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OT - Eff Off Friday

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We made it, Stalkers. Friday at last!!! Who else is ready for the weekend?

Eff off to:

  • Coworkers who send you an email, then immediately walk over to your desk to see if you read it. Can you give me one damn minute???
  • Coworkers who constantly nag Tech Support via email and p!ss them off. Dude, we need these guys to WANT to work with us. Not go "Oh, THOSE effers. Put it off."
  • DH's work. He's working this weekend AGAIN. My hubby needs some rest!

Hope you have a good weekend! *drinks*


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Eff off to:

  • BM's SM
  • Stress
  • Last minute things for the conference
  • Honestly lots of things in general right now (my mood has been ruined for the day.... UGH)

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I took this suggestion. I found one of a dog that found a clam on the beach and was SO EXCITED!

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Eff off to these weeks blowing by! If I stuck to my diet I'd be down ,like, 10 pounds . Maybe.

Coconut creme pie. That is all.

NO WAIT ~ ~ 


I hope you and DH have a wonderful celebration.

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Thank you, Wicked!! I indulged in a Maple Bacon donut on my birthday. It was like eating pancakes and syrup and bacon with every bite. Nom nom nom!

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  • A schedule today that looks like a Monday
  • people who don’t know how to use Outlook for anything besides email.  Freakin learn how Tasks work because that is how I assign work
  • People who misuse use terms like harassment or hostile work environment.  This demeans real victims and makes it harder for them to come forward and be believed
  • finally getting the cold that had been passed around for a month st work

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Always being stressed about whether or not stepbrat is going to BM for her parenting time. Grrrrr! I can’t take it anymore!

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To being the boss and managing what some days is an adult daycare. Come on, people, leave the drama at home and do your job. If you don’t like the work, move on. 

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Eff off 

To lazy F&*cking Richard Craniums that leave a shopping cart in the middle of a handicapped spot when the cart return IS RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR CAR ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!!  

That is all


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I was seriously naughty this week; didn't go to the gym (although i did hit the treadmill at the hotel
Chef and I were staying at in Pittsburgh last weekend).   this week was soooo busy and went soooo fast!  I'm going to have a drink and celebrate the upcoming emancipation of SD20 as per my recent blog. 

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this woman who used to do that to me "did you read karen's email she sent to you 5 seconds ago??!!!" is long GONE!!!

I am tech support and putting in endless duplicate tickets does not get it done faster.

Chef always works 7 days a week  sundays is officially working for the Girhippo.   nothing gets done around the house.

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I worked with a woman who would stand at your desk while you were on the phone. And try and talk to you! I'm on a conference call and can't talk. She simply did not give a rat and would keep trying to talk to me. I would actually have to tell her to go away (in a professional manner). Happy day when she left!!

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...the heart SD (60) puts after her signature on letters to daddy...