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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday the 13th, STalkers! My boss took the day off - she's superstitious. Me? I'm going grocery shopping after work (trying out a new recipe tomorrow) and might stop for a beer before heading home.

Eff off to:

  • Nagging asshats. Effer, I KNOW how to do my job. I'm GREAT at my job. I have NEVER missed one effing deadline. So you can eff right off, coming to my desk and nagging me about the report I run every Friday that is due NLT 10am. I had that mofo run and the results emailed at 9:17am. Go back to your effing desk and check your effing email and don't nag me about a damn report that technically was not due for another 43 effing minutes.
  • People who are asshats simply because they enjoy being unpleasant, confrontational, argumentative, and nasty.
  • Control Freak 1.0. Everyone knows you are asking for our opinions to make it look like you are open-minded. BULLSH!T. Every suggestion is met with sh!tty looks and increasingly hostile rejection. Stop effing asking us and just do the effing thing your effing self.
  • Control Freak 2.0. When you collect non-perishable food that is not limited to just cans. Mac & cheese, dried beans, scalloped potatoes, rice... all non-perishable food. Stop telling people they can only bring in cans. That's what YOU want. And since you've been such an effing twunt about it, I came in after hours last night and dropped off entire effing CASES of mac & cheese and Minute Rice. 
  • Craptastic shite therapists who have no effing business counseling a pet rock, much less a person. Please change your career path to one where you do not interact with anything that has a heartbeat.
  • Cancer, you effing effer. I have been urging my lovely SM to go to the doctor about "spots" on her face. Malignant cancer. The lesions were removed and the doctor believes he got it all. Stitches come out next week. 


I hope you have an enjoyable and stress-free weekend!


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Happy Friday Stalkers!!  Office Christmas party tonight.  Drinks are free!  Free is for Me Smile

Eff Off to passive agressive co-workers.  You want to get my attention to tell me your mad?  Just tell me for piss sakes - other than that - I'm going to continue to ignore  you.

Eff Off to DH - yes yes DH!!   Stop telling me that SS17 said "Tell Classy I said Hi"  I do not care!  If he wants to say Hi he can tell me himself.  Love you DH

Eff Off to having to let people in my happy bubble after coming back from spending 17 blissful days of just me and DH.  BOOOOO!!!



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Classy, I hope you have fun! The last place I worked? The LAST thing I wanted to do was be around some of those effers when alcohol was involved. They were bloody awful!

17 days SOUNDS blissful! Hope you get another period of bliss soon. xo

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The Opioid epidemic and Cancer Patients....

When a patient has Cancer and is refused pain pills THERE is a huge problem here.

This Opioid epidemic refusal to allow Doc's to write scripts is out of control. Doctors know their patients. If your dying from cancer and become dependent for pain management who the hell cares.




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Someone seriously needs to explain to me why it is a problem if someone who is terminal becomes "addicted" to an opiate that eases their pain and makes it possible for them to have a reasonable degree of function.  What is important is that they can wrap up any necessary issues and say goodbye to the people they love in the time they have left.  If there is no hope of recovery, all that matters is what gives them a peaceful exit.

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Susanm, every word you said.

When my paternal grandfather was dying, he wanted some cherries. The nurse told him he could not have them. My Mom, who was always such a lady, cornered that nurse in the hallway and said, "He's DYING. If he wants cherries, I'm giving him some damn cherries!". My grandfather got his damn cherries and passed away later that night. 

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I am very glad he got his cherries!  Such a simple thing but they clearly meant something to him.  Not all of us will be so lucky as to pass peacefully and to have a small treat like that.  We all know or will know someone that we love who did not.  I don't know about you but it grieves me deeply if I let those thoughts in too long.  People who have the chance to pass in comfort should be able to take it.

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I 100% agree.  If I am ever terminal and in pain, I plan to go to Oregon where I can say goodbye to my loved ones and pass in comfort and with dignity.  We offer more humane options for our pets than we do for our fellow humans. 

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I hope I don't either and I don't mean it flippantly, I hope it did not come across that way.  I know it's one thing to think that would be my choice and another to experience it.  I just think it should be an option.

I agree with you about access to pain meds as well.  We need to do better for our fellow humans.

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I have always thought about death row inmate receiving their last meal. So a dying person should bloody well get what they want!

My Mom had Alzheimers and died from a stroke. There was no small treat, no going out peacefully. That was 8 years ago and it still breaks my heart. 

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I am so sorry that your mother passed in that way, Aniki!  What gives me comfort with the people I have loved who passed sadly is that they were very likely unaware of what was happening because of the chemicals/hormones that flood the brain when it is injured or shutting down.  So while we are witnessing what looks aweful, their internal experience is presumed to be quite different.  The burden from their passing is heavy but it is fortunately only on us.

That said, I am hoping to have to privilege of deciding when and where to pass from this world as Gimmy said.  More and more states are working on legislation similare to that of Oregon.  Death with dignity should be the norm.  Not something exceptional situation.

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Thank you, susanm. She had moments if cognizance. They were increasingly far between, but the last one had been only days before she passed, which made it that much more difficult. 

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My SM received pain pills for her surgery (it was deep and painful). 

And I agree with you, GL. When someone is dying? Make them comfortable, dammit. 

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Aniki...I am also glad your Grandfather was given his cherries. Awwww ...RIP Anikis Grandpa.

My mother at 90, living in an assisted living facility, was able to manage her Diabetes and get off all those meds. She was the sweetest thing..anyway..SHE loved her Candy and icecream. We take those goodies for granted but older folks from the depression ere treasured them a lot more.

I'll be darn if she too was told NOT to have Candy.  We made sure she had a small supply that she hid under her pillow and various other secrete hiding places Wink

Good for you Mom...glad you enjoyed all of your goodies up and until the end.

Just let people in their old age alone to do what they want to AND eat everything they love---and give people in terrible pain all the meds they want.  Who cares...



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Just let people in their old age alone to do what they want to AND eat everything they love---and give people in terrible pain all the meds they want.


Thank you, GL. I lost my grandfather on Christmas Eve and it's a big part of why I'm blue this time of year. 

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Eff off to state purchasing regulations. I've spent MONTHS on a project, I already know the conclusion, and yet I have another form to fill out and process to engage with. Give me an effing break. Just let me buy the tool that will be most beneficial to the function I'm responsible for.

I'm all for saving money and making sure we avoid shady deals, but there has GOT to be a better way.

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Eff off to:

- This cold that has taken over my life. It hit me fast and hard and is doing it's damage.

- My clients who do not show up for appointments when their situations are urgent. I can't help you if you can't help yourself by getting to an appointment.

- My annoying employee. She's good at what she does but honestly, annoys me to no end.

- My SO. Who doesn't bring his ID to check into a hotel room? Had to deal with that for an hour last night, sick as a dog, trying to get the hotel to check him in when I'm 7 hours away. Grrrrr. 

- My SO who does not appreciate that he can't get around in this world without me organizing everything for him all the f'n time.

- F*ck Christmas. I don't care and I even have the week off and I still don't care.

I believe that's it. The end. Merry Christmas. Bah humbug.

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And I'm 100% with you on f*ck Christmas. Scrooge is a wuss.

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Those  nagging work asshats are the WORST ..a scourge.And they always seem to float to the top like turds in a terlit -bowl .Must be coz they are expert a$$ kissers. Man ,you got a slew of 'em in your space. Maybe time to buy some "asshat off" spray.Get the large industrial can.

And I am so sorry for your SM and I hope she beats the malignant skin cancer with treatment. You are such a goodheart.


Ani~.where is that "Night Before Skidmas "or whatever you titled it ~ that hilarious rendition of the classic Christmas poem that you  penned a couple years back. Time for a repost! 

Happy (rainy) Saturday.



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