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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! I have EIGHT zoom conferences today. I am sooooooo thankful that no cameras are involved so I can roll my eyes and make silly faces to my heart's content. Must remember to MUTE my phone...

Eff off to:

  • Conference calls! I've spent more time on the phone in the last 2.5 months than I have in the last decade. Ugh!
  • Those who fail to understand that some are MEDICALLY INCAPABLE of wearing a mask and get sh!tty with them. Nice going to the mega butt monkey who got a girl so upset, it triggered an asthma attack. Which is why she CANNOT wear one, you insensitive dipshidiot. I hope you accidentally swallow that ginormous wad of chew in your gaping maw and poop cigarillos for a week. Please don't breed, jerkwad.
  • People who ASSume they know me, my life, and how I feel about things. You know nothing, Jon Snow. Nothing.
  • Me for allowing BS to get to me. My anxiety is high, the Black Dog is nipping at my heels, and my upper lip - yet again - looks like freaking bubble wrap. Gaaaaaaaah...

Wishing you a peaceful, stress- and idiot-free weekend!


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F. Off to the black dog, or black hole as I like to call it. I feel myself slipping as well. I'm having a hard time getting out of a negative head space. I just keep thinking "Is this it?" meh

Sorry you feel shitty Aniki. Hope others are okay.

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DPW, black hole is fitting. There are times when depression feels like a huge abyss and I'm trying to not fall into it. Blech. 

{{{HUGS}}} to you, lady. My DH is keeping me afloat. 

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I'm sorry things are like that... But just know, you're absolutley amazing!

Eff off to:

  • Depression
  • My ex, who, since he was blocked made a new social media acocunt to stalk my profile and then messaged me asking about all the guys I was following, told him it was none of his business and blocked the new one too. But like, tf???
  • Work trianings and conference calls... Had enough going on as it was... Then the govt gave these poeple weird amounts of money to spend... So here I am... Endless trainings for them... All via teleconference so I don't even get the extra perdium money...
  • The stress of buying a home... It honestly shouldn't be this hard. Should be. You want to sell the home, you want to buy and are approved??? And done.

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Aw, thank you, PA! I think you're amazing, too! *kiss2*

Hope you're keeping records of narky man-baby harassing and stalking you. I still think he needs to be slapped with a RO. 

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I'm keeping track and screenshots. He keeps it up and I probs will have to go file one.

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I just sincerely don't understand how you can be like that... Like where does it make sense???

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Home buying is a PITA. I've done it 4 times in my life. Things are taking especially long right now due to low interest rates. I'm refinancing and it's taking a while because they are swamped right now. ((Hugs))

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So far it's been a decently quick process.. But as far as USDA goes, who even knows!  It may be a pain. But i know it's going to be worth it!

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Eff off to every single one of my in-laws.

I also have a problem with anxiety, Aniki. I chew gum so I don't destroy my lips. Hoping things can get better for the both of us... I'm going on vacation as soon as I get the time off! 

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Ladybug, your out-laws are toxic and contact with them should be zero or as close to zero as possible! {{{hugs}}}

Do you chew on your lips?? My coldsores pop up where my psycho exh punched me in the mouth. IOW, there is about a 1-inch area on my lower lip that is 110% coldsore-free.

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I do! My lips look awful because of that so I just kind of assumed you had the same issue because of the anxiety mention. I'm so sorry you have coldsores, I had no idea that was the case. I'm glad you aren't with psycho exh anymore, your current DH sounds wonderful.

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Ouch! I never knew you could get coldsores from lip chewing (I don't do that). My Dad gets coldsores in a spot where he got hit in the mouth as a kid. I wonder if there is anything genetic about that...

Thank you! I think he's pretty wonderful, too. *biggrin*

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Keep your chin up Aniki!  Sunny days ahead. 

EFF of to SS22 coming home Sunday.  Love ya kid, but UGH now I have to wear CLOTHES!!!  

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I have been wearing one without underwire when I have to go to the store.  DH calls it my old lady saggy boob bra.  I don't know if I can ever put on another underwire again.

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Classy, I sprayed coffee across my keyboard!

My typically optimistic self hopes you're right, but my newborn pessimist still sees clouds and rain. I need a vacation!

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So sorry you are feeling bad, Aniki - I have just taken a moment to send you positive thoughts.  Roll your eyes as much as you like on your zoom conferences!  

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F off to the riots and looting. I could not believe what they did in our area and every where else for that matter.  Burning the American the town I live in ?..vandalizing our small business's. THIS IS NUTS.


(((hugs))) to everyone here on ST who may be going thru a difficult time. I sincerely want each of you to be all deserve it.





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Thumper, my DH was sent home early and night because the rioters were headed towards his work. I cannot imagine being in the midst of that nightmare. A friend is dealing with the loss of his friend, who was killed and it was RECORDED and posted on FB. Senseless and vile.

(((Hugs))) back to you, hon.

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I get you on that mask thing.. I dread my trips to the grocery store because by the time I get out of there.. I am just about dizzy from wearing a mask and walking around.. it's hard to breathe hard to see.. yuck.  

Here is what I am seeing about the covid numbers that seem destined to scare.  OUr numbers go up every day.. but when you look at "active" cases.. I think the number is very distorted.. we have had 24 cases total in our county... zero new cases reported in the last week.. and only 5 the week before.  So, I have to assume that there are only 5 people who have been tested that are positive in our county.. not 24... I understand some are not tested and could be pos.. but after 2 weeks.. I am fairly certain it has passed.. for the majority.    I have also seen a study that said super spreader events cause 70% of the cases.. that is prolonged indoor exposure.. so maybe it's unlikely that running in to pay for gas really is a huge risk right?  Now.. a closed in public bus for a commute? that's different.. or a meeting inside etc..

I think we all are seeing fatigue from the overload of negative news on the virus.... and frustrated with ongoing limits on our lives.

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Well, cases are going down as expected, but literally hold your breath for this fall.  It will likely be back with a vengence.

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ESMOD, I have to limit my time in that mask due to asthma and anxiety (a little PTSD, courtesy of psycho exh). That subhuman was waaaaay out of place with that poor girl.

I'm waiting to hear about the "next wave" because of so many protesters and rioters NOT wearing masks...

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Eff off to the manager I work with who doesn't like me; the ONLY ONE who doesn't like me.  I think it reflects back on HIM and his own insecurities; his lab manager, who I work with directly, asked me some questions about budgeting she and I did - under his directive btw - letting me know he was upset about it (I had zero idea he was not happy about it!) and said that she thought we were doing what he wanted and "...did I miss something?"  LOL I wanted to say "Yeah, you missed that he doesn't like me and undermines what I'm doing..."  But I didn't.  Just outlined again what the plan was, that the budgets are fine (BETTER even than the person who used to to this job for him), and then promptly summarized the sitution for MY boss along with documentation that supports my role.  Fun times.

That's all my Effs today.  Going pretty good overall.  Keeping ahead of those black dogs.

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Jeez, Cover, how weird. Was the previous person a fave of the manager and he's miffed you did a better job? Pffffffffft.

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My boss and I have no idea.  He doesn't like her either (won't even talk with her or answer questions).  The person I took over from had been there 30 YEARS.  She started when he did.  But she also ignored the rules, compliance and coudn't put together a reasonable budget and did virtually NO budget reviews at all, ever.  I do alllllll of this.  My boss thinks he may be feeling "stupid" because he doesn't know the answers to the questions I'm asking him.  Which I need to ask. Also, she said replacing me will be hard because I already know the job (I was a transfer from another dept) and anyone else is going to start cold - and REALLY annoy him.  LOL.

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Eff off to aftershocks, a 5.5 the other night which was horribly loud and very rolling. I really thought it was another big one coming. BD spent the night sleeping on our floor again and I slept with half and ear all night waiting for worse.

Eff off to being stuck here because of the 75 mile rule, other installations are starting to expand to 150, but not us oh no god forbid. I'm over it!

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Good grief, advice! Your nerves must be jumping like crazy. 

I'm ready to get in my car and just DRIVE.