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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! Who plans to brave shopping the Last Weekend Before Christmas? ~runs screaming~

I have to hit the grocery store early Sunday morning, get everything needed, and not go near one again until after Christmas. Traffic during the holidays majorly sucks!

Eff off to:

  • Control Freak #2 from last week. I cannot believe you have the gall to B!TCH about people donating non-perishables that are NOT canned goods. It's for CHARITY; not you, and you don't have to like them. Be thankful for the donation and eff off a few more times!
  • My boss, who brought in irresistable goodies this morning. Yes, it's a lovely and generous gesture, but Fat Aniki has no willpower!
  • All of the CRAP I have to do because of Benefit changes for 2020. UGH to the Nth degree.
  • Me. My stress level is on the rise. I need it to be December 26th!


Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is enjoyable and stress-free!


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I actually have nothing to Eff off this week (see my blog as to why).

We shop tonight, BUT we chose grocery pickup so all we have to do is pull in the parking lot. 

Happy Holidays!

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No shopping for me. For the first time ever I did 100 percent of my shopping online......that is how you know that the blended family BS has got the best of me. I am a shopper...I love the mall...I love the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping....I just love shopping...not anymore...I made a list for all 6 kids and everyone else....ordered online and done....I can't wait for Dec 26th.

The thought of wrapping the mountain of online orders makes me want to barf....but it must be done.

For food.....I will be doing Walmart pick up...order up...they can put it in my car and be done.


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I'm a big fan of that online order and pickup! Especially since I can go to previous orders and REorder staples (toilet paper, paper towels, etc).

I cheated a little this year and put two of DH's gifts in gift bags. He won't care, but it's such fun to watch him open presents. He does it with such... wonderment. He didn't get a lot of gifts growing up (NO birthday gifts!) and he's positively boyish with delight when he gets them. 

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I sadly have to... I need a few more things, some stuff for the puppers, etc...  And one more thing I wanted to get for H, but we'll see...

Eff off to:

  • H's obsession issues
  • H having brain scans today and thinking I need to go ahead and grab the kids from his mom when I get off work?  Why? Honestly he has no real reasoning, besides it's apparently my duty.  I'm taking the furbabies to the dog park instead... OOPS!
  • Last minute Christmas shopping
  • The fact I haven't made ANY holiday treats yet! No peanut brittle, no toffee, no caramel and no fudge or divinity :(  I need to get in gear!!!

Positve. I'm allowed to leave work early today! So I'll probably do that in a bit! Yay!!! Biggrin

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H needs to eff off, alright. HIS Mommy can keep HIS kids until HE picks them up. This is him trying to control you.

You should buy H this book: You Might Be A Narcissist If... by Paul Meier. IMO, he doesn't deserve a gift. YOU are a precious gift and we all see how he treated you.

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Yeah... I'm not gonna go get them... I have other stuff to do. Frankly. With the dogs and with the shopping.

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Eff off to leaving for Skidville in two days.

Eff off to shopping and wrapping. AGAIN this year (after a major argument last year, and we never argue) DH let SD decide what gifts he should buy for SS and others. I don't know why I care about this, except that it's another miniwife, controlling behavior, and I am invisible.

Eff off to a party with mostly DH's friends on my birthday. He said he didn't realize it was my birthday, and that was supposed to make me feel better about him wanting to go.

Here's hoping the cold I have turns into the flu and I can just stay home.

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Merry, please tell me you are not wrapping skid gifts (unless you bought them). Don't make me pinch you!

A mild flu. Sorry you're not feeling well, hon. {{hugs}}

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I really don't mind wrapping. As long as I don't accidently spill the Prosecco.

We had a box we needed to get out early for SS's girlfriend (who has a child, god love karma). I told him I'd get everything wrapped, but we were a couple days away from hosting a 60-person party so I was BUSY. I just asked him to get the gifts and wrapping paper/bags together and I'd do it. Day 1--nothing. Day 2--nothing. Day 3--nothing. Day 4--DH says he needs to get that done. I remind him to get everything together for me. Day 5 - panic. Day 6--DH takes care of it all while I'm at work. I know he forgot to include at least one thing. Not my problem.

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You need something with a lid or a Weeble bottom so nothing spills!!!

Forgot something? Too bad, so sad. Nope, not your problem.

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Eff off to the meetup group person whose Polar Bear Plunge team I joined after raising $521 on my own by promising to go completely underwater if I met or exceeded $500.

When I joined her team, my fundraising was combined with the team's total fundraising and their goal was only $1000. When I joined, their total raised jumped to $880.

This morning she decides that I (ME) should offer further incentives for people to contribute by agreeing to stay underwater up to my shoulders for a minute.

There are 3 other people on the team and I raised more than all of them combined. How about the rest of you a-holes offer to do cold water stunts if people donate???????

I told her a flat out, NO. That I would spread the word about their stunt challenges, but going underwater, in January, is my limit and I've already raised my fair share.

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I feel as though the people who didn't raise money should have to stay underwater...their incentive should be that they have to stay underwater until they raise a certain amount!

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Eff off to overly dramatic BM who views any move to hold to their agreement as DH "trying to break" her...

Eff off to my MIL who has never met a boundary she didn't want to stomp all over...

Eff off to SS who is learning lots of bad behavior from both BM and MIL...

Eff off to having to see DH's family for an "early Christmas" instead of just alternating the holiday and giving me some peace this year!


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Good grief, woman. I do believe I'd feel a migraine coming on in regards to seeing DH's family....

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Me, too! Lol!

The holidays are always great for reminding me why I "love" DH's family. 

I'll have to go and pretend that MIL is the sweet, innocent, old lady she would like people to believe she is...the one who just bumbles into trouble through no fault of her own. When really, I know she is a manipulative, backstabber, who never met a conflict she didn't want to meddle in and never misses a chance to tell DH he doesn't care enough about his children. 

A friend of mine since childhood (we first met when we were 7), told me "you've never been very good at putting up with phony people" when I was telling her of my desire to not participate in DH's "Family Christmas" be repeated on Christmas Day, without DH and me, but with SSs, even DH specifically asked MIL and BIL not to make plans with BM for Christmas Day. 

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My MIL is a first class beeyotch who is STILL trying to boss around DH. The man is 56yo and hasn't taken an order from her in 38 years. Don't know why she keeps trying.

Yeah, I'm really feeling that migraine...

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Eff off to the cruel twist of fate that caused my dear grandmother to have her second stroke this year. She's in the ICU right now, unresponsive. It's a waiting game. So, happy holidays?? Eff off, 2019. You sucked.

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I'm so sorry, Ghost. I hope your grandmother pulls through and recovers.

2019 sucked for me too.

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Eff off to not having any liquor stores that will deliver.

Eff off to the cold weather that's keeping me from going to the liquor store myself since THEY DON'T DELIVER.

Eff off to everyone who thinks this is the most wonderful time of the year.  It's not.

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Are there any drivers who do restaurant order pickup who could do booze pickup? That really SHOULD be a thing.

I hear you. It's no longer the Miracle of the seaon. It's the Miracle of MONEY. How much will Daddeeee open his wallet? Thoughts of GIVING have turned to GIMME. It becomes wonderful when the skids leave and DH and I are finally alone.

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Soooooo, the flowers worked as an apology??

Has there been anything nice from her since or was she just playing up for her cash grab?

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She took DH out to lunch to let him know she got engaged and she and fiance bought a house together. She asked if he thought I would meet her for dinner soon to talk and "make things right". 

DH is giving all of the skids money. He considers the flowers with the I'm Sorry note to be an apology. I'm not entirely convinced, but I will wait and see how she acts at Christmas before I deicde to meet/not meet her for dinner.

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Aniki and all other Stalkers, it's down to the wire now, we are almost there and soon the sh*t show will be over.

I offer up my sincerest condolences to those who are still in the trenches of step hell and who must endure yet another money grab holiday surrounded by idiots when all they want is some peace.

I offer my appreciation and thanks to those working in any industry that entails, retail, food, public service, or active military. You are my heroes!

My eff off is still to earthquakes, I am tired of them! This week we had a pretty good one which wasn't horrible. Except I was crouched by a rack of heavy computers plugging something in when it happened and I about had a heart attack when the rack started moving towards me. I abhore earthquakes! Once DD ages out in 5 years I will leave this rotten hell hole of shaking death and never look back.

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I live in an "earthquake prone" region that has not had any to speak of in the 7 years since I've lived here. Before that, I lived in an "earthquake prone" region for about 10 months and experienced two 7.0+ quakes...would not like to experience any more of those thank you! I too will be moving far away once Skids turn a place where I won't have to worry about earthquakes, wild fires, or hurricanes. 

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Struggling they are awful! The irony was right after I wrote that we had a 3.2. I'm just over it!

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Damn, advice! I'm sorry. How utterly nervewracking. I am officially ready for happy hour for your sake.