for the little kids (my niece usually comes over to help pass out candy and she is never too scary) but older kids know our house now and love it. 

I know, I am a total weirdo. 

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Oooooooooo, that sounds wicked cool! I have a pair of customized vampire fangs. They're so realistic, I've freaked out a number of people!

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As a seasonal allergy sufferer, with what feels like a perpetually "runny nose", I will now live in paranoia that I have COVID-19. I barely leave the house, but thanks to SSs who are not socially distancing or wearing masks, I feel like I'm exposed (or my home is exposed) EOWE. 

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Eff off to being called back to work after being furloughed for 2 months just in time for quarter-end close and no time to prepare or catch up on what was done to my accounts!

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Eff off to male bias.

I am car shopping (after talking to my mechanic I decided not to get a Prius and am looking at other efficient options) and I am prepared.  I've read all the data on the models I want to explore,  I know the values of every car I want to see, and I have my own financing in place.  I'm ready to talk numbers and calculate the cost of ownership, etc.

We are outside, distanced, etc, but want to talk about options. 

Every single sales person kept talking to DH.  Every. Single. One.

Even after he said "Gimlet is the person buying the car, ask her."   "Gimlet has done the research, talk to her."  I am standing right there.  The last one we just left because it was ridiculous, he asked DH what HE thought about a decision I was making.  NOPE.

So, I don't have a car yet because I am not dealing with this.  I am going to call some places today and see if they are willing to talk without the whole car dance and if they are willing to treat me like the capable human I am.  Ugh.

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Wow - nope. When I bought my car, the dealership immediately recognized that I was the purchaser and spoke only to me. Even though DH was there. I still go to that dealership for maintenance and not once has anyone, mechanic or otherwise, made me feel inferior. I'd continue looking if possible.

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I am.  I have plenty of time and I won't accept less than what you described above.  I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  I shouldn't have to leave DH at home for the focus be on my questions and decisions. 


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Isn't it lovely when people don't recognize you as an intelligent, competent person just because you are female?  

Years ago a realtor lost out on a good commission because he kept addressing my dad and basically ignoring my mom.  Problem was, my MOM was the one buying the house and my dad was just along for funnsies.  The realtor got a big shock when he found out the reason why no offer was made.  My dad practically giggled when he told him.  

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I had that happen to me twice. Both times, we got up and walked out. Both times, the salesass came trotting after us, trying to get us to come back - still addressing my DH, who said, "You're STILL talking to the wrong person. I'm not here to buy. I'm her chauffeur." 

Third place we went, the salesman greeted us and I said my usual, "I'm here to buy a car." He never asked DH a single question after that. I bought the car.

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EFF that ,Gimlet.Ask the ahole salespersons if you have to draw nipples on your effing forehead or have a d*ck to get any information directed to YOU the effing person making the effing  purchase.

Black list those car dealers and send a letter to each of the managers or  dealer owners  that his /her sales force need re-educated on  selling tactics geared towards women  and update their info as to the fact that women are 51 % of the population and BUY more NEW cars than is a factoid that mirrors many other consumer outlet info on the topic :

Who's Driving? There aren't as many men on the road as women. There are 1.4million more women who are licensed to drive than men. Women also tend to purchase more new cars than used ones, with 62% of new cars in the country being purchased by women.

I am so pissed for you.

So ridiculous that this crap still happens. 




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Oh honey I am so with you.

Last car I bought I thought the conversation was going well, and we agreed on the deal. Then the asshole salesman actually asked me if I had my husband's permission. if I was allowed to buy the car, using my own money and financing.

I left. Later the sales manager called me to find out what happened and why *I* got cold feet. I was still steamed, but eventually I got a really good deal on that car.

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I once went car shopping and my college student son, without two pennies to rub together, was with me. I was in desperate need of a car and was looking at the non fancy sedans. Son wandered over gazing at a sport convertible. Salespeople were falling over each other approaching him. I couldn't get one to approach me, the person actually wanting to buy a car. We left and I bought a car at another dealership the next day.

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Eff off to MIL who invited herself over last weekend and proceeded to make a milion passive aggressive comments and undermine DH with SSs. 

Eff off to the sexist HR Director at work, who propose I get a raise last year due to "market comps", because he has no market comps for my position. He proposed a low raise the year before, because he claimed I didn't have enough "experience", but fortunately, I made the case for parity. Guess what, no raises this year, so even though my boss promised to "make it up to me" this year after he realized he messed up by letting the HR Director call the shots, he can't, because I work for a government agency and money is tight now.

Eff off to my boss for not having the balls to push for me to get what I'm worth. I'm the only person who was called out in his evaluation by our Board as someone who added value for him and should be utilized more effectively. I've taken on more work from others who couldn't handle it and I've covered his a$$ with our Board multiple times, but other than telling me "you know I appreciate you", I get no increase again this year. 

Eff off to BM for a variety of reasons, but most recently for being a self-centered, childish POS. DH and I are expecting a baby. When SS told BM, she started joke, she started crying, leading SS to feel like he needed to be really upset about it, too. Then she sent DH a message over OFW telling him how "selfish" he was being and how he was making his children feel like they were being replaced. Nothing like being totally obvious about whose causing the drama. 

Eff off to people who complain about wearing masks. If you don't want to wear a mask, fine, but avoid other people. I would rather not be stuck in COVID-19 quarantine forever, so if masks contain this thing, I'm happy to wear one. 

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WTH. I'd ban Monster-in-law from my bloody house.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the nether regions of Horse's aRse director and your boss. 

I loathe the mask and complain, but DO wear it. If people would STF away from me, I'd be ecstatic! AND much less likely to worry about getting covid cooties. I've seen pics of folks using pool noodles to keep others away. Another was people in the center of tables with rollers. Fine with me! But I want a 12 foot table...

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Dang, strugglingSM,

It's a toss-up as to who is cursed with the worst MIL; you or momjeans. However, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger so you and MJs are women of steel by now, yeah? Aggressive

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Also, hugs to you Ani.

You are doing the best you can and all of this is overwhelming and hard. 

I am going to wish for KP to get laryngitis.

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Aw, thank you, Gimmy! I'll take those hugs. *kiss2*

Part of me feels small and mean, but... KP was not on the last Zoom and 3 others were griping about his incompetence. 

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Glad to "see" you are back.I get you are struggling like so many, maybe ALL of us in our own way  with this crazy new "normal".

One day at a time, right? sometimes it is down to staying healthy and keeping it together from  moment to moment  ..

REMEMBER ! There are NAPS and ICE CREAM to help.

Love ya!

And EFF off to pain.. I have a new hip.




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Hey, Wicked! 

Oh, I've been around. Reading, but rarely commenting. Haven't been in the mood to "say" much.

I made fajitas last night (my own recipe) and they turned out delicious! Wrote it down to repeat. Biggrin

Woo hoo! Bionic Wicked! Hope your pain eases off ASAP. *kiss2*

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And a huge pitcher of margariTAS? I hope? 

Not bionic.I hope this effing thing works..

Thanks, honey..

Give rose

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Hey Ani!

I've been looking for a new fajita recipe! Please PM or post and thanks! Give rose

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Hey Red!

I just kind of threw this together so the measurements are approximate. ..

  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • Scant 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder 
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1 heaping tsp Mexican chili powder
  • 2 tsp cumin

Mix it all together and pour into a small ziploc bag that contains 2 chicken breasts, sliced into strips. Heat 1 heaping Tbsp of olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Large skillet, dump in the whole bag. Smaller, cook in 2 batches. Remove. I had leftover minced green pepper and onion (about 1/4 cup each) and added both to the skillet and cooked 3-4 minutes. If you use strips, you may need more oil and will definitely have to cook longer. Throw the chicken back in and mix it all up.

Place half of the chicken mixture down the middle of a tortilla (I used a zucchini crust), top with some salsa, shredded cheese, and sour cream, roll it up, and serve.

BTW, I did not have sour cream, so mashed up some cottage cheese with some lime juice.

Since I used a zucchini crust, this is also a keto-friendly recipe. Go figure!

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Thanks, Ani! I just happen to have all the ingredients on hand, including tortillas, so it looks like easy Ani eats tonight!

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My pleasure, Red! Hope that works out for you!

BTW, the zucchini crusts were 8 inches across and I heated them in a skillet first. One made a good-sized meal. *kiss2*

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Sooooo ... those stilettos and stripper pole in your bedroom finally took their toll????  Wink

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BAH! hahahaha! 

It was wearing   ROLLER Skates  with the stripper pole dance act I was working on that put me outta commission.

Sorely missing those dollar tips ..they'd go along way toward  pay off this hip.



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You too, wicked?

My shoulder replacement was the direct result of a move that I was working at with moderate success; snaking down the pole, upside-down! One evening of over-confidence, too much wine and.......

No dollar bills in The Great White North, only 'loonies' and 'twonies' (one and two dollar coins). Subsequently, five dollar bills are required and, at my age, it's the least that I deserve. We'll need to talk.

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Eff off to:

- This job. I despise it. Silver lining: it's my last day. I've accepted a management position with my organization. Going to be a lot of work but challenging.

- The heat wave. Where's the rain they promised today? I'm sick of sweating like a pig!

- SO, for every reason possible. That man is trying. 

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Congratulations on the new position, DPW! I'm sure you will rock it. *yahoo*

Ugh, sweating. I'm fiending to take a dip in Lake Superior!

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Too cold?! Pshaw!!! I've been swimming there in October - while others were strolling the beach in cable knit sweaters and warm jackets. Wimps!