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OT - Eff Off Friday

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We made it to Friday and the weekend officially begins in a few short hours. 

Eff off to: 

  • People who interrupt you when you're in the middle of a work call.
  • People who interrupt you when you're in the middle of an online training class.
  • Dipshidiots who insist something is needed to proceed with a work project. NO, IT'S NOT. It's my job to know and I know my job.
  • Those who refuse to understand that my Faith is important to me.
  • Me for spilling espresso all over my desk. I I reeeeeally wanted to get a straw and slurp it up!

This is also Good Friday and Easter weekend. I wish you a blessed and peaceful weekend. <3


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Eff OFF to all those idiots that just don't get it!!!

Wishing you a fabulous & happy Easter weekend Aniki!

Dance 4



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Copying some! Eff off to:

  • People who interrupt you when you're in the middle of a work call.
  • People who interrupt you when you're in the middle of an online training class.
  • Those who refuse to respect that my faith is important to me.
  • Close friends in new relationships who can't be bothered to make time for me, but reach out when there is a sudden gap in their schedule and they need to be entertained. Yeah, I'm not in the business of catering to another person's ego and inability to be alone for a minute, again.

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Eff off to:

  • SD6's detox behavior...
  • Getting a call from SD6's teacher (DH got it, but he's working and mine is more flexible... So I ran over)
  • Sitting in on SD6's class for like 20 minutes. Watching her be an absolute bully to the other kids...
  • Dh working until 6PM... No gym until 7PM or later...
  • Work being busy

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Oh, PA!

This is sad news. You've been such a great SM to 'your girls', always going that extra mile to ensure their safety and to raise them to be decent adults. Better still, you've been setting an example with your own good character. 

My DH and I were commenting recently on the difficulties that my dear friend is having with her two oldest children; both adopted and born addicted. She also has 3 bios who are well behaved, bright and outgoing. It's my conviction, regarding nature vs. nurture, that children are what they are from birth. While good parenting can help to keep them on the straight and narrow, heredity is significant. 

Hon, your younger SD is the daughter of an amoral narcissist and carries those genes as well as those of her father. None of the girl’s negative behaviors can be laid at your door! Continuing to do your best is all that you can do.

The girls are so very fortunate to have you in their lives! I shudder to think of their fate, had ‘Psycho’ been granted more custody.

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It really is narcisistic and frankly sociopathic behaviors... When she's told not to do something, she stares at them while doing it anyways. She'll scream at kids to "leave her alone" "or stop hitting her" when they're sittin glike a foot away and definitley not doing anything. She antagnizes and pushes around her supposed "best friend."  Won't listen most of the time. Steals from classmates, has been hitting them.  It's especially bad after ANY contact with Psycho. But I'm just at a loss.

I think you're right. It's a nature vs. nurture fight. I'm still going to do my best. But she's still going to become who she is ultimately... Hopefully we at least see some improvements.

Thanks theoldredhen. It's just so frustrating. 

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coworkers who are able to get time off with less than a days notice....then you are stuck staying 2.5 hours later because out of the three people who can stay late:

1. went on vacation before said person took these days off so he is out

2. left at his usual time without telling anyone.....

3. this leaves ME to stay late even though I had offered to stay late on Monday instead (skid day so I don't mind).  Boss was nice enough to say I could stay both days...I declined but have to stay today because there is nobody else.

This is a non-skid weekend and it is gorgeous outside...was REALLY looking forward to going home today dammit

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YES Aniki...dh and I were talking about people who interupt yesterday.

Groups of people who are loud, hooting it up in public area while other folks are in training in rooms close by,. "Excuse me would you please keep it down"....not 1, not 2 but 3 times...It takes 3 x to lower your voice?

MOVE IT OUTSIDE for goodness sake.

Women who snap AND crack their gum.  Why????? just Why????

Next time Aniki, flip the bird?