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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Is anyone else counting the hours 'til the weekend begins? (3.75 hours for me!) What a week. Blech.

Eff off to:

  • The 3 Cs
    • Cancer
      • A childhood friend lost his mother to cancer this week. No time is a good time, but right before Christmas is especially sucky.
      • My sweet stepsister will be undergoing surgery right after Christmas to remove cancer growths from her spine and kidneys. She lost her husband to cancer a short time ago. Sad
    • Covid. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! *dash1*
    • Craptastic King Pita. That effer needs to be abducted by the aliens in The Twilight Zone "To Serve Man" episode. I've got one nerve left and that effer is seriously twanging it.

  • Mail delivery. And it's directly tied to the 'rona. A friend mailed a package to me Priority on December 4. I received it an hour ago. Good thing it's not perishable. Wednesday, I mailed 3 packages using Priority, which should have been plenty of time for them to arrive before Christmas. Now I'm worried they will arrive after MLK day. Sigh..
  • Glitter. I could not find one bloody box of Christmas cards with an acceptable message without glitter. If they had no glitter, the message was nothing I'd send in a million years. What the effing eff. I found a piece of glitter on the tip of my pen (I thought the ink was running out). I have glitter all over my desk (I vacuumed the damn thing!). I found a piece of glitter in my bowl of cereal! Eeeeeeeeffffffffffffff!!!! (Evil Aniki is now fighting the urge to send a glitter bomb to BioHo...)


Forn Friday

Forn is a combination of 'food' and 'p0rn'. Whatcha cooking for Christmas? Anything special? Since the skids aren't coming over (effing Covid), it will just be DH and me. No point cooking all of that food for just the two of us. So I'm taking a step out of my comfort zone and making some Cornish hens stuffed with a spinach/mushroom/rice mixture (must buy some sherry for that...). I may also make yeast rolls for the first time. Doesn't that sound nice and stressful! *lol*


Wishing you a stress-free and peaceful weekend


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to the local utility company who switched meter numbers at the office for my duplex since 8/28 when new exterior meters went in and I've been getting both the ex-upstairs tenants and the new downstairs tenant who cranks the heat's bills!

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Covid...I'm worried about a friend. She has some of the symptoms and is now off work today.  I think she's going to get tested ASAP.

Mail and various deliveries.  The post office our mail goes through hit a record last year of 40k parcels.  They were up to 62k (!!!) as of a couple days ago.  I'm giving them leeway.  The bummer is I have a prescription cat food that is very late and kittes are out of it. They are on a 'normal' food that sort of works for them but it's a week late. You can bet I'm ordering the next shipment right after xmas so I get it on time.  I ordered it the first week of December.  Poor furbabies.

Work today is 4 hours till our Zoom holiday painting party - that will actually be fun. There will be wine on my home office desk. Then likely I'll have to work another hour or so because holidays and federal due dates don't help us relax.

There will be more wine tonight. I just gave away the rest of my delicious homemade blackberry muffins to the neighbors because NO ONE but me was eating them. I swear people in this house (DH and YSD) actively avoid yummy foods, even during the holidays when you are supposed to enjoy them.  My friends are getting a cookie plate with loads of cookies and rum balls and a whole pannetonne.  I decided to not make one for us because NO ONE will eat it but me.  WTF is wrong with people?

I've played exactly zero of my fave holiday tunes because NO ONE here cares about any of it. I don't even bother turning on the xmas lights any longer. DH can do it. I'm so done with Xmas overall and for years to come.

EDIT.  I was so busy ranting that I forgot about the Forn!

Well, since I cook an extravant ADULT gourmet meal at Thanksgiving for DH and I, I usually do not involve myself at all in Xmas holiday food. However DH got a bug in his bonnet about having a goose this year instead of turkey. After getting the goose and reading up on how to cook it he is banned from cooking this item because it must be done perfectly or it's ruined. (dammit)  So I will do the goose he does EVERYTHING else for dinner...all the sides, the wine, the champs, and of course, a separate meal for YSD because I'm sure she won't touch the goose.  I will do the dessert the day before because I want something specific, a spanish brandy cake, Tarta de Santiago.

The day of Xmas I do NOTHING for anyone.

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Cover, oh, I am sure that the post office is absolutely swamped with packages! With all of the quarantine caca and people not going anywhere, I probably should have mailed packages the day after Thanksgiving! The only one that really concerns me is the one sent to SD27 and family. I'll be disappointed if the gifts for the step grandkids are late. Sad

Are you letting your DH cook that separate meal for YSD? Ehem... I'd be MORE than willing to eat her share of the Tarta de Santiago!!!

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Oh hell yes, I am only touching the goose. I've made that super clear. He's in charge of YSDs meal option as well.

As I have also made clear I am going to the grocery store for supplies ONLY on Sunday so he'd better have a list if he wants me to pick up anything for him. Because I'm not going back before the holiday.

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I hear that! After I grocery shop early Sunday, no way I'm stepping foot in a store until after Christmas.

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Cover, we had a multi-million dollar proposal due  Dec. 30. Campus is closed Dec. 23-Jan. 4 but we were scrambling to make staff available. A miracle occurred and our project director got it pushed to Jan. 15. I'm calling it a Christmas miracle.

Never cooked goose. Let us know how it is!

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I love those due dates.  I had a due date once of 12/24.  Really?! 

My other due date is 1/1. I'm hoping to get it in by 12/28, even though the pushed date is 1/4.  I don't want a last minute thing when we all get back.

You know it!  I think we do the same job basically.

Give rose

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Effo off Friday to:

1. Toxic Troll who is telling Munchkin that she is having a procedure done on her back and then telling DH that she has brain cancer. WTF. Who knows if this is the truth. Who cares. Now Im starting to spend valuable brain cells going over all the different "what ifs". She sure does know how to ruin Christmas and play the victim. 

2. And Feral Forger is back in Toxic Troll's apartment as of last night. Heard this via Munchkin also. So now our anxiety is up because I dont really want her in my life (yeah I know shes his daughter). Munchkin doesnt want to live with her even half time. More victimhood forToxic Troll.

3. COVID. DH was exposed via his work associate. So now hes scheduled for a test Monday. Until then, lockdown efforts are quadrupple. I feel great and so does DH, but we dont want to take chances. The good side is that Munchkin has to stay with us. So she wont have to deal with the victimology of Toxic Troll or the filthy grossness of Feral Forger.

Forn Friday:

I dont know yet! Im going to come back here and see what everyone else is doing. I was thinking prime rib or a beef roast of some kind. DH is a total carnivor and it wont last too long. Plus some delicious sides. Maybe lobster. :D 


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Toxic Troll AND Feral Forger need to be added to the list of those who need to be aboard that alien ship in the "To Serve Man" episode. Although the aliens would likely get fatal food poisoning consuming Toxic Twat, FF, and King Pita...

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv Lobster, but have never been brave enough to cook it. 

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Can you chuck Toxic Hobag in the alien ship too?? Im sure it would be in better condition then her little shed she is in now. A life without her would be oh so amazing.

NoWireCoatHangarsEVER's picture  and gave herself a pretty bad haircut.  She is supposed to get her photo with Santa today. 

I guess now I have a collection because DD15 cut off one whole side ponytail when she was four and as you can see here she also gave DD13 a haircut and a makeover when she was two and was very proud of herself. 

F off to the news.  There have been three murders in a month in my town due to domestic violence.  The last one the man shot her to death and also shot their three month old baby to death while their three and five year olds hid under the bed.  This has really, really affected me.  I didn't know her but she did work at the police department briefly right after I left so we knew a lot of the same people.  He apparently beat her so severely back in 2014 that he just got off of probabtion for back in July.  Ladies, this is why we don't stay with men who beat us.  Another woman was shot and another one was strangled this month in my town.        

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Oh, myyyyyyyyy!!! Your girls are going to be beauticians, I see! 

NWCH, I cannot stomach the news these days. DH tells me what's going on as he watches/reads news constantly. And what you wrote... THIS is what bothers me the most about this unnatural quarantine. I am so sick of people exclaiming "You don't care about others!" Eff off. Depression, suicide, domestic abuse - THESE are things I care about considerably!!! Quarantines mean that domestic abuse victims are more of a target than ever before. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I know how hard it is to leave. I know WHY they stay. BTDTGTS.  Sad

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I'm more in the petty annoyance category today, so no effs to give today.

But forn? I'm always up for that. Just DH and me for Christmas. We did a traditional Thanksgiving meal, so Christmas will probably be steaks and sides. I'll get a box of veggies (check out Misfits Market) right before Christmas so lots of fresh things to choose from. AND I'm wanting to make something with yeast. Orange rolls for breakfast, perhaps.

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I was going to do Cornish Hens for Christmas. Now I'm thinking about seafood. Fresh blueberry muffins on Christmas morning!

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I will now walk around saying twang in the most country voice I can draw upon all weekend. Thanks for that Aniki! 

eff off to having a A average all semester only for a poorly assigned, but apparently heavily weighted assignment (not very much guidance on what was wanted) to tank that to a B. Only to have the teacher to put it in as a C, so now I get to try and get in touch with her all winter break to have it fixed.