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OT - Dad update

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First off, thanks VERY much for the prayers, good vibes, and well wishes. It means the world to me.

I'm home and exhausted. Long drive. Dad's heart rate was going between 35 to 100 bpm. His resting heart rate has always been low (decades of daily walking/cycling), but these rapid fluctuations are new. He's wearing a Holter monitor for 2 weeks (1 down, 1 to go). It's possible he'll need a pacemaker. I'm praying it's something as simple as that. Especially since the (temporary) medication he's on has crappy side effects. So not completely out of the woods yet, but hope to have answers and solutions soon.

Wishing all of you a blessed Easter.


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Fingers crossed,  Aniki.  Hoping for a pacemaker.

Take care of yourself - sending you huge Caledonian bear hugs and all the positive vibes I can.

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Thanks, Winterglow! I can feel those hugs!!! *air_kiss*

I'm about to indulge in a dirty martini, then put my feet up and breathe.

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Lets hope for the best possible outcome for your dad.

Have a blessed Easter.

Enjoy that martini, have one or two for me!


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Said a prayer for your dad.....may all go well. Hugs to you. I know this is a difficult time.

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He seems to be stabilizing.   Prayers up!

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Take care of yourself, Hon; Dad needs you to be as healthy as possible. Hugs, prayers and positive vibes headed your way! ♥️

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Good to hear your dad is hanging in there and praying he continues to heal. 

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Sending good vibes your way for resolution of your Dad's heart issues and hugs to you.

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Oh no. I missed posts about your dad. Keeping him and you all in my thoughts and prayers 

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Glad things seems to have improved. Praying for continued improvement and a solution that does not require meds with bad side effects.

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Very stressful. Have a wonderful Easter Aniki. Your dad is in my thoughts. 

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Oh Aniki - here's hoping it is something as routine as the pacemaker.  Let me know if you need anything!  

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This is going to be fine Aniki. 

My mom had a ridiculously slow heart rate for her entire life. When she got into her 60s it got so slow that she had no energy and had woozy spells close to fainting.   They put in a pacemaker and she bounced out of the procedure like Tigger.  My mom is a mile a minute person. She had her original pacemaker for about 15yrs. Her new one is a huge upgrade. Rather than a remote monitoring unit that has to be hooked to a phone line for the periodic remote assessments it is blue toothed to her phone or connected to WiFi 24/7. If anything is out of normal the pacemaker reports to the web monitoring and mom and dad get a call.  This is what picked up her A-Fib condition that grew progressively worse.  They did a cardioversion first. The electrical shock to retime her heard helped for a while but the A-Fib returned.  They ended up doing a cardio ablation burning the surface points of her heart that were firing the spurious atrial fibrilations.  She just had her 3rd 6mos follow up with her electro cardiologist.  Her heart is perfect and they have pushed her to annual visits rather than every 6mos.  

If it is similar to what my mom experienced, your dad will rock this and be fine.

Sending prayers for your dad.