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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! My thanks to WarMachine13 for filling in last week while DH and I took some much-needed time off. Unfortunately, a few hours at work can negate all of that relaxed, feel-good state. Sigh...

Eff off to:

  • Spammers. WTH. Here on STalk, emails, phone calls, text messages... Gaaaaaah!!! I love how the car warranty spammers are calling about a car I haven't owned in 7 years. You'd think those dipshidiots would have more up-to-date info. When Evil Aniki is in residence, she likes to eff with them. "Can you tell me the make and year of your car?" "But you have that! That's why you called meeee!" And when they immediately call back? Super Evil Aniki answers the phone and screams like she's about to go down in a Freddie Krueger/Michael Meyer kinda way. *diablo*
  • The Yo-Yo effect of when we return to the office. Push it back, push it forward, push it back again, now it's TBD. Gads. Go ahead and let us WFH until late 2022. Just the thought of going back into the office gives me anxiety and makes me want to day drink.
  • King Pita. You knew that effer would be on the list. Here we go again/as usual with the effer wasting his time and others sending out repetitive emails. Anyone else think that KP is suffering from lack of attention during this WFH? And as much as I love animals, I want to muzzle KP's non-stop-yapping dog. AFTER I smack KP upside the head with a lake sturgeon for having zero consideration for the other zoom members who have to listen to that high pitched, bloody annoying, non-stop yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap..... *dash1*
  • BioHo. What's she up to?


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


ETA: PLEASE do NOT turn this into a tirade again those who are not vax'd. I am one of those people. Tried to get the vax and went into anaphylactic shock and was very ill. I wear a mask and avoid people as much as possible.


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Eff off to lack of cleaning in our building. The front lobby looks like a horror scene. Taco sauce? splatters all over the floor or somebody had a bloody nose and did nothing to stem it. A greasy dripping smeared handprint down the front of one of the doors...seeing as it's been this way for over a week I can't blame it on somebody being creative for Friday the 13th. Also no this isn't a medical facility, just a regular run of the mill who the heck are all these filthy people? I get it we aren't at Disney, but holy crap could you at least have some general hygiene?

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Ew! It certainly makes you wonder what these piggies are doing at home and what their sties look like. ~shudder~

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Ironically a week before we got shut down for the first lock down they cut all the janitorial staff and we were down to two people cleaning an entire building for hundreds of workers. Since the return to work they have only added two more janitorial staff four people trying to keep clean this building with hundreds of people...oh and they also use that lobby for Covid testing onsite during the day...yeah that's fun if you are going in and out, seeing all the people sitting there getting tested for Covid.

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You're welcome Ani. Happy to help.

Eff off to all the crime going on and not enough police to respond. If theres no body they're not coming. Not enough officers. Sad

Eff off to the wasps that built a nest in the attic. Nothing like trying to shower and getting divebombed by those damn things.

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WarMachine, that SUCKS! Not coming unless there is a body. OMG. This makes me both mad and sad.

Be careful with those flying arseholes!

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Eff off to my back and neck, how I hate you so.  I've got degenerative disc disease.  One disc in my neck, one in my lower back.  I started seeing a chiropractor.  I'm not sure if I should keep going.  I don't like my neck getting popped, so I didn't let him do it today.  I hate the way I feel afterwards.  I hurt, get anxious and panicky, then I cry.  So by the end of the day, I'm a blubbering mess that my husband has to deal with.  I feel better the next day but is this all worth it? OTOH, I don't know if going to the doctor would help either.  All a doctor could do is give me pills or operate.  I've yet to meet someone who had back surgery and actually feel better.  My MIL had back surgery and has been on pain meds for years.  Didn't help her, in fact made it worse.  She got addicted to a prescription painkiller that doesn't help her.  She got switched to something else, which doesn't help her.  I can't take ibuprofen or anything like that because it gives me heartburn.  I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself right now.  

Eff off anxiety and panic attacks, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, go away!! 

Eff off heat and humidity.  You are awful.

Eff off concession stand requirement.  Each band parent is required to work concessions once a year or pay $150 to opt out.  It seems like I get assigned to work the first home game every stinking year!!! I wish I could just pay the money and be done with it.  But I'm paying over $600 just for my daughter to be in marching band, so no. Too much.  


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PetSpoiler... {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of that. The ONLY person I know who had successful back surgery is my Dad. And back then, he had a 75% chance of not survivng the surgery. In his case, the discs were removed. Is accupuncture an alternative?

I'm right there with you on heat, humidity, anxiety, and panic attacks. I had a doozy of a panic attack yesterday. In front of DH. He was a champ. Simply got a pill from my purse, poured some apple juice in a glass, handed them to me, then sat next to me and put his hand gently on my shoulder. I was both thankful and appalled as I loathe having panic attacks in front of anyone.

Next year, can you tell them you will work ANY concession except the first home game? 

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DH has had some health bumps lately which are made worse by the excruciating wait time between testing and results.

Eff Off to my employee who sent an email directing ALL supervisors to do something that is in direct contradiction to our current wfh policy.  Without talking to her supervisor or me.  I am processing my first suspension on my almost 40 year career.  Jeez it is the 5th Monday this week.

Eff Off to selfish thoughtless people who are feeding the COVID beast.

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Crspyew, prayers all turns out well for your DH. 

And WTH?! That is nukkin futz!

Lady, I am soooooooooo sick of the C word. When we are finally back in the office, I need to have something to say to any/everyone who wants to discuss that C word. Something professional that won't get me fired...

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Eff off to selfish anti-vax maskholes.  How they do not realize that the only way out of this is through vaccination is beyond me.

Eff off to humidity.  Curly haired girls know what I mean.


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WOB, unfortunately, not everyone can get the vax. One of my coworkers is at such a high risk of dying from it that his doctor told him most emphatically to NOT get the vax. I feel for him because he is a lovely, kind, outgoing man who would do anything for anyone and never hurt a fly. So he is forced to isolate when it goes against his very being.

Oh, humidity. If I have my hair straight, humidity makes it curl. If I curled it, humidity makes it straight. I cannot win the hair war against humidity.

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I am talking about the folks who can, but refuse to do so.   Those who can't get vaccinated, in my opinion, are not anti-vax maskholes Smile

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My coworker could, but his chance of dying from it is too high for him to be comfortable. I wouldn't either! 

Give rose

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What if you've already had covid. Studies suggest natural immunity is 84% effective against the Delta varient, but pfizer vaccine is somewhere around 50% effective against Delta. 

Study after study states, cloth masks do not work, surgical masks do not work. Only N-95 masks, WORN APPROPRIATELY work. Mask mandates are nothing but a fear tactic. 

I've had Covid. I am vaccinated yet you really think that cloth mask that was sitting in my sunvisor all week is going to save me? 

Favorite Quote of the day: my BFF's 5 yo when asked why he has a spiderman mask on [he left with superman] ...  Oh I traded with Billy, he likes superman. I like spiderman. 

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Folks, please do NOT turn this blog into the pros and cons of vax and masks. I will be more than happy to post a blog and everyone can go town with their arguments, then I will delete it another day. I'm about ready to delete this blog.

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Danmit Ani you didn't have to tell us your vx stat. Nobody heres biz about what happened. Eff off to any one who gives you shit because you damn near died from it. *diablo*

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Yeah I agree. Guess I'm another asshole because I'm another with high risk of dying. Platelet problem. Sure don't want to be around anyone any way. Groceries get delivered. I'm an effing prisoner in my home/yard.

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That sucks, Watereddown. I hope you take time to get outside in the boonies with no one around. {{{hugs}}}

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It's okay, WarMachine. I want people to understand that not everyone is deliberately being a "hold out" and some tried and almost died. *kiss2*

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Actually, I think it's important to sensitize people to the fact that not everyone can have the vaccine. 

Sorry to hear what happened to you, Aniki. 

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Agreed, Winterglow. I guess it surprises me that people don't realize that is a fact. 

Thank you. It was very scary.  *give_rose*

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Eff off to"

1.  People that don't keep their word... we were supposed to be buying a business and the owner decided to change terms at the last minute.. grrrr.  we are out.

2.  Hospital STAYS.  After I had a tick related stay last month.. my DH ended up hospitalized for a week recently due to abscesses in his pelvic area.. due to diverticulitis...   I cannot wait to see our bills.. not!

3.  Eff off to my company that is clinging to their decision to make people go in 3 days a week.. and allow people mask free in their cubes.. like that will work out...  just let those of us that want and can work remotely do it.. let the ones who want to go in.. go in and be masked 100%

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How annoying, ESMOD! Last minute changes are seldom in favor of the buyer. That poopie head!

Oh no! I hope all is well with your DH now. xoxo

I do NOT want to go back into the office. Our computer setups are arranged in a way that, when you're seated, you're only 4 feet away from the person in the next cube. That's too bloody close. I would rather WFH until I retire!

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I have been given a pass short term due to my DH being hospitalized and now recovering at home.. on our latest group meeting a coworker mentions she has been sick and had to get tested.. so yeah.. it's about the same for us.. not much distance and even a 5 foot wall is no protection if it's open above.

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Those walls are a joke. They are useful for hanging things and I don't have to watch my neighbor chew with his mouth open Other than that.... Oh, I can scratch my hiney in private, if needed. 

Our productivity has gone up. A LOT. When we have to return, it will go down. More absence, fewer people working longer hours, time spent socializing....

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Eff off to draconian HR policy.

My relatively new admin came down with COVID maybe a month after she started. Had to be out two weeks and she was super sick. She didn't have enough sick and vacation days to cover her time off, so now it's too bad, so sad, it'll have to be a week without pay.

I've asked them to let her run a deficit. Nope. Asked that they take the time out of MY sick bank. Nope. So now this young hard working single mom's paycheck will be short. She won't starve or be out on the streets, but it will hurt at her house. Can we NOT have some humanity here?

I work at a state university so this is no doubt rooted in state HR rules. It's not the fault of the payroll folks here but it sure sucks.

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How awful.  It's like your HR folks want to run a sweatshop.  Would they rather she come to work sick with COVID?  Unreal.

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I second Anikis eff off to yo-yo return to work dates.  Officially my company has said TBD but unofficially I hear mid October. Right now I plan to quit working at year end so maybe just nudge that date up.  I can't stand the thought of returning to the office.  And my boss is super gung ho about how great it will be to get back to the, no no no.

In fact Eff off to everyone who 'loves' being in an office.  Good for you but don't speak for everyone.

Eff off to virtual office peer pressure forcing you to go to a virtual baby shower for a co-worker you can't stand and pitching in for a gift. 


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Caninelover, this yo-yo caca is stressful, too! One of my coworkers plans to retire when we have to go back so he needs a set date to give 2 weeks notice. If we continue with WFH, he plans to work another 2 years. And we could definitely use him and his skills because that learnng curve when a newbie comes in is a pain.

And I second you eff off to the office lovers. It's bloody annoying to me. I purchased some high quality shooter's earplugs for when we return. It's so quiet at home; I cannot imagine dealing with the noise of the office!

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Trying to figure out when to give notice etc.But I don't plan to work anymore even if they extend WFH into next year!

Noise, interruptions, commute, annoying co-workers.  The office is not worth it.

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Unfortunately, I am not in a position to retire. Everything you said is a factor for me - especially since I've become even more introverted since we've quarantined.

I have a friend who has also been a coworker and she has been trying to get me to come work at her 100% WFH company. Something for me to think about...

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I would definitely take a WFH roll, even at lower pay, vs an office role!  You should definitely consider it.  You would be rid of King Pita too Smile

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I am with you on WFH being much more comfortable... I'm introverted too... and it almost seems like it's impossible to face all those people for 3 days a week.  In fact.. I had to do it for 3 days before my DH got ill.. and it was horrible.  Everyone talking and being a distraction...ugggghhh.

I would love to WFH full time.. I mean.. to go to my office now is a 2 hour commute each way.. so on top of the Covid risk.. and my introvertedness.. it's 12 hours a week and like 600 dollars a month in gas and vehicle expenses (not even considering wear and tear of the mileage).  

But, like you, I'm not really ready or in a position to retire.  I am eligable for early retirement but my pensionj would be pretty low.  so I do need to work really... and I do make good money.. but my role is really super specific.. and it's unlikely I could find another place.. even if iI were willing to forego more years accruing to my pension.  And I do have pretty good vacation a month now.. and it will be 5 weeks next year.. plus every other Friday off.. so if I could just somehow work out only one or two days in the office.. I think I could stand it.. but 3 is going to be painful in more ways than one... plus.. I have been working mad OT at home.. No way I can do that on top of my commute.

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ESMOD, we don't know that we will be able to WFH any days when we return. And after almost 1.5 years of the peace and quiet of WFH, I don't know how on earth I'll be able to deal with people 5 days a week. Gaaaaaaaaahhh... *dash1*

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Another Toxic Troll Rant: 

There is a local thing that happens here in my town, based around cars. VERY expensive and VERY rare cars.

Toxic Troll texted DH about HIS classic and vintage car, and wanted a picture texted back so she could show her 'friend'. Why, Toxic Troll, why?

I told him..."you should have responded with:"

"You mean the car that you tried to take away from me during our divorce?"

"You want a picture of the car you carved 'eff you a$$hole' into with scissors? That car?"

"You mean the car that I have shenanigans in with my hot wife (sorry not sorry lol)??? That car???"

His was better/best...

A picture of the car, with the top down and me driving it...lololol

So, my eff off turned into an eff on...


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Eff off to:

Never-ending  lockdown, I think I've put back on the 8 pounds I lost earlier this year that I gained during last year's lockdown!

My work, specifically my new manager. He has no boundaries, "well you're just at home, what else are you doing at 8am/6pm/8pm? Why can't you work? You're cancelling your leave because we're on lockdown right?" And really eff off to him sending an email at 5:30pm on a Friday telling me he wants to completely change the agenda and papers for an executive meeting that takes place on Monday afternoon, "please have the papers out this weekend". 

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Well, he obviously has no life, family, or friends... and I think we can all understand why. 

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His wife just does everything. I told him once I had to leave the office at my usual leave time because I had to pick Toddler up from daycare or get a late pickup fine. He asked why my partner couldn't do that since "you're obviously the breadwinner in the family." And a joke to go with it, "What, you can't afford the fine?"  I work at a company that prides itself on women in leadership and workplace flexibility, I see an HR complaint in his future.

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I think you should already have sent several... Don't hold back. He's insulting and demeaning. 

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EBIA, your new manager is a major asshat! A friend of mine has been doing a complete remodel of his home during the pandemic. And I'm talking the whole enchilada, including basement, garage, and attic! So he and his spouse are veeeeery busy during non-work hours.

I hope you can ignore those after-hours emails until the following work day. That 5:30pm Friday email requesting you work the weekend is a bunch of caca!

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Well one person on my team.  

I'm supposed to be on leave but here I am working to finish a report that the person on my team couldn't do in a timely manner.  He had a week to get it done.  I told him to get it to my by Saturday.  He did but it was a dumpster fire.  

So here I am having to work during my holiday.

I'm going to be having serious words when I get back to work officially.