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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Who else was off yesterday, but working today? There are too many people in the office today. I was hoping it would be quiet and I could get a lot done. Nope.

Eff off to:

  • Carl for coming in today. Carl is beeyotching that he wanted to take the day off, but his wife insisted he come in. That doesn't bode well... So, eff off to Carl's wife, too! lol
  • Caran for coming in today. She was scheduled off today, but decided she would be bored sitting at home since her husband decided HE was going to work. Hmmmm... anyone else sense a pattern here? Maybe Carl and Caran should become a couple....
  • People who think they have to set off fireworks days before the 4th. And well into the wee hours when people are trying to sleep. Especially those of us who have to work today.


Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


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Hola Aniki,

Eff off to being at work and EVERYONE else is off. It's quiet, I'm bored and I have other ideas on what I'd rather be doing Pleasantry

Hope you have a great day amiga!

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Hola, Siempre!

Yeah, it's waaaaaaay too noisy at work. There would be a lot LESS noise if Carl and Caran weren't here. Do you have a game on your computer or phone? Eff it. Google the stuff you WANT to do! lol

Tienes un día muy bien también!

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I'm only effing off to the fact my kitties were aggro about the noise last night - my boy kitty was super clingy and threw up at 2:00 am (stress most likely as it was barely anything as he hadn't eaten much) and girl kitty didn't settle down until the BIG show was over at about 10:30.

Someone was still setting them off between 2-3 am; luckily we are far enough away it wasn't too loud but I'd be losing my mind if I was closer.

Yes, I'm at work, but remote from home (they barely let me do this!).  Tons of people out so I can catch up on the work I didn't get done when I left early Tues & Wed (a mix of personal fun and dentist time).

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Aw, poor kitties!

I recently read that there are fireworks that make NO noise and are geared for those with PTSD and furbabies. Oh, if that would become the NORM for fireworks!

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What a great idea!  Hopefully that will become the norm. My SIL has to go to bed with noise-cancelling headphones to try to keep from triggering his PTSD. 

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Yeah - too many people at work today. It's interfering (a little) with my slackitude. lmao!

I'm with you on the MO-RONS who were setting off fireworks into the wee hours. Someone likely ended up in the ER with missing digits. smdh

Eff off to the heat and humidity in the Mid-Atlantic region. It makes me light headed if I exercise too much outdoors. Sunday, new guy and I are joining a friend to hike a leg of the Appalachian Trail in our area. We'll log about 10 miles. She's hiking the whole stretch in our state over 4 days for her 50th birthday. I thought we'd give her a send off on the first leg. I'm not looking forward to hiking in this heat and humidity, but......oh well. Hydration is key. Wink

I'm sorry the two C's are there to torment you.


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Quoted statistics that the 4th of July is #1 death day from auto accidents.

Part of the Moron Patrol...

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I actually prefer working the days after holidays because it's typically quiet and I can get a ton of work done because no one is interrupting me with nonsenical shite. Today is NOT that day.

FB, it was 88 degrees here yesterday. BLECH!

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There is a guy at my work who drivels on about his life and things only HE thinks are important (but I’m sure he thinks everybody else should think his monologues are important too). I HATE people who talk a lot at work!

There is no real polite way to tell these people to eff off though because they Will always take it the wrong way and cause even more drama because they seem to see nothing wrong with it. The guy I hate refers to it as “relationship building...” 

I just call it what it is: annoying people who are trying to get work done.

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Carl is also a "loud" talker. His voice will carry aaaaaaaall over the place. I've been able to hear him when I'm two rooms away. Which means that he can be heard on my phone calls. Very UNprofessional. Sad

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I take back the quiet day statement above, I've been so busy so far.  WHY?  Dammed US of A work "ethic" and "requirements."

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But its my bday tomorrow so they want to take me out for lunch. DH is fishing. Munchkin is munchkinning at Toxic Trolls so I get a break. Its quiet but I could have used the extra sleep time!!!

Happy Friday Biggrin

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I get a day off, a nice art opening and an awesome dinner. Looking forward to CLove time, to reflect, focus on myself and recharge.

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Eff off to earthquakes, aftershocks and no sleep.  We were directed not to come in to work today and rumors are starting to circulate sounds like my building might be condemned! So yeah eff off earthquake!