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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Yeeeeeeeeeesssss!!! I don't know about you, but I've been looking forward to Friday all week! The weather is supposed to be sunny and hot, so DH and I plan to hit the water (canoe) so he can fish and I can simply enjoy being on the water (being IN is best!).

Eff off to:

  • Carl, the dum-dum. Surely you realize that your big mouth is akin to sound echoing in the Gol Gumbaz. Which means that EVERYONE (including the boss!) heard you say you called in sick yesterday because, "F*cking <boss name> wanted me to attend a 9am meeting. 9am!!! F*CK <boss name>! I don't do 9am meetings!" Well, guess what, Carl? You most certainly DO do 9am meetings. Like the one this morning. In the boss's office. Where you've now been for almost 2 hours...
  • Caran. Yep, that is correct. Miss RIghtest of Right. Did you notice that when you tried to interject your Righest of Right (translation: uneducated, idiotic, inane) opinion that no one responded? Of course you didn't. Everyone was deaf to the verbal diarrhea splattering unheeded from your ever-moving maw. But did that stop you from attempting to blather on, spewing more nonsensical crap? Not at all. Which is why Herb "suddenly remembered" a call MOST of us were supposed to be on Right This Minute! Did THAT stop the Keeper of the Last Word?? Nope. As we scurried away, Caran called out, "WHO WANTS TO HIT MING'S FOR LUNCH?" ~crickets~
  • The jackwads who decided that, when remapping the ENTIRE APPLICATION, they did not need supply any cross references. Why, of course it's not a problem that NONE OF MY REPORTS WORK! I received a fresh supply of fairy dust yesterday and can put that sh!t to work immediately to fix things!!! Effing effers.


Happy Friday, STalkers! Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!


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For once I don't think we have a single thing scheduled for this weekend. We do need to mow the lawn if it ever stops raining long enough. We've been having raining day dance parties all week and I can't dab anymore. The 3 year old would dance all day if we kept the music playing. Biggrin

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In some cities you can RENT GOATS to come clear your property. They drop them off. Goats eat. Pick them up. Bob's your uncle. I'm sure there's no law saying you can't have goats visit your property. LOL

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That's freaken adorable! I wish I could rent goats and fawn all over them and kiss 'em and squeeze 'em and cuddle 'em!

I adore goaties!!!!

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Eff off to the other company that we share a floor with.  We are on the phone people, please stop yelling - "Who the F*&k drank all the coffee" over and over again and just put on a new pot. Geez!

Dinner with the girls at a 5 star Atlantic City restaurant.  Kinda do not feel like going - not a fan of the city, but once I'm there I'm sure I will enjoy myself.

Happy Friday Aniki and steppers!

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Gads, that is annoying! A third of my teammates have coffee makers at their desk.

Classy, I have that problem: make plans, don't want to go, have to force myself.... and end up having a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

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Eff off to our little heat wave in the mid-Atlantic region and plans to stay in an un-air conditioned mini cabin this weekend so we can hike and bike.

We may have to hike at night or just stay in the cabin naked and in front of a fan all day tomorrow. LOL Humidity is supposed to ease off by Sunday. It's officially summer!!

Have a great weekend everyone (and God bless you, Aniki. That's some rampant stupidity you're dealing with there. I would schedule a 4:00 meeting for Carl today since he doesn't like 9 am meetings! LOL)

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FB, to keep cool...

  • Big bowl of ice in front of the fan (good-sized pieces, not crushed!)
  • Keep a washcloth and bowl of water handy. Wet the washcloth, wring it out, and apply to neck, wrists, torso... If the cloth is still damp enough, just wave it around to cool it off and reapply. 

Since it will likely be too hot for sex, you won't have to keep down the noise level for fear of frightening the local fauna...

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Eff off to anyone who thinks noise made during sex is nasty and fake. WTF

Eff off to all the damn rain. Swear the river is going back up.


Have a good one Aniki!

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That sucks. Hope you're above flood level.

You, too, WarMachine!!

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Eff off too:

  • long workdays
  • What's likely to be a LONG weekend
  • No gym tonight
  • MIL inforing DH she's "got dinner." I swear I'm going to die if we end up there all night... NO. GO.

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I already tried. She's doing RIGHT as we get the girls... UGH... So backup... I'm leaving new puppy at home... She can't be there super long alone becuase puppy bladder... Soooo...... She's my ticket out!

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- My bad attitude. Its Friday for petes sake I should be happy...but Im not

- To DH saying Im dragging him down. Well I am, no two ways about it.

- To pick ups and drop offs with skid. I know its a part of step life, but munchkin ALWAYS make him wait because she isnt ready and since Toxic Troll isnt working she gets child care duty. So he has to hang around waiting. Do you think Toxic Troll EVR has to wait? Heck to the no. Munchkin is out of the house like a shot.

- To being fried from steplife. Its really affecting my entire life in a negative way. I need to STEP away...somehow, and not let it get me bogged down like it has been doing.

- To skids who seem to enjoy telling you someone hates you and seems to enjoy repeating someone trash talking about you.

- To skids who think dadee is an ATM.

hmmmm. I think that is all for today!

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Thanks dear lady. We have good days too. Just need more of them. And more me-cation time. Maybe this weekend I will take a day away. Go to the gymn for a run and then outdoors for a hike. Go shopping. Get those Rolling Stone tix. Even though we really cant afford them.

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Hon, I definitely believe you should take a couple-few hours for yourself. You can't pour from an empty cup and yours is dangerously low.

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I have SO many eff offs, Aniki, I wouldn’t know where to start. 

Kiss kiss, hug hug.