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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Gads, what a week! Due to an EPIC eff up, I ended up working much later last night. I'm ready to start the weekend.

Eff off to:

  • Coworkers (other than the boss) who ASSume that when they come to your desk, you're either doing nothing or can drop whatever you're doing and do what they want. I'd love to post the look of shock on that person's face when I said, "Sorry, I can't do that right this minute. I HAVE to get this request in ASAP. I'll be ready in 10-15 minutes." "OH! I, uh, well, okay."
  • TALKERS. You sent out your longarse effing email. I responded - via email - to my piece with my short, concise answer. WTF do you have to come to my desk and discuss it? It was already discussed AT LENGTH last night with our boss, who said DON'T DO THAT. So bloody well eff off back to your effing desk and effing stay there.
  • Rude, uncouth, arseholey people who think everyone should like them. Seriously, you are one of the most UNlikable people I have ever met. You wonder why people do NOT like you? Do some serious self-reflection.
  • Cold sores. My lower lip looks like I got stung by a yellow jacket on steroids. Oooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!
  • DH's work. You guessed it: he's working yet another Saturday. Those effers in charge need to do some actual research as to WHY certain shifts are not productive, "clean house", and get some bodies that will WORK. 


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Ouch!  Sorry about your cold sore.  They are a misery!  I had never gotten one in my life until I entered stephell.  The skids carry the virus and I picked it up from DH.  The first outbreak hit me like a ton of bricks and I was unbelievably sick.  It took a while for the dr to actually diagnose me because she had never seen a case where a person in their 40's was exposed for the first time and had their immune system freak out.  She had only read about it.  Things calmed down after a few years but I am never without a Valtrex scrip filled and ready to take at the first tingle.  Have you tried using it to head things off at the pass?  It actually works for me and I can not recommend it highly enough if it is something you struggle with on a regular basis.

I hope you have a good and restful weekend otherwise.  Thank you again for being so kind to me over the past week.  You are a treasure!

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Susanm, they are indeed a misery! Mine are a result of wounds from my psycho exh punching me in the mouth. The blisters get YUGE, so my doctor prescribed me...Valtrex - lol! It helps keep the blisters from growing to the size of almonds.

Oh, sweetie, you are so welcome! {{hugs}} What a nice thing to say! *give_rose*

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Your ex deserves to be roasted slowly in the fires of hell, revived with ice water, and roasted again - over and over.  I am so sorry that you have the reminder of such a terrible person and that it goes away quickly!  

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OH I am SO sorry!

Try L -Lysine capsules  to reduce that cold sore stat AND take it as soon as you feel any of  the tell tale symptoms of an oncoming cold sore ~ the tingling,burning ,swelling.Sold everywhere. 

I hate them and get them ,too ,Ani.I take 2000 mgm as soon as I feel anything that feels like a cold sore.Stops the progression  almost immediately. 

If that sore is already blownout and weeping then pick up some Abreva.Pricey but works .

Those cold sores are  so painful and in time could cause long term damage to tissues and nerve damage as well.

And I agree with  ARE a treasure.


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Wicked, I DO take Lysine AND have a medical prescription. The biggest problem is that my cold sores come on hard and fast. What starts as a tingle at noon is a pencil-eraser-sized blister in 2-3 hours. 

Thank you!  *give_rose*

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You'll hate me for this, but I am immune to cold sores. Never had one in my life. DH gets them often and the VA gives him aclovyr monthly as part of his prescriptions.  He also takes niacin to help it heal quicker, but gets the flush from it.

My eff off is to mental illness. DH is having a manic episode. He bought me a $600 laptop and has been off his rocker lately. Even the boys have noticed. I do fear we're going to have another Baker Act *unknw*

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Hon, I most certasinly do NOT hate your for it. I'm happy you don't suffer from them!

I'm so sorry about your DH. {{{HUGS}}}  Mental illness sucks. One of my closest friend's sons has been in and out of the hospital in the last 9-10 months. The doctors have not yet found a medication that works for him.

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100% with ya on EFF OFF TO TALKERS!

I don't mind an unobtrusive, invitational, friendly chat of less than 5 minutes in length now and then... its relationship building at work. BUT those people that ignore social cues of disinterest or worse, keep talking when we say things like "I really have a lot of work to do" are rude and boundary crossing.

I wish excessive talking counted as harassment in the workplace. Sometimes when a coworker talks excessively I have visions running through my mind  of slamming their face against a wall to make them shut up. It's fun to dream.

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I wish excessive talking counted as harassment in the workplace. 

Giiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrlllll....if only! This person is terrible. Something he says will take 10-15 minutes? 2+ HOURS. Wouldn't it be great to set up people like this with a limited amount of talk time (like a cheap cell phone) and once they hit their max for the day, sound no longer comes out of their big mouths or they incur $$$ fines? LOL

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Great idea! I'll just set a timer on my phone and say, "You have 5 minutes to for a conversation with me... and go!"

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OH and this past Wednesday and Thursday, we had to work without water and toilets.

We were finally told we had to vacate the bldg Thursday afternoon...My cubicle mate, who has the same title as Mrs. Headlights, and who has been here for a year  (Mrs. Headlights has been here nine years; she started a week after me) was told he'll have to work from home.  They quickly set up his VPN.  The alternative was to go to a different bldg to work.

Mrs. Headlights?  She got the afternoon off... PAID. Yep!  It' PAYS to be everyone's office wife!

She took today off.  Between the stress of me sending a primer on the ticketing system and having the afternoon off yesterday, it was too much for her.

ION the County Administrator, who was here for just over 4 years got walked out!!  Rumour is hostile work environment.  She was the one who never backfilled the four positions we lost.   We lost 4 people and they were backed filled by 1 (my cubicle mate) and a half (Mrs. Headlights)

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1. Toxic Troll. Because.

2. To a sucky valentines weekend. Because.

3. Everyone's sucky things happening. Sorry you all are going through this!

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Chef never even got me a card.  I got one for him.  That will be the last Vday card for him.  Back when the HousesHitter was still coming around, he "bought me a plant from YSS for V day" had no card, nothing.

REALLY?  He couldn't understand why I was miffed.

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He has a LOT to learn.

MY DH as well.

DH got me a card and some pretty pink tulips. We went out dancing. It was a skid-free weekend and I wanted to PLAY. He wanted to work on the house. I had to work tooth-and-nail to get him out on a drive out for a dinner that I paid for. Because we have a deal that the inviter pays.

It wasnt as sucky as it has been in the past. Just wanted more I guess.

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Damn. Despite having to work on VDay and the next night, my DH rocked it. Came home VDay to roses. Saturday, he gave me a beautiful card and 2 boxes of nice chocolates. 

But it did take some trial and error because past VDays he got me some icky chocolates. I had to tell him what I don't like.

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Aniki--sorry about your cold sore. They sound so painful.  Hope you have relief soon.... Sad