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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Who else is ready for the weekend? Only 4 hours to go before mine officially starts and it can't get here soon enough!

Eff off to:

  • Cancer, that murderous effer. An old family friend lost her battle with breast cancer. She leaves behind a devastated husband, 2 adult children, and 4 adorable grandsons. Her daughter is leaning hard on me because I'm the only one she knows who understands losing a parent. I don't have enough words to express my hatred for cancer.
  • Covid. It's hitting close to home as I just learned one of our STalkers lost her DH to C19. Nothing will convince me that the release of this shizzit was anything other than intentional. Eff off to those responsible who irresponsibly released it. Bloody effers.
  • Stress and anxiety. Enough of those and its coldsores for me. My upper lip looks like a Herman Nitsch painting in red.  Gaaaaaaaah!
  • Me. For letting myself get anxious and stressed. I take pride in my work and doing an excellent job is important to me. I'm 55yo, have been working FT for 35 years, and have NEVER missed a deadline. Lord knows WHY I stress so much when I KNOW that I will get the job done.  Dash 1

I hope your weekend is stress/drama-free! *give_rose*


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Eff off too:

  • THe random $300 bonus we all got. Do I like money? Yes. But it's like a bandaid on the real issue. We're understaffed because we keep losing people because they under-pay us. A bonus does NOT fix the issue.  We need a long term solution before we lose any more.
  • WoW being stressful for no damn reason.
  • My plant being sad after putting it in terracotta... Apparently not a Satin Pothos' favorite...  I have like 50 other plants totally healthy... I throw one in a terracotta pot and it's mad at me.
  • Drama. I just hate drama. And it seems to be EVERYWHERE.
  • House buying processes... Sooooo slow. Every time it feels we're getting close, something pops up.
  • It only being 11AM. Ready for kayaking this weekend already!

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Hugs for you, PA.

Are you certain Miffy the Plant dislikes the pot? Could it be a root issue?

Kayaking sounds fun. Maybe I can get DH on board.. 

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I unpotted it completely to take a look at the roots and treat the root rot if it was there. The roots look healthy. But I treated them and dipped them in cinnamon to make sure they were good. I may try and swap it to another pot to see if it's happier that way. lol. 

You should do it! Gets you out of the house while still being away from people!

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Bad pot! *lol*

My people tolerance is veeeeeeery low!

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I'm worried about your anxiety Aniki. I hope you are taking care of yourself.

My only is to SO for everything. 

Have a good weekend everyone. Hope the sun is shining where you are at. 

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Thank you for caring, DPW! *kiss2*

This WFH makes me batshit crazy. Sooooo many hoops to jump through (Zoom calls) wastes too much of my time when I could be working is frustrating. I need a vacation!

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  • Eff off to DH that took today off.  I don't have today off and I'm oncall.   He keeps forgetting and "ass"uming I  have off as well.
  • Eff of Beaver...seriously why would you f_ck around with SD's eyes. 
  • Eff of to work...IF I HAVE TO HEAR ONE MORE TIME..THE DATABASE HAS LOCKS IN IT..I'M GOING TO THROAT PUNCH SOMEONE.  It has locks..IT SHOULD HAVE THEM YOU MORONS.  You can't have 10 people updating the same data at the same time...stop trying to run the same wave at the same time...IT DON'T WORK THAT WAY
  • Eff off to the people that wont wear a mask.  Seriously, it will NOT kill you to put one on.  And frankly some people look better WITH THEM.

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Ermagawd, why not take off al the locks so we can have a free-for-all fubar?! Sheesh.

The best thing about wearing a mask? I can stick out my tongue at someone and nobody knows! *lol*

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Eff off to:

  • Society for vilifying SPs and acting in a way that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy 
  • Adult Skids guilting people (many people) into giving them money that they will not use for what they say they need it for
  • The mindf&ck that is being a 2nd wife
  • People with no self awareness that will not accept that they need to change

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If only we were as evil as society believed...

My DH only gives the adult skids money at Christmas. The three of them earn good money with their jobs, so no handouts. He does occasionally buy things for SS17, but the kid never wants anything expensive so the cost is minimal. 

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Eff off to: 

DH's work colleagues for being passive aggressive jerks.

My work colleagues for still not getting their work done and then complaining if other people (i.e. me and another teammmate) do it for them because they don't like the way we did it. 

My boss for not holding people accountable for getting their work done and generally allowing bad behavior among our team (including passive aggressiveness, blame, shame, deflection, and defensiveness)...all my years of counseling make me want ot counsel the sh%t out of these maladaptive behaviors at work. 

The generalized anger and malaise taking over society right now...can we all just catch a break?

BM for generally being a hysterical harpy who never goes along with what she agreed to. 



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Jeez, strugglingSM, your work environment sounds kinda toxic. Sad

I wonder if the anger and malaise are due (in part) to the quarantine. Regardless, it's abysmal.

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It's very toxic...between that and DH's family (including BM and Skids), it's a lot. I've been looking for a new job for a while, but have been unsuccessful, so far.

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I had a horribly toxic job about 15 years ago that was affecting my health. My doctor was ready to put me on blood pressure meds because it was out of control. Within 2 weeks of leaving that job, my hair was growing back, my bp was normal, and I wasn't getting sick at every meal. 

I hope you find something soon, hon. *kiss2*