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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers!! Anyone else counting down the hours 'til the weekend officially begins?

It's that time again... Eff off to:

  • Medical tests that require fasting, IVs, and dye
  • Effers who pull out in front of you because they're certain you're going to turn and you have to stand up on your breaks to keep from smashing into the back of the effer's effing car
  • Home/car Insurance companies
  • Effing people who insist they know how you feel when they literally have NO EFFING CLUE. You tell them "no, that's not how I feel" and they come back with "sure you do". EFF THE EFF OFF, EFFER.


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F Off to the cyclist who refused to use the designated bicycle lane this morning on my way to work.  I shouldn't have to swing into the other lane when he has a perfectly good lane of his own!  If I drive in his lane, I get a ticket.  Why is the reverse not the case?!

F Off to the next 3.5 weeks with quality Skid time for which I've been in the bunny hole of anxiety for a week already.

And F off to BD who slept until 1 PM yesterday when I woke her up!  I know she's on summer break and that she's a teenager, but seriously.  That's just ridiculous!

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I also think they should get ticketed!!

Oh, dang. I hope you have wine and lots of away-from-home/skid activities planned!!

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Eff off to:

  • This blind zit on my face, I can't see it, but I sure as he!! can feel the sucker
  • Having our boss say in morning meeting he considered giving us Fridays off, then syaing "but I decded not to" THEN DON"T TELL US ABOUT IT
  • NOt having the skids to take to a birthday party next weekend for one of SD5's friends... They'd love it.. But BM isn't going to give us time, and I'm not sending BM to wreak havoc either (assuming she'd even agree to take them)
  • BM trying to alienate the skids from me
  • This DHR case not being more severe than it is and causing an immeadiate release fo the skids from BM's abusive and neglectful clutches.

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Wow your boss really knows how to get everyone hyped in a meeting lol and even better reason to not give BM extra time for Thanksgiving or Xmas like she requested.

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Well we really don't want to deviate AT ALL from the CO. We know it will just turn into her brining it up later and trying to use it against us (because crazy!) But it makes me sad that the girls are going to miss out on things because BM is such a useless POS... 

And yes he does... WHile making us all frustrated... Someone after that literally asked "so can we start giong home at noon on Friday at least?"

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They'll just have to miss out on things. Thus is life. I agree to not deviate a word from the CO and make sure you understand all of the language.

And yes, noon is a good negotiation!

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DO NOT deviate from the CO!!! It's waaaaay too soon. With her history, she won't even be getting the girls in a year.

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A year? I'm giving her till my food stamp fraud reports stick and she no longer fiscally benefits... LMAO

Then again maybe dear mommy will give her more money... IN which case, she could start paying CS... 

We're not going to deviate! It's sad they'll miss out! But it'll save us some headaches later!!!

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I prefer to overestimate. I don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't happen in a

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I'm a realist - it won't last 3 months. Is GBM still in town? If GBM is still in town, it won't last long after she leaves.

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She's gone. She's been gone for a bit now... Now we just wait for chaos and for the useless POS to lose use for them...

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Argh, I have a zit in the lower right crease of my nose. OW!!! However, I maintain that middle-aged acne is the secret to my youthful appearance...

Psssst.... your boss is a POOP!

BM is a major POS. Grrrr....

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I hope that that's what zits are... Because at this rate I'm preatty sure I'll never age... LMAO

I know both of those other things!

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I agree with all the other Eff offs listed thus far including the zits ( I swear that and my sense of humor are both stuck in puberty) but I can’t say anything to the PMS (I know better lol)

My only personal Eff off is to SD26, DW decided last night it was time to tell GSD that her mommy was in jail, it broke my heart to listen to this little girl just wail in sorrow and then when she learned that it had been on the news she said she wouldn’t go back to school because she would be bullied, we quickly assured her that no kids would have watched the news or knew she was her mommy.

This kid has been through so much in her short life , it’s amazing she isn’t messed up more than she is and it’s all due to SD26’s poor life choices, these kids don’t deserve to be treated like that.

We assured her that we would continue to take care of her and her brother, she has even said that we are more like a mommy and daddy than her real mommy is, so the kid isn’t stupid, messed up some but not stupid.

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My heart is breaking for GSD... These people shouldn't be able to do what they do to the kids they're supposed to protect Sad Give her a big hug for all of us here... She deserves it with everything she's going through Sad

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F off to family that is anything but and who would screw me out of my last quarter if I let them. Stunted bottom feeders!

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Eff off to BM for having any power to make me feel bad! I don't have these kinds of hateful relationships with people- I'm a good person and easy to get along with. I'm nice to people. So when someone is so hateful to me it does bother me, even though she is a worthless POS. I keep thinking about crap she says to skids and her BF, and I hate that it affects me at all!

Eff off to people who don't EFFING return emails and get back to me on things that are important to me!

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You are preaching to the choir! I'm a good person, too, and have done MANY nice things for the skids. It certainly didn't stop the SDs from trying to gaslight me last year!

Hon, you cannot change BM and her toxicity. You can only change your reaction. So be water-tight like a duck's arse and let that sh!tty water roll over and off of you! Give rose

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You are right. I hope I can get thicker skin about this. I think the worst is when I imagine her bashing me to this new BF, who I'm sure believes her. And then if he knows someone I know in our small community (everyone knows everyone in our area, it's very rural) and trash talks me. Just imagining there are people out there thinking you are a terrible person, when it's all lies. I don't even know the guy so why do I care??

Thank you for reminding me I need to change my reaction!

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Eff off to step drama (again) and eff off to BM being such an evil, unreasonable witch. As stated above, eff off to her drama affecting me.

Eff off to abdominal cramps- the ones that make me double over in pain.

Eff off to HR for taking so damn long to move me to another position.

On the other hand, the radio said today is National Lazy Day so after I finish laundry and start dinner, I'm dead to the world!

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Eff off to stupid nagging back pain that will not let me forget it's there and prevents me from doing a LOT of things besides sitting on my butt or laying in bed. I'm nearly at my limit over here.

Eff off to roller coaster emotions from seeing that stbX was truthful when he said he filed for divorce yesterday - saw it in the online case search today. My emotions are all over the map and I feel like I've been horribly used and am being discarded by someone I genuinely loved. I feel like a fool for loving someone who it seems didn't really love ME.

Eff off to more rain coming this weekend when I'm getting my convertible repaired tomorrow. Would have been nice to drive around fast with the top down to cheer me up.

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Go ahead and drive with that top down, just wear a poncho and rent a wet vac !

Then smile and wave at every WTF glance you get on the road, live it up !!!!!

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I like your suggestion - I don't care if I get wet, but worry about the interior of the car LOL Thanks for the laugh Major - I needed that.

adding: Eff off on not having a poker face and instead wearing my heart on my sleeve as I bawl at my desk, hiding behind monitors hoping no one hears me sniffling and blowing my nose.

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Oh man, I'm sorry about the divorce thing! Well, and the back pain too. But mostly the divorce. I have cried at my desk several times, it's terrible. I feel for you!

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Aw, HUGS, sweetie.

You loved an illiusion. Don't fault yourself for him pretending to be something he was not. Love is blind. Many of us have fallen victim to those rose-colored glasses.