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OT - my Dad

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Totally off topic, but...

My 93yo Dad has been admitted to the hospital for his heart. If you could spare a prayer or some positive energy, it would be greatly appreciated. It's a 24+ hour drive for me to to him and it might not even be necessary (could be medication). This Daddy's Girl is trying to stay calm.


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Sending you my entire stock of positive vibes, Aniki. Here's hoping meds will do the trick.

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Thank you, GhostWhoCooksDinner!

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and healing vibes coming your Dads way.  Please be careful driving and take care of you.

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I will be praying for your Dad Aniki. Also for the wisdom of his Doctors AND for you too. 


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I will pray for healing and good news.

Blessings to you and your dad


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Prayers for your pops. And you also. ((hugs))

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Prayers for a quick resolution and return to health. 

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Aniki, I hope everything turns out just fine! Will be sending positive vibes your way!

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Asking God to heal your dad & guide his care team. (((HUGS)))

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headed up. I just prayed and will pray again tonight. 

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You and your family will be in my thoughts.  Hope for good news.

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Oh, Sweetie!

I know how you're worrying! My dad turned 92 in January and, although sharp in his conversation, is declining in his memory. Like you, my dad is the only surviving parent and my sibs and I love him dearly.

I spoke with my sister, H, this afternoon about prayers. She is (quietly) religious and belongs to a prayer group who are quite effective/successful in their requests to The Big Guy. They are on it!

My humble but heartfelt, positive vibes are heading your way as well, my friend. ♥️

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Sending prayers and positive vibes. Hoping you will get good news about your dad's health.