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OT - Eff Off Friday

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What a week this has been! And next week is already looking like a trainwreck. Yay for me! I think I see a martini in my future tonight...

Eff off to:

  • people who get offended by the opinion of others. Here's an example:
         Carl is of the opinion that black cats are evil.
         Caran has two black cats and is horribly offended. 
         They argue. 
         Eff off, Carl. Eff off, Caran.
         It's an opinion; not a fact. And opinions are like arseholes - everyone has one.
  • Carl getting p!ssy with me because he needs his PowerPoint presentation NOW. Hey, Carl! Did you check your email? Obviously not or you would have seen that I sent you that damn presentation ON TUESDAY. Eff right off, Carl!
  • the boss's third-in-command. No, I don't know where the boss keeps those files. No, I don't know if (or where) the boss has those on the Share drive. The boss is working at home today. Did you try picking up the phone and calling instead of NAGGING me endlessly? Or is there something musical and magical in the way I say, "I don't know"? 


Hope you have a good weekend, STalkers! May your weekend be long and your troubles be few!!!


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Eff off to:

  • My DH's Work
    • Setting up a meeting with some coach he looks up to for the dumb sports team he loves (they're trying to convince him to stay)
    • Somehow convincing him that if they give him a pay raise to $14 an hour when he makes medic, he'll be making GREAT money (that's still low for surrounding areas)
    • Spontaneous scheduling... He wasn't supposed to work today AT ALL. Yet there he is, working the morning (better be home in time to babysit the ribs I'm making while they slow cook before I grill them later)
    • Lack of planning.
    • Low staffing, so they need covers ALL THE DAMN TIME
  • Work
  • All the people I talk to at work having today off
  • DH telling me to plan something for tomorrow because I've been wanting a family day, then when I show him SEVERAL options, deciding not to comment and just gave me a "you decide" I WANTED INPUT DAMMIT
  • Blind zit on ear. Enough said.
  • In-laws

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In-laws.... Henceforth, I shall refer to them as your asshat OUT-laws...
~cue sinister western music~

BTW.... I'd tell DH he needs to HELP plan or you'll be doing some self-care and he can have family day with the girls. *diablo*

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To Old Faithful our beloved Administrative Assistant retiring today and mrs. Headlights plus her stupid daughter will be there in attendance

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came to the party fashionably late as Mrs. Headlights bounced off in the other direction with Rocky Oldboa and the rest of the staff.

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* constant delays to finish up house projects

* suicide (co-workers friend)

* kitty illness

* constantly training new people at work due to turnover.

It's been a rough week

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suicide - yuck ( I know, personally touched )

Kitty illness - the worst.


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  • ef off to broken kiosk that won’t print the luggage tag or boarding pass.  And yeah I have it my phone but your damn scanner can’t read it.
  • hiding the pre check line
  • idiots who aren’t pre check in the pre check line
  • people squeezing into an already full tram
  • the flight attendant WAKING me up to ask if I was the lady who brought the chocolates onboard.   What? No I am not and she comes back with “Are you sure?”  Dafuqe
  • Early standers —let them open them door before u jump up
  • people who crowd the damn luggage carousel— move back cause I swing wide
  • Me for agreeing to a 6:15 flight which meant getting out of bed at 2:30 a.m.  what was I thinking!

But I am thankful  the chilled beverage and sunshine at my destination.


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"No, I'm NOT sure. Maybe I DID bring those chocolates and simply don't want to admit it because I made them with ExLax in the hope that YOU would eat several and be stuck in the bathroom for the entire flight instead of pestering me while I try to sleep."

Hope you have a lovely time!

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Eff off to the woman who was mad that I didn't pass a semi-truck on the right and turn on red, at the turn with the "no turn on red sign", so she zoomed by me after the turn, cut me off, and then gave me the finger. 

Eff off to BM who is trying to use DH's brother to undermine DH...

Eff off to my DH's brother for allowing himself to be used by BM...

Eff off to the HR director at work who is completely sexist and always offers to "explain" things to me if I "don't understand them", when I offer feedback or try to hold him accountable for getting his work done (which is part of my role at the office). He also regularly comments on younger female colleagues as "lacking maturity", when older male colleagues who clearly lack maturity are never commented on in the same way. 

Eff off to everyone around me who drives around in trucks so big, they block entire parking lanes when parked in the parking lot. 

Eff off to all the people at work who ask me questions that they should know the answers to, but don't...

Eff off to all the people at work who freeze in their tracks, because they don't know how to move forward, even though they are in leadership and should know how to structure, implement, and progress monitor their own work. 


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Crikey, woman! After reading that, I want to bang my head on my desk in sympathy!

I envision BM and DH's butthole, er, brother, in a car, traveling at a high rate of speed, while BM.... services him. They crash, BM bites off butthole's, er, brother's, ....member, and she chokes on it. Is that wrong of me?

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That image made me laugh. Thank you, I needed that!

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Eff off to FINALLY getting back on track with my clean eating and portion control only to come to work and find out there is a surprise b-day party for a very special friend/co-worker (I had NO idea). I figured what the heck, and ate one piece. Then another co-worker brought cake AND ice cream up for me and my boss and I felt bad throwing it away, so I freaking at it too!

*sigh* maybe next week I'll be able to stay on track.

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Bummer!! On the rare occasion that I have willpower, it goes home for DH. We had ice cream yesterday and I was actually able to say 'No'!

One slip. You'll get back on track!

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Eff off to the shunning bitch that sits in the cubicle next to me at work. Eff off to my Executive Director who favours the shunning bitch. It's a major downer to have an overly abrupt, shunning cow who literally breaks out into a run just so that she doesn't have to interact with anyone. I can't stand her!

Eff off to people who hawk loogies on the sidewalk outside my building at work. I met a colleague for lunch and she stepped in a loogie and slipped and almost fell in it. We both felt way too nauseaus to eat.

Eff off to the swooping crows downtown. Yes, they do actually make contact and one drew blood this morning. Now, I have a scab on my scalp.

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Good grief, those must be some big arse loogies! 

Please clean that wound carefully. Your scalp can get infected easily.

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Good grief, those must be some big arse loogies! 

Please clean that wound carefully. Your scalp can get infected easily.